May 302017
  • Rothstein: Will CNN dump New Year’s Eve co-host Kathy Griffin?
  • Freaky Friday numbers: O’Donnell-Melber-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • F&F video: Anna Kooiman reveals she’s going to be
  • Steinberg: MSNBC touts its ‘hard news focus‘ as Maddow surges.
  • Q&A: Steve Hilton talks Brexit, economics, and The Next Revolution.
  • Concha: Hannity plugs counter-boycott; Megyn promo: ‘must-see tv‘.
  • Hod: Over a dozen Hannity advertisers who are not pulling their ads.
  • Collateral damage: Hannity boycott results in ads pulled off MSNBC.
  • MSNBC: Jared is a Russian agent!  MSNBC promotes Jason Johnson.
  • Video: Teen Rishi Sharma is interviewing of WWII.
  • Larry Kelly

    fun’s over

  • Cecelia

    The media is all for investing in the Red Scare if and when the politics of their newly-discovered Russian threat suit their agenda.

    • Larry Kelly

      where did they bury the reset button

  • Larry Kelly

    After turn to leftwing politics, 10M subscribers drop ESPN

  • Re: “Concha: Hannity plugs counter-boycott; …”: Wow. I haven’t seen Media Equalizer in a while. I forgot about them.

  • Minnesota Nice

    LOL – MSNBC “hard news focus” – Phil Griffin can’t possibly believe that himself.

    Their primetime focus has been on Trump / Russia conspiracy theories, where not a single person, reporter or politician has provided any evidence. MSNBC has also been slow to switch to breaking news like last weeks bombing, which is why Fox News handily won the night for their continuous coverage.

    • Larry Kelly

      The libs so far only hope seems to be if someone gets caught in a lie under oath as nothing of substance is leaking out of the well-ventilated bucket.

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        Lying under oath is perfectly acceptable. See: Jones v. Clinton.

  • Tom_Ohio

    God I wish I had the time to watch F&F more. Loved seeing Anna on that clip Johnny thank you !

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 F&F video: Anna Kooiman reveals she going to be back on FNC.

  • Larry Kelly

    If CNN had any decency they would dump… wait, what the hell am I thinking?

  • Larry Kelly
    • Grandpa D

      They’re both nuts.

      • Cecelia

        She has more faith in his potential than she has faith in her own.

        • Larry Kelly

          Can’t keep a Weiner down for long.

  • J.J.

    Lisa Boothe has great teeth.

    Good point by her about the silence of Brian Stelter on fellow CNNer Kathy Griffin’s photo.

    • Larry Kelly

      Well, actually Brian has great teeth. Great big teeth.

  • Larry Kelly

    Is there an older story than going on vacation and finding your office cleared out upon return and duties diminished?

  • Cecelia

    Oh, crap.

    Megyn on new show:”You will laugh and you will cry.”

    • Mitch

      Megyn on new show: “You will laugh and you will cry.”

      You will also pee during the commercials.