Jun 262017
  • Three journos involved in retracted CNN report have resigned.
  • Friday’s numbers: Tucker Carlson-Maddow-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Greer: Fair-weather liberals have had their fill of Megyn Kelly.
  • Megyn NBC ratings sink to new low.  Andrea Mitchell honored.
  • Hogue: ‘The band’ is back together; Heather’s new 5am partner?
  • Don Lemon at Sag Harbor High.   Oh, Joy: Russia…Russia…Russia
  • Hugh Hewitt MSNBC premiere gets hostile reception from the left.
  • Joe Scarborough releases anti-Trump mushroom cloud music video.
  • Videos: CNN retraction etc Monday
  • CNN tightens rules after retracting fake story;  Reliable Sources silent.
  • Larry Kelly

    Apparently the current RELIABLE SOURCES to CNN are anonymous, and often wrong making them pretty damn unreliable.

  • Cecelia

    I think the worst move NBC made with Megyn Kelly was such a long hiatus to when she first aired.

    • Mitch Alan

      I doubt if that made any difference. She was hashing out the end of her contract date with Fox News. Megyn’s biggest problem is her rather cold personality and the fact that conservatives and liberals don’t trust her.

      • Cecelia

        Had they gotten her on air asap, in some capacity, I think she would have been accepted.

        They waited too long as partisan rancor built post-election and Dems, marginalized but for the media, demanded more and more red meat.

        • Larry Kelly

          Typified by a Stephen Colbert elevated from treading water to the high board of late night TV.

          • And Rachel Maddow’s rise to #1 at 9PM.

      • Presbyter

        She’s managed to alienate both wings of the spectrum.

  • Larry Kelly

    Travel ban? I want coverage on cable news of the good stuff. At The A.V. Club, Laura Browning reports that two Supreme Court justices have now diverged on the earth-shaking issue of whether to capitalize “internet.”

  • J.J.

    The couple weeks following the first Repub debate feel like “peak Megyn Kelly.”

    I think Oprah, Diane Sawyer, and Barbara Walters are safe. Megyn appears to be no threat of approaching or eclipsing any of them.

  • J.J.

    Watching the hand wringing of Stelter, Acosta and CNN over the no camera briefings is hilarious. They actually think Americans care. Memo to CNN and the rest of the elite media: our democracy will survive if we don’t get to see Major Garrett and Jim Acosta preening for the cameras and trying to make news instead of report news.

    • Saintsfan720

      Jim Acosta’s whining has gotten ridiculous. Am starting to wonder if he needs medication. 😉

      • Larry Kelly

        Spent all that money for laminated glowing white teeth 😤

  • Mitch Alan

    Kat Timpf was off The Specialists today, replaced by Linda Booth, of the Wash Examiner. Big improvement.

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  • J.J.

    RE: CNN

    Charlie Kirk‏

    Tough day for @CNN

    After seeing @JamesOKeefeIII video that he is dropping tomorrow, it’s going to get even worse!

    • Larry Kelly

      Hope it is one with Stelter and a sheep.

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        That would be baaaaad.

  • Cecelia

    Kurtz didn’t even touch on whether or not CNN honchos want prior approval of any social media commentary that their journalists may render up under their professional check-marked aegis. Which their edict sounds like they do.

    Kurtz is just lackluster and haphazard. Always has been.