Jul 032017
  • Videos: Tucker with The Five on
  • Audio Q&A: Harris Faulkner on journalism, relevance, and more.
  • Out# video: The panel debates — what else? — 
  • F&F videos: Anna Kooiman on the USS N Carolina
  • Kelly Wright has a new album…and it’s nothing like Joe Scarborough’s.
  • Hanson-Firestone: Greta’s top five MSNBC moments.  Greta makes book.
  • 16 Morning Joe Trump insults that got personal, from ‘schmuck’ to ‘jackass’.
  • Concha: CNN’s reaction to ‘wrestling’ tweet plays right into Trump’s hands.
  • Stelter: Trump’s tweet ‘scary…dangerous’.   Betsy watched Reliable Sources.
  • CNN tattled on Trump to twitter, invoked ‘hateful’ rule. Berman: CNN caved.
  • Saintsfan720

    Congratulations Kelly!

    • Larry Kelly


  • Larry Kelly

    Think the puddy-tats at CNN are butt hurt now, wait until Trump tweets the doctored video featuring the blow-up sex doll.

  • Larry Kelly

    Thanks Betsy. Glad I didn’t have to.

  • Lurker

    Twitter would be committing suicide if they banned TRUMP lol

  • Cecelia

    Re: CNN tattled on Trump…

    Johnny, you damn well should have issued a warning with this link.

    I’ve pulled a muscle or something.

    CNN has out done itself with this one!

    • Cecelia

      Oh, hell, they’ve change the picture now!

      I snapped it for my husband so I have it.

      • Cecelia

        Tweeted it.

  • ojfl

    The OutNumbered link is broken for me.

  • J.J.

    Harris Faulkner is smart, pragmatic rather than partisan, and as the photo shows — very easy on the eyes.

    • sparty

      Harris is hardly nonpartisan. She might be the most conservative woman on the panel.

  • Larry Kelly

    Paul Schiff Berman is the Walter S. Cox Professor of Law at The George Washington University Law School in the Alfred E. Newman Anex.

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    1 Berman: CNN caved.


    I could maybe care about the “dangerous” Trump CNN video if the company who owns CNN hadn’t just sponsored a play where Trump was killed…..and continued after other major company’s dropped out.

    CNN is clearly Trumps opposition party………they are much better at it the the DNC is no matter what.

  • Larry Kelly

    Thank God for Mollie Hemingway on tonight’s SPECIAL REPORT panel. SUPRISE, the “washington-stalwart” people that didn’t like Trump before the election STILL don’t like him. Well here’s a clue Steve, his voters don’t much like you either. Maybe that’s why all your favorite candidates last year got Trumped. Talk to “lying Ted”.