Jul 152017
  • MediaBuzz videos: Junior
  • Reliable Sources: Watergate lessons; reporters threatened; blame Fox!
  • Video: Gregg Jarrett and legal panel talk
  • Scarry: Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and the ‘victimized’ media.
  • Alisyn Camerota: The CNN producers make me do all that Russia stuff.
  • Mills: Tucker goes to war against ‘the neocons’.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Beinart: ‘Intellectually interesting’ Tucker doing something extraordinary.
  • Tucker video: Michael Caputo on a ‘fishing expedition’ that
  • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

    On Iran, Carlson made an argument that was considered too dovish for even mainstream Democrats to raise during the debate over the nuclear deal: He questioned whether Tehran actually endangers the United States. He told Peters that “[w]e actually don’t face any domestic threat from Iran.”

    Does he really believe this crap, or does he simply say it for shock value?

    • LenInFlux

      Tucker has leaned more towards the Libertarian viewpoint over time so I think he does believe it.

      He did make a pretty good argument in that Peters and others are sounding the alarm about Iran (who are Shia Muslims) yet the ones who are doing all the bombings and beheadings and so forth are the Sunnis. I think what Tucker is ignoring is the regional threat that an Iran with nuclear weapons would pose but I think he’s coming at it from the viewpoint of what should concern America as a direct threat and leave the rest for others to worry about.

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        They are working on ICBM’s. That is a direct threat to the United States. They are also the largest supporter of terror, both Shia AND Sunni.

        Tucker Carlson was a long time Ron Paul supporter. Another fool when it comes to dealing with our enemies.

  • Larry Kelly

    Alisyn: no need for Project Veritas, she’ll just tell you.

  • Grandpa D

    Two good columns by Mills and Beinart. I might start watching Tucker Carlson.

    • LenInFlux

      His show is pretty good….depends on the guests he can book most times. I wish he would tone down the sarcasm but beyond that he covers some interesting subjects.

      • gcblues

        cut the giggling and punching down. At least peters was a fair fight, rare on tucker.

        • Presbyter

          I’m amazed he finds anyone willing to go on and get into his grist mill.

  • Tucker did his first weekly ‘news quiz’ segment Friday night. One of the two people brought in to do it was Peter Doocy. Irony: the news quiz idea was lifted from O’Reilly, and of course Dad Doocy was one of O’Reilly’s regular contestants.

    • Tom_Ohio

      Lol, Liz Prann did all she could to make Doocy win, and she could have won easilty, I think that Tucker needs to get Greg (Gutfeld) and Bernie (McGuirk) to do this egment and to continue to do it until Tucker gets a little tougher in the banter department. I know Tucker is a show that is “lite” but it needs at least some segments that are edgier than him making funny faces at stupid arguments.

      • Grandpa D

        The quiz was WAY to easy. Even I got them all right.

  • carolr527

    Does anyone know what is happening with SE Cupp’s new show on HLN? She had been tweeting for weeks that it would premiere on 7/17 but I don’t see it on my cable schedule and she hasn’t been tweeting about it recently.

  • Mitch Alan

    Chris Wallace and Shep Smith, two of a kind politically?

    • Grandpa D

      Neither fits neatly into an R or D mold and their variances are different.
      The news business could use more of that.

      • Mitch Alan

        Chris Wallace reliably parrots whatever is on the front page of Sunday’s New York Times. He is certainly left of center, not as bad as Chuck Todd or George Stephanopoulos, which is not saying a lot. I actually prefer John Dickinson if I had to choose between him and Wallace.

        Shep Smith is a flat-out liberal, he tries to soft-pedal it to a degree because he can’t afford to be too obvious. I would say his politics are identical to Anderson Cooper.

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    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      So, is CNN trying to impress Jodie Foster or Jodi Arias? Or mabye Joe DiMaggio?

  • timdub70

    I just found out that FBN will air Wednesday night’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race from Eldora Speedway. This is the only time any of NASCAR’s top series will be on a dirt track. FS1 is airing soccer. CNBC televised this afternoon’s IndyCar race in Toronto.