Jul 252017
  • Saintsfan720

    Hope they catch whoever did this to Kat Timpf. Fortunately, it was just water this time. It could have just as easily been a gun or knife. No excuse for this.

    • Cecelia

      Oh, what he did is certainly the mentality of someone who wants to physically hurt a person, but doesn’t want to go to jail.

      So are thrown pies and glitter.

      Still it was just water, and honestly, she would have done well to have marched herself out there and given her speech no matter.

      There’s no doubt Timpf gets her share of bullying, but she needs to know that others get worse, including the national pariah making sort from the MSM, and they keep on going with a lot less drama and feeling sorry for themselves.

      • Presbyter

        It is famously true that Theodore Roosevelt went on to give a campaign speech bleeding after having been shot in the chest . KT has probably rarely, if ever, faced real physical danger as indeed I would suspect most of us reading this site have rarely experienced.
        Her reaction in retrospect seems now to be a bit overwrought BUT at the moment that “bath” could well have been acid.

        • Cecelia

          Yep. It was terrifying. It was demeaning. It was water.

          Don’t let him stop you from speaking.

          • Larry Kelly

            In the mock high school presidental election I got football players dressed as storm troopers to carry me into the closed circuit televised debate and the librarian to hit me with a pie. I bravely finished my speech and won the election. The principal was not amused, “I expected you next to wipe your face with the flag!” and made me give a serious televised speech under threat of not graduating.

          • Cecelia

            How did you do in the debate?

          • Larry Kelly

            petty good — I remember talking about China just getting the atomic bomb and was reassuring they had no delivery system but surplus Piper Cubs. I think I also promised free stuff. My high school was huge, graduating class of 825.

          • Cecelia

            The other guy must have played Goldwater.

          • Larry Kelly

            Well, I was elected.

      • Saintsfan720

        I get your point; but, there is no shortage of angry, mentally disturbed people right now. For some reason, these people go after Timpf (remember a couple of years ago on “Red Eye” she got death threats after making jokes about “Star Wars” fans) being quite nasty on her Twitter feed. Glad it was just water. FNC may need to beef up security for her.

        • Cecelia

          Frankly, I think a part of that may be that she tweets so much about such things.

          I don’t follow her, but Johnny has often retweeted her doing just that.

          I’m not a tough person. There are some commonsensical ways to respond to bullies and I don’t see her being very perceptive in that.

          • CDG24

            Timpf needs to realize that if you let people know that it is easy to get under your skin, then they are more likely to try to do it.

            She is not unique in receiving harsh comments online. Time and time again, it has been shown that complaining about it doesn’t make a difference.

            She seems to have been given more than she can handle at this point. She has problems handling the criticism that all in news seem to get. She recently has been mentioning how much she works as if it is wearing on her (not sure if she does anything outside of Fox other than her National Review Online columns). This is while many others at Fox seem to have much crazier schedules and also have families to take care of. Besides The Specialists, Eboni hosts radio three hours a day and has a book coming out. I don’t see her bringing up how hard she is working.

            So, she is likely stressed out and something like this becomes a bigger deal to her than it would to probably anyone else. She probably needs to take a break.

            Plus, she makes it harder to have too much sympathy when she makes the comment “but we’re just randomly assaulting people in public now?”.
            People have suffered far worse assaults for their views for all of human history. It happens every day.
            She needs to be careful not to make this another Michelle Fields situation where she takes a relatively small wrongdoing and makes such a big deal about it that people turn on her.

          • Cecelia

            She’s talented and smart, but has some growing up to do.

    • Cecelia

      I wonder how he got away. It takes more that two seconds to douse someone with that much water.

      Looks like someone around her could have grabbed that guy and throttled him.

      • CDG24

        There definitely is something odd with the story when it comes to the amount of water.
        It must have been a hard plastic bottle with a larger lid. That would make more sense.

        She still should probably be just as mad that no one stopped him.

        • Cecelia


          I have two overly-educated intellectual brothers and they would have been across the room and beating the tar out of that guy from age fourteen.

          My husband too, and the guy would have been staggering out of the room wearing me around his neck.

          Timpf needs a better class of people around her.

          • Presbyter

            Yes. It all seems somehow rather “passive”.

  • carolr527

    I never heard of Chad Pergram!

    • Grandpa D

      I’ve seen him do stand ups, usually on Special Report. Most of his work is behind the scenes.

      • Mitch Alan

        I used to see Griff Jenkins in front of the camera, now we barely ever see him.

        • Larry Kelly

          he is still alive?

    • Larry Kelly

      Watching him last night, I didn’t recall every seeing him before. Bret Baier’s comment that Pergram was a Twitter champ caught my attention. Obviously a pro.

  • Larry Kelly

    Obama had the hundreds of Black Lives Matter Rioters. Trump had tens of thousands adoring Boy Scouts http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/07/potus-trump-rips-obama-scouts-chant-love-trump-national-jamboree-video/
    I’m sure the MSM hated it.

  • Re: “Beverly: Enough with the stale, worn-out cliches of television news”: I couldn’t agree more. I hate those that start their responses with “so.” And you know how I feel about “at the end of the day.” As I wrote in a comment at the link, which is currently awaiting moderation, even YouTubers are using that damned cliche. To that end, “next up” is overused when transitioning to another topic, game, donation to unbox, etc. I think that one irritates me because I used to say it a lot on the radio. It’s a link to the past before I wised up.

    • Larry Kelly

      I dislike “we’ll follow that” as a segment ender.

      • Cecelia

        What about “stay close”?

        I hate that bullshite.

        • gcblues

          “no money down” moves metal

    • carolr527

      I’ve also noticed how, in the past few years, everyone starts their responses with, “So…” Why?

      • I have no idea, but I consider it pretentious.

        • Cecelia

          I hate to bust your bubble, but you’re banging your head against a wall.

          You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

          • I don’t mind those cliches.

          • Cecelia

            You’re all wool and a yard wide.

          • I’d buy that for a dollar.

  • Larry Kelly

    For First Time Ever, MSNBC Is No. 1 in Prime Time on All of Cable
    Donald Trump Jr. was very good to MSNBC last week (his father, too.) For the first time in the network’s 21-year history, MSNBC was the most-watched cable network during weekday prime (Monday-Friday 8-11 p.m.) in total viewers. MSNBC averaged 2.34 million viewers, which put it ahead of Fox News, Disney, USA and HGTV. Fox News remained No. 1 in viewers for Total Day viewing.

    • Mitch Alan

      Roger Ailes is laughing his head off. The two Murdoch Boys have destroyed Fox News’ big lead.

      By the way, Rupert Murdoch was banned from Roger Ailes’ funeral by his widow.

      • Cecelia

        O’Reilly should be laughing too.

        To his credit, he’s not.

  • Cecelia

    The McCain cartoon means to suggest that things virtuous in our culture are ailing.

    They used the senator’s condition to make a political point about Obamacare, but I think the intent was to lionize McCain rather than to imply that he’s become morally weak.

  • Larry Kelly
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    Disgraced Racist Stooge attacks …….wait for it………person of color on Fox..you are shocked I know………but……Newshound “Writer” cant even spell “Cowboy” a word in kindergarten spelling books.

    Really starting to like this The Cable Gamer girl


    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      Does the ignorant frozen tool lie as a hobby, or is it pathological?