Nov 282017

  • The Five video: Greg Gutfeld has too much fun with
  • Mika claims Trump wanted sex with Billy Bush.  Friday’s numbers.
  • Financial expert Velshi can’t read a chart.  Olby retires, yet again.
  • Cable Game: The man behind the curtain.  CNNer eyes House bid.
  • CNN’s ‘day of rage‘ over ‘threats’ by Trump.   Thursday’s numbers.
  • Profile: Sean Hannity, implacable defender of Trump; photo fracas.
  • Videos:  Tucker on accusations Hume on
  • CNN 2016: Beware all the fake news; 2017: Ban the term fake news.

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  • J.J.

    I hate when Stelter makes that faux-concerned face (see photo above). There is no way he actually believes a stupid tweet from DJT is going to shut down CNN and imprison all his fellow “journalists”.

    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      That facial expression is more one of mental constipation.

      • Larry Kelly

        prunes, baby. man needs some prunes.

    • Cecelia

      Well just what expression would you wear in order to convey that we have a Manchurian-candidate president in office, installed by racist simpletons, with the temerity to criticise me and mine and to hold opposing views?

      This is DIRE, man!

      • Larry Kelly

        would you like to play a little solitaire?

    • LenInFlux

      That is definitely not a concern, but the next time CNN International does an expose on, say, the slave trade in Libya the Libyans will be able to cry “fake news” and point to the President’s allegations.

  • Cecelia

    Stelter and CNN coined the term “fake news” as a means of suggesting the election and the voters who determined it were illegitimate.

    Now, that the expression is used in a literal way about them, they want it “banned” in the reporting, quoting, and opinionizing of their lofty cohort.

    And, as usual, without a trace of self-awareness or irony.

  • Cecelia

    Olbermann is retiring because he can no longer go higher than that basement.

    Keith’s voice in the media is unique no more in its out-of-the-closet partisan stridency, anger, contempt for contrarians, and smugness.

    The MSM are all Keith Olbermanns now.

  • Cecelia

    Unfortunately, folks, “fake news” no longer means false or tenuous conservative clickbait, put out by a Putin-Trump plot, and responsible for garnering enough rubes to get Trump elected.

    No, now the term has been “weaponized” to mean objectively false stories and tenuous liberal narrative put out by the MSM in order to undermine the Trump election.

    Oh, the humanity!…

  • dsmawley

    Olby retires again, YAWN!

    • I give him two weeks.

    • Larry Kelly

      Dibs on the table.

      • Grandpa D

        Does it include an Ikea allen wrench?

        • Cecelia

          Grandpa D, I could probably find you one or two of those under furniture where I had thrown them against walls.

  • homemaker

    Cecelia on fire today! Makes me smile! 😊

    • Cecelia


  • Cecelia

    That thing Joe and Mika do where one insists they must venture something controversial while the other one keeps hushing them and saying that they mustn’t?…

    Their little fake vaudeville act.

    • They still need to perfect the last part, where when she says it Joe spits his coffee out.

      • Cecelia

        They are Fake News top to bottom.

      • Mitch Alan

        Danny Thomas perfected that.

        • Danny Thomas was the master of the spit take. I’ve been watching some Danny Thomas Show episodes on Amazon prime. They’re still funny.

    • LenInFlux

      Well said.

      In regards to the Cable Game wondering if Mika is “losing it” – nope. She tossed that out to get a rise out of Trump and to have Trump attack them on twitter. For them it’s all about their feud with Trump and Trump would be wise to keep ignoring them and thus denying them what they really want.

      • Larry Kelly

        Why waste a tweet on these minnows when just one will set Pochahantas on the warpath.

    • Saintsfan720

      I agree that this was probably put out there to goad POTUS into attacking them on Twitter. As I stop to think about it though, I watched 3 or 4 seasons of “Celebrity Apprentice” and I do remember Trump telling one of the contestants (cannot remember which one) ” I like gayness”. Maybe this is where she got this theory. 🙂

      • Cecelia

        I just think that sooner or later a liberal wil inevitably call a conservative a “homo”.

        • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

          That’s what Mario Cuomo called Ed Koch when he dared to run against him.

        • Saintsfan720

          Totally get your point. It will be a Matthew Dowd/Chris Cuomo type who claim to love gay people then use it as a slur to hurt a Republican. What’s funny is that Trump is probably the most gay friendly president from either party and gets no credit.

          • Cecelia

            Oh, yeah.

            At Mediaite and Olby Watch liberal regular commenters would have alter identities where they played gay in hopes of being bullied by conservatives, because, you know…that’s what conservatives do…

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  • If there were a mic on twitter, Greg could drop it.

    • Larry Kelly

      Pathetic, Dick. (wadda you think, better with the comma, better without the comma, about the same?)

    • Cecelia

      Far from being spin, that was a dead-on analogy from Greg.

      I read somewhere today that what Trump is doing is the same as saying “Hey, Pocahontas!” to a Native American girl.

      As Gutfeld points out, it’s the opposite.

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        Warren has yet to take a DNA test. A real one involving a blood draw, not the spit in a tube deal. The Cherokees offered to pay for it.

    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      Gee, both Ice and the San Diego perv had to chip in.

      • GATXER

        Ice pretends to be a real man…….. on twitter he plays a big man bashing and lying about #1 Fox News…….but when offered chance to do that face to face on National TV and tell people how unfair Fox news is by telling both sides and being fair…….he hides under his moms bed like a 2 year old girl.

        Cowards and bullies always hate the sunlight on their actions.