Dec 052017

  • The Five video: The real collusion was with
  • Monday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Rachel Maddow-Tucker 1-2-3.
  • Talks have James Murdoch as Disney chief if Fox deal succeeds.
  • Outnumbered video: roil Alabama election.
  • Will MSNBC punish Joy Reid?   Update: The hypocrisy is ‘bizarre’.
  • Somerby exposes the smarmy hypocrisy of Lawrence O’Donnell.
  • Tucker Carlson video: Does the FBI consider itself
  • Ratings for Megyn’s Today hour hit lowest level in over a decade.
  • Fox’s correction notes MSNBC’s two minutes of Steinle coverage.
  • Did alt-right con MSNBC into firing Sam Seder?  Weekend numbers.

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  • Larry Kelly

    Tucker’s speech resonated with me. We don’t need a national police agency driven by political agenda. Maybe totalitarian regimes do, but this country can’t abide it. Couldn’t with J. Edgar, can’t now.

    • Cecelia

      Remember when every film of yesteryear portrayed the CIA and FBI as rouge agencies accountable to no one and making alliances of convenience with corrupt corporately aligned rightist politicians?

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        Turns out in reality that the corrupt politicians were leftists.

        • homemaker

          The FBI should NOT have the respect of the Anerican public any longer. There used to be people/groups I automatically gave respect to. They included school teachers, police officers, FBI, religious leaders and they had to lose my respect because they had, in my mind, already earned it. The FBI has lost my respect and it will take much to earn it back. That is not to say that individual agents aren’t good but as a group the leadership is disgraceful.

          • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

            I would add the military to those that I automatically gave respect to. Still do.

          • Larry Kelly

            The leaders of the Seventh Fleet were a little shaky.

          • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

            Every once in a while you find some screwups in charge. It’s human nature.

  • Larry Kelly

    Went in for a visit to the company from which I retired a decade ago while up north last week. Hugged the HR lady. No sirens went off.

    • Cecelia

      You must not have tried hard enough.

    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      At least you didn’t goose her.

      • Larry Kelly

        Who do you think I am, Al Franken?

  • Larry Kelly

    As I speculated yesterday, Brian Ross has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel:

  • Cecelia
    • Grandpa D


  • Minnesota Nice

    I know one person who would be happy if James Murdoch left Fox and went to Disney. 😉

    • Yippie-yay, yippie-yie, yippie-oh

    • Mitch Alan

      Other than he is Rupert Murdoch’s son, what are James Murdoch’s qualifications to run Disney? Fox Broadcasting has low ratings as does 20th Century Fox movie studio.

      • Larry Kelly

        As Jesus said, parentage is everything.

        • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

          Our Lord had a good Father and Mother.

    • Minnesota Nice

      OMG – 12 viewers. 😉

      Heck we could probably get 12,000 people ice fishing on a large lake here Minnesota in the winter.

    • sky303

      HLN really should have promoted this stuff better, they use their bottom banner to promote the heck out of “How it Really Happened” they should have given their changes a boast, and they need to promote it on other Turner Channels …etc.

    • CDG24

      I think the show did 12,000 in the demo once before, but not lower. Can’t remember the lowest total viewer number.

      Moving the show away from the middle of a crime/justice block and after a news show makes sense, but it also moved it to a timeslot where fewer people are at home, after a lower rated lead-in and directly against the biggest panel show in cable news.

      It’s only one day and there might be a few viewers that haven’t realized that the show moved, but it looks like no matter where they air the show, it will do worse than both the lead-in as well as the following show.

      Considering that they have already moved the show after only about three months on the air, I think the show is unlikely to make it to next summer.
      At this point, Unfiltered just needs to hope that the network will be fine with keeping them on just to fill an hour.

      S.E. only lasted one year as a host on The Cycle (in her final quarter on the show, it was ranked 62nd in cable news in the 25-54 demo) then moved over to CNN and Crossfire and that barely lasted a year (was pre-empted a lot) and now this show is very unlikely to last a year. She also had two different shows on GBTV/The Blaze.

      Before she stopped appearing on Fox News about seven years ago, it seemed like she was going to be a big star, but even with a lot of opportunities, it has never happened. She has become mostly irrelevant.

      • Presbyter

        She needs to figure out what and who she is. A snarky libertarian chick with sexy librarian glasses isn’t unique anymore.

    • Saintsfan720

      I’ve seen bits and pieces of her show when I remembered it was on against Martha. It wasn’t terrible. But, a lot of former “Red Eye” and current “Kennedy”/”Greg Gutfeld Show” guests were on when I watched (Terry Schappert, Dave Smith as I recall). Take her show off HLN, plop SE, Andy, and her set on to FNC and it’s probably winning in both demo and total viewers. Wish FNC would bring back Andy, find a decent host (Jimmy Failla or Tom Shillue maybe ) and put a decent news/comedy/pop culture satire show back on late night. Doesn’t have to be called “Red Eye”. Would make me a happy FNC viewer in 2018.

      • jrd

        Levy called FNC the “Trump News Network,” so there is no way that he could return to Fox.

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  • Nixon – niihpikiiookani
    • J.J.

      Meanwhile, we’re told that Kelly isn’t a viable savior for NBC. She
      was hired by the network amid great fanfare for a reported $23 million a
      year, but she just had the worst November sweeps ratings of any in the
      history of the 9 a.m. hour of “Today” — across all demos.

      The all-important quarterly measurements of viewers tend to be higher
      in November than in July, when fewer people are watching TV in general,
      so the news that Kelly’s numbers were lower in November than in July is
      particularly hair-raising for execs. Kelly took over in September.

  • Larry Kelly

    Memo to church ladies: if the usher seats you next to the longest serving congressman, don’t doze off during the sermon.