Dec 062017

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Sean Hannity-Tucker 1-2-3.
  • Liberals have winked at misogyny by Matthews, Olbermann, etc.
  • Sam Seder’s ‘defense fund‘ raises over $10,000. Q&A: Sam Seder.
  • Videos: Joe Concha has for Acosta; Socks
  • They knew: Jeff Zucker at Lauer roast with sexist, obscene jokes.
  • Tucker videos: and on politicized DC prosecutions.
  • Fox deal could make Disney Hollywood’s most powerful company.
  • Why CNN is not on Russia’s list of foreign agents.  Ali Velshi at Yale.

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  • Cecelia

    Read an article on Drudge about a roast of Matt Lauer.


    Where do these polecats come from?!

    • homemaker

      But, but, but we knew NOTHING about his disgusting behavior! Not a single person do I believe from Savannah to Meredith to Ann. They were all complicit and they disgust me.

  • Last week, I made a monthly pledge of $5 to PBS so I could catch up on the series Finding Your Roots, hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Since then, I’ve watched most of the episodes I hadn’t seen. But last night, I re-watched the first episode I saw: one with Bill Maher, Soledad O’Brien, and Bill O’Reilly. It aired last January and the latter Bill had Skip (Gates’s nickname) on The O’Reilly Factor to promote the episode and debate current events. It was bittersweet watching the episode again considering what happened this April and October.

    • Larry Kelly

      I watch PBS and, outside of taxes, give them nothing.
      Thank you.

      • If I have to pledge $5 for one month to binge watch episodes of a series, so be it.

      • sky303

        I’ve given to my strange quasi pbs station (they only air 25% of programming) and the main one before.

      • timdub70

        Those pledge drives. Almost the only things I watch on local PBS is the sports shows and games. Nebraska Educational Television seems to increase the pledge drives when they are on. I DVRed an interview with Tom Osborne around the time football season started and it had long pledge-drive breaks.

        • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

          PBS should get a large chunk of the sales of Sesame Street items. But they don’t. The “People like you” are being scammed.

  • Minnesota Nice

    More evidence that CNN Head Jeff Zucker was fully aware of Matt Lauer sexcapades & yet CNN media “reporters” still haven’t reported a word about Zuckers knowledge. Maybe they’re too busy watching & obsessing about Fox News.

  • Minnesota Nice

    It’s reported that tomorrow Franken will join Ventura as a disgraced former Minnesota politician.

    • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

      I was just getting ready to post about Stuart Smalley, myself.

    • homemaker


  • Minnesota Nice

    Congratulations J$ for reaching 10,000 followers on twitter!

    • Thank you so much, but I could never have done it without all my brethren and sistren in our humble little cesspool.

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        I am merely a turd in the cesspool of life.

        • Larry Kelly

          and I’m your copilot

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    1 Liberals have winked at misogyny by Matthews, Olbermann, etc.

  • Larry Kelly

    🎶Zipiddy do da zipiddy aye
    my oh my, I’m in the wrong day🎶