Dec 282017

  • The Five video: What new immigration statistics
  • Weds numbers: Webb (Sean)-Steyn (Tuck)-Emanuel (Bret) 1-2-3.
  • Out# video: New Pew study reveals
  • Tuesday numbers: Styne (Tucker)-Webb (Sean)-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Profile: Tomi Lahren and the power of ‘tenacious resilience’.
  • Five things you didn’t know about: Tomi Lahren and Joan Walsh.
  • Impartial CNN anchor skips over Dem’s misconduct settlement.
  • CNBC director accused of peeping on teen via bathroom camera.
  • A year of morning show hell. The era of big-name anchors is over.
  • Breitbart fingers Tapper and Darcy for ‘provably false’ allegations.
  • The Story video: Did Obama admin the Russian threat?
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Plantagenet Matter,  part three…
  • Cecelia

    Lahren handled the fake news photoshopped Tweet misquoting her with more mature and robust countering than her whiney look-alike colleague who had the water poured over her head. (I forget her name.)

  • Minnesota Nice

    No surprise CNN ends the year spreading more false information. I sometimes wonder if they do it on purpose to get attention, headlines, etc. Seems like something in Zucker playbook.

    • Larry Kelly

      Certainly not for ratings 🤔

    • Cecelia

      And you talk about snowflakes. Tapper and Stelter whine all day about being smeared and attacked.

      That’s code for ‘you are not to rigorously counter us and if you do butt in, be properly agreeable and weak in your stance’.

  • Larry Kelly

    TV Ratings for Kennedy Center Honors Down
    With the Big Four television networks turning most of their post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s Eve schedules to reruns and recycled holiday specials, CBS’ broadcast of the annual Kennedy Center Honors was the lone bit of original programming on broadcast Tuesday night. But the arts awards did not fare well in the viewership dead zone between the two holidays. (Variety)

    So Bella says to me, “If the President isn’t welcome, neither are we.” Actually it might not have been Bella. Might have been the big rabbit.

    • Grandpa D

      Rodger that.

    • sky303

      Charlie Brown (which I watched ) did better than it the hour before, it tied with Rudolph’s New Year (which I watched ) so I’m alright 🙂

  • Larry Kelly

    MEMO TO SELF: always give the tissue box a look-see.

    • Cecelia

      Just hideous.

      • Larry Kelly

        Everyone knows where my camera in the cabin. First thing guests do is put a hat over it.

      • Nixon – niihpikiiookani

        Kind of like the pervs with the camera phones taking upskirts.

        • Cecelia

          It’s too easy to get pervy results nowadays.

  • J.J.

    I think J$ won twitter today w/this slam of CNN……haha.

  • Cecelia
  • Cecelia

    The only substitute people I like on The Five are Kennedy and Kilmeade.

    The other day, while packing stuff away, I listened to the program as my husband leisurely and obliviously watched it, and it sounded like a high school fist fight.

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