Jul 212016

J$P Video! Tucker Carlson, after bicycling onto the set, rips Ted Cruz’s speech:

From Fox & Friends 21 July 2016

Jun 282016

J$P Video! Adam Housley notes how today’s House report confirms Benghazi exclusives first reported by Fox News:

From Outnumbered 28 June 2016

Jun 142016

J$P Video! Andy Levy, Nomiki Konst, and Joe DeVito join Kennedy with reaction to Obama’s ISIS remarks:

From Kennedy 14 June 2016

May 212016

J$P Video! Megyn Kelly’s commencement address at Albany Law School includes comments about career, life goals…and a song!

Courtesy Albany Law School 20 May 2016

Mar 312016

J$P Video! Brian Kilmeade tackles Spring break, chalk, pony tails, and more:

From The Kelly  File 31 March 2016

Mar 292016

J$P Video! The Five takes on the Corey Lewandowski/Michelle Fields case:

From The Five, 29 March 2016

Feb 212016

J$P Video! Dana Perino looks at the repercussions of Jeb’s withdrawal from the race:

From Fox & Friends, 21 February 2016

Feb 182016

J$P Video! Howard Kurtz reviews MSNBC’s Joe and Mika Trumpalooza:

From The Kelly File, 18 February 2016

Feb 102016

J$P Video! Adventures with The Five on the road:

From The Five, 10 February 2016

Feb 072016

J$P Video! Mary Katherine Ham gives her take on last night’s GOP debate:

From Fox & Friends, 7 February 2016

Feb 032016

J$P Video! Bill O’Reilly rips CNN reporting on Ben Carson; Karl Rove has further details:

From The O’Reilly Factor, 3 February 2016

Feb 022016

J$P Video! Katie Pavlich and Kennedy join Bill O’Reilly to discuss conservative complaints about Fox News:

From The O’Reilly Factor, 2 February 2016

Jan 302016

J$P Video! Dana Perino analyzes Clinton email developments and previews the Iowa caucuses:

From Fox & Friends, 30 January 2016

Jan 152016

J$P Video! Neil Cavuto answers the blue blogs and other critics who suggest partisan bias in his debate questions:

From Your World, 15 January 2016

Jan 122016

J$P Video! Robust debate over Syrian refugees turns rowdy:

From Outnumbered, 12 January 2016