Jun 282016
Jun 172016
  • Thursday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Video: Is changing?  HuffPo spots a
  • 19 things to know about Megyn Kelly.  Declassified debut: CIA spy mom.
  • Q&A: Bill Hemmer on mass shootings; Chris Hayes and Colony in a Nation.
  • Audio Q&A: S.E. Cupp.  Q&A: Erin Burnett beats Chris, sets sights on Greta.
  • Factor video: on media playing politics with terror attacks.

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Jun 042016
  • Media Buzz videos: Trump Hillary
  • Reliable Sources videos: Cenk Uygur; Trump vs press; Couric and Rosen.
  • Farhi: Welcome to Punditstan, land of gleaming teeth and hot takes.
  • Rothstein: ‘Fancypants’ Maddow producer says Daily Caller not legit.
  • Are ‘phoners’ making a comeback? It depends.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Flood: Stuart Varney’s secret weapon.  Legends & Lies: The Patriots debuts.
  • Somerby: Rachel Maddow gets it right, but Chris Hayes gets it very wrong.
  • Your Buzz videos: Hill’s Vince suing soft
  • HuffPo: Chris Matthews colluding with corporate media to ‘coronate’ Hillary.
Apr 252016
Apr 202016
Apr 132016
Mar 032016
Feb 162016
  • Friday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Sandra Smith-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • The Five video: Ainsley Earhardt’s new gig.
  • Ariens: Ainsley Earhardt named new co-host of Fox & Friends. More.
  • Outnumbered video: Should be forced to testify?
  • CNNC: Robin deserves her can.  Bernard Golberg dings Eric Bolling.
  • Zurawik: MSNBC is being rewarded for ‘playing ball’ with Trump.
  • ICN: MSNBC’s Joe/Mika Trumpalooza is a ‘sharp stick in CNN’s eye‘.
  • Payback? MSNBC skeds Trump town hall moderated by Joe and Mika.
  • Joyella: Fox News settles 9/11 photo lawsuit; CNN hires Brynn Gingras.
  • Impartial MSNBC reporter: Scalia’s statements were ‘crass, homophobic‘.
  • Video: Shep announces Foxified winter storm names.
  • Todd, Díaz-Balart to moderate Dem town hall.  Chris Hayes is sorry…kind of.
Feb 152016
  • Video: Debate w/Omarosa when she brings up ‘boobs’.
  • Somerby: Chris Hayes has adopted Olbermann’s deceptive editing tricks.
  • Video: at the CBS GOP debate.  MSNBC scrubs Todd clip.
  • Gurian: Greg Gutfeld gets a studio audience; ‘the show was really funny‘.
  • Richard Quest elevated in CNNMoney expansion.  Inside Great Big Story.
  • A Democratic debate on Fox? Bernie Sanders is fine with it..sort of.  
  • Not maniacs: 10,000 sign petition calling for Chris Matthews’s suspension.
  • CNN staffers fume at anchor’s six-figure bathroom as layoffs spread.  More.

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Jan 302016
  • Media Buzz videos: Hillary’s
  • Reliable Sources: Trump vs Fox; more Trump vs FoxBob and Laurie.
  • F&F video: Fox’s Embassy Suites Iowa setup.
  • Chris Hayes defends covering Thursday’s Trumpathon.
  • Camerota: Journalists are intimidated into not criticizing Trump.
  • Concha: Trump’s obsession with Megyn is at Stage Five stalker status.
  • Picchi: Who is that Saudi Prince anyhow?  The View video:
  • Special caucus weekend schedules: Fox News.   Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Your Buzz videos: vs Trump; a media
Jan 252016
Jan 212016
Jan 192016
Dec 182015
  • Thursday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Concha challenges Media Buzz, Reliable Sources to cover this story.
  • Borchers: Who’s doing a great job covering the primary? Fox News!
  • Video: Comparing Trump vs covering Sanders.
  • Somerby: Black youngsters in Texas barely exist on clownish MSNBC.
  • Q&A: Lea Gabrielle.  Jim Acosta in ‘grueling’ Hawaii.  CNN’s fuzzy math.
  • Factor video: looks at Trump voters.  Today’s petition.
  • Video: Sen Gillibrand says coverage made ‘a huge difference’.
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The   Hogue: Sour puss?

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Nov 242015