Aug 032019

  • MediaBuzz videos: the
  • Reliable Sources: Gun control; speech control; white nationalists.
  • Today’s lawsuit: Erin Burnett hit with $50M defamation claim.
  • Videos: Pete swims the Hudson
  • CNN’s fuzzy math.  The thrill is not gone.  Today’s other  lawsuit.
  • Grady Trimble to FBN.  CNN investigates: chow mein sandwiches.
  • Boedeker: CNN’s debates ‘superficial, perplexing’.  Sunday talkers.
  • Daily Briefing video: Meet Spike, the dog
  • Impartial CNN anchor: Trump almost gleeful over Baltimore deaths.

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Apr 092019

  • The Five video: The ever said on MSNBC?
  • Monday’s numbers: Tucker Carlson-Hannity-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: on AG Barr’s testimony.
  • Griswold: MSNBCNN spread fake news, get a pass from MSM.
  • The Mirror: Brian, Sean, Greta, Chris, another Chris, Dan, et al.
  • Survey says: News media seen as leftist; MSNBC least credible.
  • Bernie warming up for Monday Town Hall.  Weekend numbers.
  • CNN bugging out of Brazil?  When Repubs wear ‘kick me’ signs.
  • Bump: Who’s up, who’s down, in the media?  Mika moonlighting.

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Mar 152019

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Dec 112018

  • The Five video: Sparks fly at WH
  • Outnumbered video: Ultra-robust debate
  • Matthews: Guess who Trump sounds like.  Replica Julie Roginsky.
  • ‘Objective’ CNN media reporter loses it over Heather Nauert nom.
  • Gretchen objects to casting Nicole Kidman: ‘looks nothing like me’.
  • Impartial MSNBC anchors trash ‘six white guys’ mentioned for CoS.
  • CNN fires another Trumper; Dennard calls bias.  Weekend numbers.
  • Tucker Carlson videos: What was Trump’s crime?
  • CNN announces fashion series.  Matthews in Erie.  Premature panic.

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Oct 062018

  • MediaBuzz videos: Trump women
  • Reliable Sources: Standards; Trump vs women; Trump’s taxes.
  • CNN media critic uses twitter filter to remove ‘hateful’ replies.
  • Janice Dean: ‘Where do we draw the line? It’s sick, dangerous.’
  • Brian Kilmeade stalked and harassed in NYC.  Sunday talkers.
  • Saturday coverage: Fox News.  Florida’s friendliest home town.
  • MSNBC anchor: Last two weeks felt like one long primal scream.
  • Impartial CNN ‘legal analyst’ actually parrots Dem talking points.
  • Mediaite: The best 7pm cable news show.  FNC: Hollywood-style.
  • New Yorker media critic: CNN is becoming the ‘all-Trump network‘.
  • MSNBC host: Kavanaugh fans are like mobs who attended lynchings.
  • The Five video: Gutfeld on  Today’s Megyn rumor.

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Jul 212018

  • MediaBuzz videos: furor; Trish Sean
  • Reliable Sources: Russia!; ‘propaganda‘; Haberman; Chris Ruddy.
  • F&F video: Andrew McCarthy on ‘astonishing’
  • Tamera and Adam Housley had to deal with a lot of ‘racial junk’.
  • Was Kimberly dismissed for ‘inappropriate workplace behavior‘?
  • Somerby: Maddow et al decry a ‘proposal’ they largely made up!
  • CNN photog has 40 years worth of memorabilia.  Sunday talkers.
  • Concha: Two years after Roger Ailes Fox News is bigger than ever.
  • How Fox digital delivers yearly viewer growth. Twitter withdrawal.

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Jun 122018

  • The Five video: Robust debate over NoKo summit
  • Monday night: Hannity 5.9M viewers, tops cable and broadcast.
  • Monday numbers: Sean Hannity-Ingraham-Tucker Carlson 1-2-3.
  • AT&T gets green light for Time/Warner merger.  Four scenarios.
  • Out# video: Is media coverage trying to
  • CNN embarrassment: Cuomo Prime Time trounced by MSNBC.
  • Buzz kill: Kurtz doubles Stelter’s audience.   Weekend numbers.
  • NBC may move ‘struggling’ Megyn Kelly Today to a new timeslot.
  • Comcast salivates over Fox, Sky.  It’s a boy!  Today’s firing demand.
  • Should Brian apologize to Melania?  Stelter sneers at Sean’s scoop.
  • Videos: Tapper on Late Night Matthews

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Jan 152018

  • The Five video: for Hawaii’s mistake.
  • Cuomo calls Indian-American aide ‘Raj Whatever-His-Name-Is‘.
  • Matthews ducks Meet the Press gig.  Nancy Grace finds work.
  • No Pyeongchang for you: Today leaves Megyn behind in NYC.
  • Next Revolution videos: Anger bias
  • Video: season four of Strange Inheritance.
  • Media don’t like ‘sh!thole countries’ either.  Betsy watches Brian.
Jan 132018

  • MediaBuzz videos: a a mania;
  • Reliable Sources: ‘Racist’ Trump; fitness to serve; Oprah; libel laws.
  • CNN uses unknown woman as Patty Hearst to ‘romanticize rape’.
  • Impartial CNN journalists praised as ‘woke’ for ‘taking on Trump’.
  • Q&A: Nicolle Wallace.  Deja vu: Obama attacks Fox News viewers.
  • Advice to foreign spies: target Fox News!  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Athey: Chris Matthews ‘jokes’ about Cosby pills and Hillary Clinton.
  • Late Night videos: Jake Tapper with Seth Meyers
Jan 092018

  • Court tosses out frivolous $48M lawsuit against Fox News.
  • Monday’s numbers: Maddow-Lawrence-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Texts may in leaks.
  • Weekend numbers: ‘Five bloated corpses‘ top Sunday prime.
  • Will Chris Matthews be next to get the axe?  Q&A: Dana Bash.
  • Zucker play: Jim Acosta named Chief WH correspondent; more.
  • Lowry not renewed.  Kucinich leaves FNC.  Alice Stewart re-ups.
  • Impartial MSNBC anchor: Congrats on Trump hating your book!
  • The Story video: Ben Shapiro probes the boomlet.
  • FTV: Brian Stelter, and the media, completely missed the message.
Jan 032018

  • The Five videos: Trump’s
  • MSNBC, MSM stay mum on Chris Matthews sexism charges.
  • Greta reprimands James Murdoch for disparaging Fox News.
  • Willie Geist, Craig Melvin ‘devastated‘ over losing out to Hoda.
  • Tucker video: Joe Concha reviews the of 2017.
  • Tapper: Trump’s tweets are ‘not stable behavior‘.  Pot prevails.
  • CNN media critic: ‘Madness.’ Trump ‘not well…not fit for office‘.
  • Twitter suspends ex-sheriff over ‘calls for violence‘ against CNN.
  • The Story video: Sailor jailed over photo
  • Video: with Colbert. Weekend numbersMonday numbers.
Dec 302017

  • Chris Matthews work environment misogynist, ‘brazenly sexist’.
  • MediaBuzz videos: Trump Facebook
  • Reliable Sources: 2017 highs and lows; harassment; tech giants.
  • Concha: New Years Eve CNN/Fox rivalry heats up in bitter cold.
  • New Year’s Eve, 1955: 1957:
  • Q&A: Kennedy talks monologues, the 90s, and New Year’s Eve.
  • Q&A: CNN’s Cohen & Coop. Come midnight, who will they kiss?
  • 2017 videos: F&F Weekend MSNBC
  • Videos: Joe Concha on CNN
  • Nancy Wilson:  Sunday talkers.
  • CNN white truck mania mocked.  Soledad resurfaces, Fineman too.
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Plantagenet Matter,  part five…


Dec 292017

Dec 162017

  • MediaBuzz videos: Roy the The
  • Reliable Sources: Bad Fox; evil Fox; rotten Fox; Disney and Fox.
  • MSNBC settled harassment claim against Matthews for $40K.
  • Erick Erickson leaving Fox News.  Ari: Cancel my subscription!
  • Tucker video: raise disturbing ethical issues.
  • CNN spikes Lisa Bloom story, fails to cover Hastings settlement.
  • Anxiety grips 21C Fox as layoffs loom.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Fox moves to quell ‘uproar’ over Murdoch harassment remarks.
  • New Yorker fires accused harasser Ryan Lizza…but CNN doesn’t.
Dec 062017

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Sean Hannity-Tucker 1-2-3.
  • Liberals have winked at misogyny by Matthews, Olbermann, etc.
  • Sam Seder’s ‘defense fund‘ raises over $10,000. Q&A: Sam Seder.
  • Videos: Joe Concha has for Acosta; Socks
  • They knew: Jeff Zucker at Lauer roast with sexist, obscene jokes.
  • Tucker videos: and on politicized DC prosecutions.
  • Fox deal could make Disney Hollywood’s most powerful company.
  • Why CNN is not on Russia’s list of foreign agents.  Ali Velshi at Yale.