Oct 102016
  • FNC/Nancy Grace ‘scoop’ a fabrication.  Maria Bartiromo honored.
  • Hogue: CNN’s mantra ‘p*ssy…p*ssy…p*ssy’ a startling wake-up call.
  • Concha: Coop, Raddatz best moderators so far; Cillizza cries ‘sexism‘.
  • Freaky Friday numbers: Don Lemon-Anderson Cooper-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Krinsky: Bret Baier on Ailes, Special Report, and the future of Fox News.
  • Video: O’Reilly says some media orgs told employees
  • Video: Luntz’s rates the debate.   Today’s Wemple O’Whine.
  • Fox News Sunday video: on media bias, Chinatown, and more.
  • Multiple ‘friendly’ cable newsers identified by name in leaked Clinton docs.
  • Somerby: Cable channel turns into The Kellyanne Show…and it wasn’t Fox.
Oct 052016
  • Tuesday numbers: Debate/CNN-Debate/FNC-Post-Debate/FNC 1-2-3.
  • Acrimonious squabbles erupt between CNN, ABC over Sunday debate.
  • Concha: Quijano’s bias of omission conforms to Lester Holt’s playbook.
  • CNBC icon loses the week to Fox Biz.   How CNN beat MSNBC and Fox.
  • Kelly File video: Panel and moderator Elaine Quijano.
  • No Live with Kelly: Coop signs long-term CNN deal, allows for 60 Minutes.
  • Wemple: CNN should hire Pence.  Harris, Hasbro settle.  Today’s outrage!
  • Confessions of an MSNBC intern.  Ass-iest Chris Matthews tv moment ever.
Aug 182016
  • Wednesday’s numbers: Hannity-O’Reilly-Trish Regan (Megyn) 1-2-3.
  • Tom Foreman at Troy University.  Lynne Russell suing Motel 6 et al.
  • Ashley Banfield moves to HLN, Inside Politics takes over noon on CNN.
  • Concha: FNC adds Sunday election report with Bret Baier.   No mo Bo?
  • Suebsaeng: Bo Dietl threatens lawsuit over Gabriel Sherman allegations.
  • Trump/Ailes media conspiracy theory promoted by Stelter, Esquire, et al.
  • Kennedy videos: Party panel debates Trump Ellen’s
  • Lean Forward: Chris Matthews says get excited about Hillary ‘or don’t vote‘.

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Jul 282016
  • Wednesday’s numbers: DNC/CNN – DNC/MSNBC – Coop 1-2-3.
  • Q&A: Gretchen Carlson reacts to the ouster of Roger Ailes and more.
  • Wemple: One thing you can be sure of…on CNN speeches are ‘powerful’.
  • Out# video: Is Hillary best qualified ever? square off.
  • Concha: Suspension lifted…Newt Gingrich returns to Fox News August 1.
  • Factor video: Bill O’Reilly and guests address slavery and
  • Q&A: Jake Tapper; Chris MatthewsJoe and Mika on politics, romance, etc.
  • Greta: Let’s get this straight…what I said was true then, and is still true now.
  • Report: A ‘stony silence‘ at FNC as staffers take sides.  Peaceful co-existence.
Jul 222016
Jul 192016
Jul 122016
May 062016
  • Did FNC ‘Guccifer‘ scoop force NBC News to run story they sat on?
  • Concha: Here’s all you need to know about Ed Henry and his career.
  • Why CNN’s Big Story is different from its rivals.  Shuster to resurface?
  • Video: for Megyn Kelly Presents. NewsCorp banks on book.
  • Medrano: Matthews’s Melania comments not nearly as bad as his others.
  • Factor video: on how the media treat Hillary and Trump.
  • Dismissal of ‘suicide’ lawsuit appealed to Supremes.  Changes at CNN Films.
May 052016
  • Wednesday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Somerby: The latest example of Maddow as cable news demagogue.
  • Outnumbered video: What to expect from a
  • It’s a New MF’in Day: CNN morning show slips in a two-word expletive.
  • Ariens: Zucker boasts about Great Big Story.  Q&A: Will Ripley in Korea.
  • Swells gather for ‘Women in Media’.  Jamaican tv host upset with CNN.
  • Video: Andrea Tantaros   Heil: Ed Henry is likely to return.
  • Erik Wemple enchanted by Brian Williams bon mots.  Reality suit settled.
  • Mr Class: Chris Matthews caught on hot mic drooling over Melania Trump.
  • Kelly File video: tells why a funeral was held for her.
  • Q&A: Cheryl Casone makes book; so does Pete Hegseth.  Q&A: Geraldo Rivera.
Apr 272016
Mar 262016
  • Media Buzz videos: War Belgium
  • Reliable Sources: The media disconnect; right-wing media; trust in media.
  • Greta salutes Medal of Honor recipients, emcees civilian ceremony.
  • MSNBC schedules Trump town hall with Chris Matthews for March 30.
  • Risen: Brian Williams brings baggage to MSNBC.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Wemple: Trump supporter hijacks segment, makes CNN even more tabloid.
  • Your Buzz videos: the words;
Mar 172016
Mar 152016
  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • JJ Abrams gave to Mrs Matthews campaign, Star Wars got on-air plugs.
  • Megyn Kelly to host prime time special on Fox broadcast network.
  • Outnumbered videos: Bret Baier’s election preview
  • Sunday showdown: Media Buzz trumps Reliable.  Weekend numbers.
  • Varney tops CNBC’s Squawk for the week; three FBN shows beat CNBC.
  • Kelly File videos: and Ben Shapiro; all about
  • Audio Q&A: Bret Baier says Howie ‘could have pushed back’ a bit more.
  • Audio Q&A: Today’s Melissa Harris-Perry gripefest over quitting MSNBC.
  • How CNN raided the competition to up its game.  Q&A: Anthony Bourdain.
  • Borchers: CNN was right to talk with stage rusher.  Erin McPike resurfaces.
Mar 142016
  • Friday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly-Cooper 1-2-3.
  • GOP candidate calls for Chris Matthews to be taken off the air.
  • Ariens: Revived Wall Street Week moving to Fox Business Mar 18.
  • Video: Is media coverage of political violence?
  • Fox News to host March 21 GOP debate…but will Trump show up?
  • Why Chris Cuomo is giving up twitter for Lent.  Q&A: Clarissa Ward.
  • The View videos: Melissa Harris-Perry speaks out
  • TCG: NBC News “report” actually written by MSNBC progressive.
  • Megyn and Trump may have another close encounter.  Fields quits.
  • Controversy swirls around CNN interview with man who rushed stage.
Mar 122016
  • Media Buzz videos: Trump’s and media chaos
  • Reliable Sources: American fascism; American Muslims; time for Trump.
  • Somerby: In Trump discussion Maddow ‘blew right past‘ the key issue.
  • Kelly File videos: speaks out; responds.
  • Schram: Chris Matthews at the center of latest (MS)NBC news scandal.
  • Cable Game: A big, fat black eye for Mediaite.   Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Jake Tapper, Roland Martin to moderate Sunday’s CNN/TV One town hall.
  • Greta: Use judgment covering Fields.  Wemple: What are you talking about?
  • Your Buzz videos: 101; affluent
  • Battaglio: Behind the scenes as CNN goes all in to polish debate presentation.