Feb 272018

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Feb 212018

  • The Five video: Reaction to the President’s
  • Monday’s numbers: Maddow-Sean Hannity-Tucker 1-2-3.
  • Very fake news: How CNN onscreen banners lie to viewers.
  • Chris Cuomo spreads fake story on twitter, then lies about it.
  • Erickson: Hey CNN, ridiculing senior citizens is not journalism.
  • Impartial MSNBC anchor thanks Dem for pushing weapon ban.
  • MSNBC dumps Medal of Valor heroes; Joe freaks out at NRA.
  • Newsmax video: Eric Bolling.  21C ‘firewalls’ may seal Sky deal.
  • Friday’s numbers: Maddow-Hannity-Tucker. Weekend numbers.
  • Videos: Trouble with Flynn’s plea? clarify.

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Feb 202018

  • The Five video: Anti-Trump media
  • Friday’s numbers: Rachel Maddow-Tucker-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Life, Liberty, and Levin to debut on FNC Sunday at 10pm.
  • Court denies AT&T motion on purported Trump ‘influence’.
  • Outnumbered video: Debate over passing
  • Somerby: How a creepy cable star makes the world go away.
  • Dylan Ratigan resurfaces.  Audio Q&A: O’Donnell.  Unhinged?
  • Collusion: MSNBCNN promoted Russians’ fake anti-Trump rally.
  • The new Fox Nation: streaming service for Fox News ‘superfans’.

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Feb 142018

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Maddow-Sean Hannity-Tucker 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Robust debate over
  • Coop donates K-9 vest to local PD.  YoutubeTV adds CNN.
  • Zucker play: New Amanpour show deals with ‘sex and love’.
  • Zucker tells CNNers of impending layoffs, ducks union issue.
  • Stelter report on PBS funding omits their sex abuse scandals.
  • Morning Joe video: Eric Bolling opens up about his son’s death.
  • Tucker videos: Piers Hume talks

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Feb 092018

  • The Five video: Looking ahead to the Dems’
  • Thursday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Maddow-Tucker 1-2-3.
  • Liz Claman: Behind the scenes covering a wild market week.
  • CNN gives Nazi six minutes of air time; it was not a great idea.
  • O’Reilly rips Joe & Mika. Meet the Press host’s anti-Trump rant.
  • Today’s kerfuffle: Olympics op-ed triggers outrage; pm update.
  • Tucker videos: A recipe Media’s case

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Feb 062018

  • The Five video: over the Dems’ counter-memo.
  • Monday numbers: Sean Hannity-Tucker-Rachel Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Out# video: Judge Nap warns Trump…
  • Camerota: Protecting your kids from ‘fake news’.  Bret vs Jake.
  • Joe & Mika stage bizarre hand-holding bit.  Weekend numbers.
  • The mysterious case of CNN’s new FBI agent.  CNN hires Enten.
  • Ingraham Angle videos: Carter Page
  • Impartial MSNBC anchor slammed for ridiculing Ohio taxpayers.
Feb 012018

  • The Five videos:  and Greg
  • Wednesday numbers: Sean Hannity-Tucker-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • NBC execs loved Megyn’s SotU gig.  Q&A: Shannon Bream.
  • Video: Tucker and Joe discuss
  • Tomi is sorry.  ‘Fake news’ in action.  In CNN we don’t trust.
  • Joy Reid: Only Fox News viewers have ever heard of MS-13.
  • The Morning Joe formula: fawn over a guest, then shank him.
  • Mika cuts off Wolff; Wolff slams MoJo; twitter rips everyone.
  • Andrea representing herself after three legal teams quit case.
  • Kathy Griffin calls New Year’s show without her a dumpster fire.
Jan 302018

Jan 272018

  • MediaBuzz videos: making
  • Reliable Sources: Bad Fox Newsbad Fox II; bad Fox III; Van Jones.
  • F&F video: Abby, Jeff, and daughter Isabel
  • CNN panelist unleashes tweetstorm after bizarre segment.
  • MSNBC mum on Ford.  Q&A: Jeffrey Toobin.  Sunday talkers.
  • Hannity’s twitter account disappears, returns.  Lachlan’s way.
  • Video: Tucker and Joe Concha wonder if CNN is
Jan 232018

  • The Five video: Analysis of the newest
  • Monday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Tucker Carlson-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • CNN host scolds Megyn after her Fonda criticism; Rosie piles on.
  • SCOTTeVEST founder calls FNC viewers ‘idiots’.  Cablers in Davos.
  • Tucker Carlson videos: Responding to Joy Reid
  • Does Joe Scarborough have an itch to switch?  Weekend numbers.
  • Impartial MSNBC producer:  We’re so ‘proud’ of Durbin’s integrity.
  • Lawsuit: At TBS/CNN blacks work three times as long to get ahead.
  • Another snag in Sky News bid.  Caller threatens to ‘gun down’ CNN.
Jan 182018

  • The Five video: on the Fake News Awards.
  • Lean Forward: Joy Reid recants racial attack, blames Raw Story.
  • Sanjay knows best?  What CNN didn’t say about Trump’s health.
  • Doctor poses: Joe Scarbourgh calls WH physician ‘political hack‘.
  • CNN takes third.   Tweet sparks harassment of Heather Childers.
  • Wednesday’s numbers:  Maddow-Hannity-Tucker/Laura (t) 1-2-3.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Maddow-Tucker Carlson-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Concha: CNN beefs up Moscow bureau.  HLN adding contributors.
  • Wemple: ‘Staffers’ gripe about Hill writer (who’s seen on Hannity).
  • Tucker video: when Obama was attacking Fox?
Jan 162018

  • The Five video: Gutfeld mocks CNN’s tweet.
  • Friday’s numbers: Maddow-Lawrence O’Donnell-Tucker 1-2-3.
  • Instant post-exam CNN spin on Trump: He could still be unfit.
  • Trump orders Acosta ‘out’ following racial accusations.  More.
  • ‘Knight Foundation’ decrees Fox News is ‘uniquely detrimental‘.
  • FNC impeachment series could become documentary franchise.
  • Umstead: How Suzanne Scott keeps FNC at the top of the pack.
  • MSNBC ‘news’ devotes airtime to Murdoch divorce speculation.
  • Fox teams with Perino mentoring program.  Bolling, Greta hacked.
  • Impartial MSNBC anchor demands Ivanka speak out against Dad.
  • Tucker videos: over immigration; hurts.
  • Gretchen, Joe, Mika get ‘first amendment’ awards.  Cuomo is sorry.
Jan 112018

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Maddow-Sean Hannity-Tucker 1-2-3.
  • Out# OT video: Prof Dershowitz has
  • Joe & Mika’s epiphany: Anti-Trump media have gone too far.
  • Gretchen Carlson ‘leaving the door open‘ to a future in politics.
  • Holmes: Instead of CNN, airport tvs should show animal videos.
  • Q&A: Jamie Colby found a Rembrandt in a New Jersey basement.
  • F&F video: How with criticism of her appearance.
  • CNN hearts Oprah.  Q&A: Brooke Baldwin; Joan Walsh; Chris Cuomo.
Dec 232017

  • MediaBuzz videos: the
  • Reliable Sources: Trump a liar; like a dictator, attacking media!
  • Anna Kooiman: Making Australia feel like home for Christmas.
  • MSNBC fires Joan Walsh.  Flashback: Walsh lies about O’Reilly.
  • CNN snaps up Walsh.  Father Knows Best: The Christmas Story.
  • More Inheritances.  That Girl: Christmas and the Hard-Luck Kid.  
  • Mika under fire from Halperin accusers, attempts an apology.
  • CNN: Thomas the Tank Engine, Paw Patrol are ‘fascist’ cartoons.
  • New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes:
  • Arthel Neville wins Reddick Award.  John and Kyra moonlighting.
  • John Williams, Boston Pops Orch and Chorus:
  • Crystal Lewis:  Lisa Ono:
  • Bret Baier shares  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Carmen Kringle Matter
Dec 222017

  • Thursday numbers: Tucker-Maddow-Guilfoyle (for Sean) 1-2-3.
  • Out# video: Will Trump to pass his own plan?
  • Ariens: James Rosen leaving Fox News at the end of the year.
  • Mika scolds Halperin’s victims for not talking to their abuser.
  • F&F video: CNN cancels Snapchat show.
  • Megyn seen hobnobbing with Kimberly, Harris, Ainsley et al.
  • CNN to air live commercial.  Fox News gets top dollar for ads.
  • Morning Joe’s $3.7M 15-room Colonial is up for sale (via FTV).
  • Bauder: Why Neil Cavuto is not interested in talking to Trump.
  • Video: Joe Concha on of a post-tax-cut Trump.
  • Vanity Fair:everybody knew;’ Willie Geist: ‘a shock to everybody.’
  • Lemon’s ‘Burgundy‘ look. John Williams:
  • Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Nick Shurn Matter, part five…