Aug 052015
Aug 032015
Jul 302015
Jul 282015
  • Fox News opens ‘runners-up’ debate to even more candidates.
  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Red Eye video: on quotes, some of them his own.
  • July numbers: Fox News ‘far out in front‘; MSNBC, CNN edge up.
  • Profile: Harris Faulkner.  Impartial MSNBC anchor gets award.
  • CNN’s new ‘severe weather‘ deck.  Tapper’s twitter gets results.
  • Sunday showdown: Media Buzz tops Reliable.  Weekend numbers.
  • Somerby: ‘The Mickey Maddow Show‘…silly, dumb, and insulting.
  • CNN debate could feature as many as 17 candidates in two segments.
  • Kelly File video: may deny benefits to TN victims.
  • The Rev’s media criticism site preps piece praising The Rev’s daughter!
  • Impartial CNN journalists rip Huckabee: ‘Ugly’, ‘dangerous’, ‘despicable’.
Jul 272015
  • The Five video: controversial Iran comments.
  • Friday’s numbers: The Five-Bret Baier-Bill O’Reilly 1-2-3.
  • Q&A: Tom Shillue on Red Eye and more.  HLN: the invisible network.
  • Somerby: Rachel Maddow’s hour has become a low-IQ clown show.
  • Impartial MSNBC anchorman co-hosts opinion show with Janet Mock.
  • State Dept honors CNN project.  Politics Nightcap, new CNN newsletter.
  • Happening Now video: Media coverage of debated.
  • Impartial MSNBC reporter called out by Trump witnessed illegal crossings.
Jul 252015
  • Media Buzz videos: Jon live
  • Reliable Sources videos: Trumpnado, GOP debate, Hillary, MSNBC.
  • Fox Report video: recognize National Dance Day.
  • Five things you didn’t know about Joanne Nosuchinsky.
  • Your Buzz videos:
  • Vause, Sesay to co-anchor CNNi simulcast.  Bob Beckel resurfaces.
  • Hecht: At HLN, tv is the sideline.  Q&A: Chris Hayes.  Sunday talkers.
Jul 212015
Jul 152015
Jul 142015
  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Gardner: Leftfield Pictures sues over aborted Fox Biz reality show.
  • Red Eye videos: ‘Donald Trump’
  • Lean Forward: MSNBC host circulates false Scott Walker report.
  • CNN signs Tal Kopan.  Hillary advisor Patti Solis Doyle joins CNN.
  • Videos: Kate Steinle’s parents speak Kate’s
  • Miller: How MSNBCNN are helping Donald Trump.  Weekend numbers.
  • Darcy: Julie Banderas returns fire at woman who tells her ‘speak English’.
  • WaPo‘s Wemple wonders if Rupert Murdoch tells Fox pundits what to say.
  • MSNBC signature series comes to Savannah.  Campbell Brown resurfaces.
Jun 302015
Jun 292015
Jun 232015
  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-The Five-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Kevin Spacey Fox 21 deal includes a co-production with Megyn Kelly.
  • Q&A: Roger Ailes discusses Megyn Kelly.  Campbell Brown resurfaces.
  • Robert Jonathan: Will Fox News cancel The Greg Gutfeld Show?
  • Fans react to revamped Red Eye debut.  Video: returns.
  • Wemple: Don Lemon’s stunt was actually ‘good tv and good journalism‘.
  • That’s Lemon with an ‘n’.  Shtick sparks ridicule.  CNN alum slams stunt.
  • Five things you didn’t know about Tom Shillue.  Weekend numbersSotU.
  • Pierce: Williams move to MSNBC is an embarrassment.  Staffers’ f-bomb.
  • After the Buzz video: on the prospects for news on MSNBC.
Jun 222015
Jun 152015
Jun 102015