Debbie Does Deletion

In just two articles, the Outfoxed gals spread whole fistfuls of falsehoods. But watch what happens when someone catches them in the act.

The media watchdogs over at the newshounds (another fine product from the Outfoxed cabal) never sleep. They serve the public 7 days a week, even weekends. And on this Saturday, they apparently think Fox is in “meltdown mode” (whatever that means), as nancy tells us about a sinister moment:
At 3:02pm (EDT), Paige [sic] Hopkins noted that Bush & Kerry are very busy today -- then immediately corrected herself to emphasize that *Bush* is "very busy" today [comment: is this the FNL equivalent of "hard work"?]

Surprise: nancy's report is, shall we say, inaccurate. The reality turns out to have been nothing more than a slip of the tongue:

HOPKINS: Well, as you can see, Senator Kerry and President Vush very busy--President Bush--very busy...
So much for "fair & balanced". One minute for an inaccurate report on the Kerry campaign...

Report on John Kerry: 1:57
...with a 20-second clip of Kerry speaking, vs 3 minutes for an extended report on the Bush campaign...

Report on George Bush: 2:09
...with approximately 2 minutes of Bush speaking to a cheering crowd.

Actual clips length [George Bush]: 1:10

Of course, it is passing strange that nancy picked the 3:00 pm hour. Or is it? Why didn’t she choose, say, the 2:00 pm hour, when the clips shown were rather different?

Actual clips length [John Kerry]: 0:57
Actual clips length [George Bush]: 0:21

Meanwhile, our gal deborah thinks Fox is “targeting” George Soros, and her proof is a segment on campaign finance:
The panel included Howard [sic] Ickes... "Are you guys trying to buy this election?" he [Gregg Jarrett] asked Ickes.

Not quite:

JARRETT: Your two anti-Bush groups, ACT and Media Fund, have raised 97 million this election cycle. What do you say to people who might accuse you of trying to buy this election?
Not satisfied, he asked the others who also wouldn't give him the answer he wanted...

No he didn’t ask “the others”, he asked Steven Moore.
Then Jarrett asked Steven Moore about who his large donors were from the right. He was careful to mention that the question was "in the spirit of fairness."

JARRETT: I want to be fair and balanced here, because if Soros has been pouring millions of money into trying to defeat Bush, haven’t you guys on the right and your group received a load of cash from big-time donors trying to do the same?
However, Moore refused to divulge the donors and Jarret [sic] let it slide without any objection.

Blatant falsehood!

JARRETT: Who are they? Who are they? Give me two of them.
JARRETT: Public record, isn’t it?
JARRETT: Well then just say it, we’re on television.
Jarrett rephrased it and managed to fill the segment with George Soros's name and wealth.

It was a pretty clever rephrasing, because the rest of the segment had nothing to do with Soros at all! The panel (which also included Alex Knott) went on to discuss McCain-Feingold, free speech, and the effect of advertising on campaign interest. But deborah has to pretend like it was all about poor Mr Soros, because, well, her headline claims that he was “targeted again” by Fox.

We posted our corrections to the article, but miss deborah was not pleased to have her sophism exposed:
You constantly insult and discredit me and the Newshounds on your blog and then expect us to welcome you cordially. You are no longer welcome on my posts so now you'll actually have something substantial to write about me.

The astute reader will note that deborah did not take issue with any of the facts we posted. She did not even attempt to defend her errors and distortions. She could not point to a single "insult" in our comments (mainly because there were none--we were incredibly restrained!). Even so, miss deborah hit the delete key and erased our corrections from the page! (We reposted, but how long will the mutts allow it to remain? Think of that snowball down in double-toothpicks land.) The newspups, who hate admitting mistakes or posting retractions, have embraced the ultimate technique to silence the truth: censorship.

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Are you aginst removing posts of those who take you to task for your innacuracies? I seem to recall you deleting several of MY posts without noting the deletions...
Seems to me the NewsHounds are simply repaying you the favor...
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johnny dollar
Yes, Charles, I deleted several of your duplicate posts that you put in multiple topics where they didn't belong. SPAM gets deleted. But I won't have that problem with your posts any more, will I?
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