Trust, but Verify...Well, just Verify

The pit bulls are at it again, but as before they've taken a bite out of their own credibility.

The newshounds want you to "compare and contrast":
Here are two headlines from the Fox News homepage on Saturday 7/17 at 8:06 pm EDT, in the "Latest Headlines" column:
Bush Campaigns on Values Says strong families, communities develop responsibility
Edwards Campaigns in SoCal - Dem veep candidate seek votes, money in the ‘other America’
They appeared exactly in that order, one above the other. I defy anyone to claim that the wording is "balanced".

What the dogs aren't telling you is that the identical Edwards wording ("...seeks votes, money...") can be found in headlines all over the place. A simple Google search shows it popping up at KVOA, the San Diego Union Tribune, the Charleston Daily Mail, and that bastion of unfairness, ABC News. Similarly, if you Google the Bush headline that we found juxtaposed with the above ("Bush Extends Debate on Values to Children") you'll find all sorts of websites with the same wording. And a large number that include the verbiage about "strong families and communities" right in the first line.

The alert reader has probably guessed by now that these news stories weren't written by Fox at all. They are from the Associated Press (which helpfully provides headlines to its subscribers, which explains why so many different sources have the same wording as Fox). It takes very little time to verify this sort of thing before posting it, but then again, you have to care about being accurate to want to verify it at all.

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