Lie Like a Dog

What do you do when you're caught telling untruths? If you're one of the Outfoxed gals, you lie some more. With J$P Audio!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet, nancy, the newspooch whose article yesterday included a record-breaking number of fabricated and doctored quotes, is back. The newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed syndicate) are never ones to bother about little things like accuracy, but today they reached new heights of lunacy:
[Brigitte] Quinn pressed on with FNL's warmongering agenda, asking "might the successful election give the President a little help in warning Syria & Iran?"

It's another quotation from nancy, which means that what appears inside the quote marks is not a quote at all but a sloppy paraphrase:

QUINN: Do you think that the successful elections might at all give the President a little help when he might have a message to an Iran, or Syria, not to make trouble in Iraq?
de Borchgrave disagreed with Quinn's assessment of the Iraq election...

What assessment? She asked a question.
...saying that the "biggest victor in these elections so far is Iran" not the US.

de BORCHGRAVE: The biggest victor in these elections so far has been Iran more than the United States.
Quinn was stunned & could only ask "Really?"

We can only ask, "really?" As in, do you really think no one will check the record to prove your statement to be just another fabrication:

QUINN: Have they really been victors? I mean, the Shiites have been promising a secular government, and in some of the areas where Sunnis were the predominant voters, turnout was about 40%.
Carol McKinley reported about Ward Churchill, a prof at Colorado Univ who "compared 9/11 victimes [sic] to Nazis."...She showed a clip of Churchill, then claimed that "he quotes Charles Manson 'what goes around comes around' " [comment: does anyone with a functional brain believe that Charles Manson originated that quotation?].

Anyone with a functional brain should be able to transcribe simple phrases without doctoring them, or hear Carol McKinley state:

McKINLEY: When we finished interviewing Ward Churchill yesterday, he looked me straight in the eye and he said, "In the words of Charles Manson, what goes around, comes around."

Then nancy gives us a classic newshounds moment:
McKinley managed to play the race card, saying that "lots of students" are concerned "because this is another black guy" & referencing the previous sports scandal at CU...

As we said, this is a classic:

McKINLEY: Now lots of students at CU are concerned because this is another black eye--you remember the recruiting football scandal from a year ago or so.

Perhaps the first clue might have been that Ward Churchill is not "a black guy"! Apparently the "race card" is in the eye, or the ear, of the beholder.

Then our intrepid newspoodle turns to David Asman's discussion with two talk show hosts regarding Hillary Clinton's fainting spell. Mark Williams was asserting (tongue in cheek we think, judging from all the laughter) that the fainting spell was staged. Says nancy:
Asman said that HClinton had a "fainting spell" yesterday [comment: in a tone that said he didn't believe it was a "fainting spell" at all]...

Here are Asman's words, and the actual audio. Judge his "tone" for yourself:

ASMAN: Senator Hillary Clinton calling in sick this morning. Understandable. The New York Senator was supposed to speak in an event today but canceled. This comes after a fainting spell during a speech yesterday in upstate New York. Sort of a fainting spell--she got weak and her staff took her off stage.

... & wondered if it really was "just a virus?"

No he didn't.

ASMAN: They say it's just a virus, but Clinton's health is now getting a lot of attention.
[Leslie] Marshall tried to be more rational, pointing out that "30 other people" had the same illness, & saying that HClinton was probably just dehydrated, got Gatorade & moved on. Asman immediately picked up on that & asked incredulously "30 people?"

Shamelessly untrue! See and hear for yourself if Asman "immediately picked up on that and asked incredulously '30 people'?":

ASMAN: Is this just too much conspiracy going on in Mark's head?
MARSHALL: ...Quite frankly, I mean, the woman resumed her public appearances that day. 30 people additional to herself had the same stomach virus. And she did what I always do when I feel sick and faint, and I actually have collapsed at a speech for being dehydrated. She was feeling under the weather, feverish, what did she do? Grab some Gatorade, get those electrolytes going, and she moved on. She said it's not as dramatic as it seems. I used to live in Buffalo, emailed and called some of my buddies yesterday, [unintelligible] we chatted about this today. And they all do agree, even Republicans, that this is nothing more than Mrs Clinton, Senator Clinton is certainly human, and regardless of her age she works hard, we all can get hit with the flu or virus, and that's what this was, either a flu or--
ASMAN: And Mark, 30 of her staff members were sick as well, right?

Asman backed off a little, saying it "happens on cruise ships"

How could he "back off" from something he didn't say?

ASMAN: Well, hey Mark, it happens on cruise ships, where you get a bunch of people get sick eating the same chicken salad.

We know from just yesterday that nancy knowingly posts false information deliberately presented as being true. That is the dictionary definition of a lie. So we ask: did Asman "immediately pick up on that and ask incredulously '30 people'"? No. That is a lie. Did he then "backtrack"? No. There was nothing to "backtrack" from; that also is a lie. Just like Carol McKinley playing "the race card" is a lie. Just like Brigitte Quinn being stunned and asking only "Really?" is a lie.

How many more lies? What say you, nancy?

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J$, there you go again! Bringing up trivial things like whether it was a black guy or a black *eye*!
I'd use the old line "you can't make this stuff up" but obviously they can and do, over at newshounds. Classic.
February 1, 2005, 8:43:58 PM EST – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Thanks Scott!
February 1, 2005, 9:13:59 PM EST – Like – Reply

I've been trolling around Newshounds for a few days and I have never seen such hatred, anger, and pessimism. (I'm sure they would love to get their slimy hands on me.) It actually depresses me to read the posts. Why don't they go outside and breathe the fresh air and bask in the sun? Whining about losing and derisively calling Lieberman a "jew" doesn't seem to be very constructive.
February 2, 2005, 3:43:55 PM EST – Like – Reply

I like to see myself as sort of in the middle, but going there and seeing how they connect things together to prove their points makes me further to the right then I thought I was.
When some of them were saying it was some type of racism for Fox to mention the American dead with the Tsunami dead saying that we cared more about ourselves in that situation then the brown man. I couldnt believe they were saying that and blaming Fox for it.
February 2, 2005, 4:31:23 PM EST – Like – Reply