The Hillary Trap

How many falsehoods can fit into just one newshounds entry? The Outfoxed cabal is apparently trying to beat their old record. Did they do it?

The newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed syndicate) take on Linda Vester and Dayside for a discussion on candidates' wives that they claim turned into a vicious, preplanned attack on Hillary Clinton. (The guests for this hatchet job, by the way, were two Democrat strategists and one Republican.) How many falsehoods did they manage to cram into one article? Let us count the ways...
Vester: It wasn't "so much" that Heinz Kerry "told a reporter to 'shove it'" but that she "denied what she said."

Linda Vester's statement about the "shove it" issue is attributed directly to her, but in typical Outfoxed fashion, it is omitted that she was in fact relaying the comments of an emailer. [#1]
Deadre Levine responded that Heinz Kerry is "under a lot of pressure" but that she's a "classy lady." At that moment a banner at the bottom of the screen reminded viewers that Heinz Kerry inherited $550 million from her late husband.

False. What the banner read at that moment was: 1991: Sen. John Heinz was killed in a plane crash. [#2]

Then the houndettes really step into it:
Vester then brought up Hillary Clinton (I thought this was about candidates' wives)...Teresa Heinz Kerry or Hillary Clinton it seems to me, were the intended subjects of the segment. Vester controls the conversation. She could have kept it on "candidates' wives" if she'd wanted to; she was even the one to introduce Hillary Clinton into it the discussion.

Well, let's go to the Tivo for the first mention of Hillary's name in this conversation:

VESTER: You were the only of this crowd who was actually, physically there.
KRISTEN POWERS [DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST]: I think while it's true that the first lady or first lady to be doesn't actually help win votes, I think it helps get the base excited. And that's what you see. You saw it with Hillary Clinton and you saw it with Teresa Heinz.

Stop the Tivo! "Vester brought up Hillary"? Sorry, no. Democrat strategist Powers introduced Hillary into the conversation, not Vester. And with that the newshounds' entire rationale for this wrong-headed "analysis" goes up in smoke. [#3]

It's also worth noting the newshounds got the meaning of Powers's analysis completely, 180 degrees wrong. Compare the transcript above with the newshounds version:
Powers spoke next, saying it "doesn't actually help," but it does "win votes,"...

One always must admire the clever use of quotation marks to reverse the meaning of a sentence. [#4] But there are even more falsehoods to correct:
Vester continued with: "people who don't like Hillary Clinton" are people who "just don't like Democrats."

It was Powers who said that, not Vester. Geez, hounds, try to focus! [#5]
Powers (again, a "Democratic strategist") expressed frustration saying, "we're constantly on the defense about Democratic women," to which Vester responded that Powers was perceiving something "that's not there." Powers again: "There's a lot of attacking of outspoken Democratic women. I have no interest in attacking Laura Bush."...I don't believe the name Elizabeth Edwards was [mentioned] either.


VESTER: I think you are perceiving something that may not be there, because, for instance, we didn't even get a chance to get to Elizabeth Edwards, and I don't know a person in the room who doesn't love Elizabeth Edwards.
VESTER: She said they were celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary at Wendy's and I'm like, I Like You. [#6]

How odd that the hounds caught the first half of Vester's sentence--and thought it important enough to quote--but somehow didn't hear what came after the comma. So just leave that out. No one will notice. And what's more, we can say Elizabeth Edwards's name was never mentioned outside of the intro and, hey, the sheep will buy it. Nobody's going to actually check what we write against the tape.

Wrong again.

PS: The newshounds managed to spout six falsehoods this time, breaking the previous record of five which, not surprisingly, was held by...the newshounds.

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