Who Let the Dogs In?

The newshounds take on Neil Cavuto. Is it any surprise they are completely, spectacularly wrong?

The newshounds don't like Neil Cavuto. I'm sure he was fine when he was on CNBC (just like there were no complaints about Linda Vester when she toiled at MSNBC)--but he's at Fox now, so it's time to bare the fangs. Unfortunately, this "media watchdog" site, another fine product of the "Outfoxed" cabal, once again doesn't know what they are talking about.

Based on a comment by Cavuto about the Martha Stewart case that "you might as well start serving [a 6-month sentence] now", the hounds suddenly become rabid, foam bubbling from their teeth, and go off the deep end:
Democrats can't do anything right in Foxland....Cavuto announced that they'll have wall to wall coverage tomorrow of Martha's sentencing.... (Doubtless the thrust will be that Bush is putting corporate criminals in jail and solving the corporate corruption problem. Maybe in another life we can talk about the undertone of glee running through Fox's coverage that a supporter of, and contributor to, the Democratic party is being so humiliated.)

Well, let's look at the facts. Neil Cavuto has been extremely sympathetic to Martha Stewart. In fact, he is just about the media hero of Save Martha.com, where he is cited almost a dozen times. All you have to do is read a representative column by Cavuto on Martha Stewart, which reads in part:

I'm not here to be an apologist for the decorating diva. Just someone who wants to put some of this in perspective. Ms. Stewart, as you know, is being scrutinized for the sale of close to 4,000 shares of ImClone stock back in December — a day before a damning decision by the Food and Drug Administration, tanked the stock. Some find the timing curious. So do I. But then again, I do know that Martha had tried to sell all her ImClone shares months earlier, and couldn't because there was a limit on how much of it she could unload.... Some people love to hate Martha. Why? I think because she's an easy target: rich, bitchy, hard-driving and a woman. It's funny, we can tolerate those tenacious qualities in a male, but apparently not when it's a female. Why?

The newshounds claim to know everything there is to know about FNC. Yet they obviously haven't watched the channel very much to have completely missed and ignored Neil Cavuto's pro-Martha sympathies. And they care so little about accuracy that they will invent out of whole cloth an anti-Martha bias, and in a major-league "oops", try to pin it on the wrong person. Bad dog.

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