How Sleeping Dogs Lie

The gals from Outfoxed are in a post-election slump. But one particular doggie is still up to her old tricks, and down to her usual standards.

Do dogs go into hibernation? We don’t think so, but things have slowed down over at the newshounds (another fine product from the Outfoxed mafia). Friday Oct 29: 17 articles. Friday Nov 12: four articles (well, make that three, if you don’t count the one about cell phones). Perhaps the doggies are despondent, fearing that their Outfoxed sugar daddy is going to pull the plug on an ineffective and embarrassing operation.

But our favorite tail-wagger, deborah, isn’t going to let any post-election funk get her down. She is the keeper of the flame, creator of the counterfeit quotes, and, as ever, the champ at generating more head-scratching confusion than any two other pooches put together. It appears she has uncovered another sinister plot hatched in the shadowy corridors of FNC:
John Kasich pondered the uproar surrounding Arlen Spector's opposition to right wing appointments with his guests Lee Walick and John Avalon. Kasich asked them if a civil war within the Republican Party could be expected? More interesting, however, was the way Kasich managed to connect Spector to the Democrats. Kasich referred to Arlen Spector as a "liberal Republican" and the Fox Facts Headlines announced "Spector's Parents were both Democrats."...There was an unmistakable message that Spector is now considered one of "them."That headline about Spector's parents was a dead giveaway.

Obviously debbie is very concerned about this evil scheme to paint the Pennsylvania Senator as a Democrat. But what to make of her further comments:
What they didn't mention is that Spector was also a Democrat....Spector was always considered an ally of the left....Conventional wisdom in Philly was that Spector just couldn't win an election as a Democrat, so he switched parties.

So how did the incumbent Democrat Prosecutor, that the Senator-to-be ran against, get elected in the first place?
To this day, the Jewish Community in Philadelphia votes straight Democratic except for Arlen Spector, always an exception.

I thought debbie said he couldn't get Democratic votes. For that matter, if she is so convinced of the Senator’s Democrat roots, what exactly is the point of writing an article bashing FNC for “connecting” him to Democrats? This is really getting hard to follow. But to add to the mind-boggling confusion, we have the expected assortment of falsehoods and counterfeit quotes that are this newspoodle’s hallmark:
Kasich then began talking about Hillary Clinton's plan for a 2008 run. After a unanimous bash of Hillary...

Here is how Kasich “bashed” Hillary:

KASICH: What is Hillary going to do? What are we going to see her do? She’s expecting to be able to run. What does she need to do, what will see her doing over the course of the next few years?
KASICH: She got on the Armed Services Committee, her voting record has been more conservative. She voted for the 87 billion to help the troops; she voted to go to war. But at the end of the day, can she change her brand?
KASICH: Doesn’t she win this nomination if she really wants it?

After lying about Kasich, deborah concocts another of her counterfeit quotes:
...he went on to Howard Dean. "Talk about disasters.All the screamers would be happy."

KASICH: Not the right person? I mean, could you imagine letting Howard Dean be the face of the Democratic Party? I guess all the screamers, all the people who go to the football games on Saturday and Sunday, would be happy. Wouldn’t that be a big mistake?
So Kasich chose to lump Spector in with Hillary and Dean.

Another fiction; after Howard Dean was mentioned, the discussion turned to Arnold Schwarzenegger and his possible Presidential aspirations. But deborah left this out. Why didn’t she complain that Kasich chose to lump the Pennsylvania Senator in with Arnold? Well, no point in mentioning something that doesn’t fit the frame.

We would remiss if we were not to mention the sheer sloppiness of the article. With deborah at the keyboard, poor Lee Walczak becomes “Lee Walick”, and John Avlon has his last name turned into “Avalon”. Too bad deborah didn’t remember the words of one of her canine colleagues:
In my opinion, lots of little mistakes can add up over time to present a picture of the care and detail (or lack thereof) with which an organization "runs its ship." I believe a lack of attention to detail portends a lack of attention in other areas.

But the ultimate loony pleasure has to be deborah’s desperate name-dropping, as she purports to have known the Pennsylvania Senator back in the day:
I remember Spector casually chatting with my unconventional group of friends in Rittenhouse Square in downtown Philly in the late 60's....Spector's wife, after his party shift, owned a gourmet pie business in town and every holiday meal ended with Joan Spector's apple pie.

Yes, they were so close. They chatted. They ate pie together. And yet, to this day, deborah doesn’t know how to spell Arlen Specter’s name! Even the O.J. jury wouldn’t buy that tall tale.

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Greta Van Blusterin
Well, well, well. It looks like someone else can't spell ARLEN SPECTER. Maybe News Hounds should do a post about you and your errors.
November 15, 2004, 11:00:38 PM EST – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Good catch! [We had originally typed Arlan instead of Arlen, since corrected but still acknowledged--you caught us fair and square.] But then I never claimed to eat apple pie with his wife, either. I made a typo, but didn't mispell his name a half-dozen times in one article. I didn't mangle the names of virtually everyone else involved. And I certainly didn't lie about John Kasich.
I welcome the newshounds posting about my "errors". Unfortunately, when dealing with words printed on a web page, they'll have to stick to telling the truth about the subject matter, and that would severely cramp their style. But it's always good to hear from Ms van Blusterin. If you watch Greta, you'll know Betta.
November 16, 2004, 1:13:13 AM EST – Like – Reply