Isn't That Special: Redux

The gals from Outfoxed are back on the trail. The target is again Special Report, but the only thing special about the hound lies and distortions is how many they fit into one article.

The latest "report" from the newshounds (another fine product from the Outfoxed syndicate) attacks Brit Hume's Special Report; the more we checked it out, the more distortion and falsification we found as the tail-waggers tried desperately to prove their nonexistent case for bias:
When Hume took over the "in-depth" coverage, he opened with the story that Carlos Gutierrez has been nominated by Bush to be Secy of Commerce, followed by a report about this from Jim Angle. Angle's report was essentially a replay of what aired on Fox News Live earlier in the day, complete with clips of Bush making the announcement, Gutierrez responding, & Fox staff commenting on Gutierrez's "remarkable bio".

What Fox staff would newspoodle nancy be referring to? The only clips in the report were from Bush, Gutierrez, and Scott McClellan--no Fox staff whatsoever. And nobody, not even Angle, used the phrase "remarkable bio" or anything close to it. But nancy's duplicity is just beginning:
Following as [sic] ad break, at 6:11pm (ET) Bret Baier filed a report on Iran & the agreement reached with the EU & approved by the IAEA re Iran's nuclear program. There were clips of statements from El Baradei (head of the IAEA), Scott McClellan & Peter Brookes (Heritage Fndtn), but Baier summed up Fox's attitude, saying that "many think" Iran is "playing games".

Bret Baier's actual summary:

BAIER: IAEA officials said today inspectors have installed video cameras in at least some of Iran's nuclear facilities to monitor those facilities and the equipment. The IAEA insists that there is a verification process in place for this new resolution. US officials say it's up to the IAEA, the international community, to make sure that Iran complies with its newest pledge. Brit?
HUME: Bret, thank you.

So where did nancy get the quote from Baier that "many think" Iran is playing games? Actually, that's a counterfeit quote, and it appears to come from earlier in the piece, as Baier's introduction to Peter Brookes:

BAIER: Many analysts believe that Iran is playing games with the international community, and since many of the nuclear programs can be moved underground and out of sight of IAEA inspectors, they believe there is reason to doubt the effectiveness of this new resolution.
BROOKES: The problem is that time is really on Iran's side...

So Baier was not "summing up" anything--and he was referring to Brookes's attitude, not Fox's.
David Piper reported from Iraq about ongoing fighting in Ramadi & Mosul, with clips from various US army personnel. Piper ended by saying the US is "rounding up" dozens of "suspects"

A nitpicky point here, but nancy was so intent on using the familiar phrase about rounding up suspects that she had to falsify Piper's words: he spoke of rounding up "suspected terrorists". If you're going to fictionalize what someone says, nancy, show at least the merest modicum of journalistic integrity and don't put quote marks around your made-up quotation.
At 6:20pm (ET), Hume replayed an earlier clip of Boucher (State Dept) statement re Iran, then interviewed Ken Pollack (Brookings Inst) about Iran. This interview was a cut above the usual Special Report fare...It was also unusually long for a Fox interview -- nearly 9 minutes -- allowing for a fairly deep exploration of a complex issue.

More errant nonsense. The interview began at 6:21 and a half, and ended at 6:27 and a half--six minutes, the same time every interview in that block runs (thanks to computer controlled ad breaks).
Hume asked if Iran would cheat...


HUME: If they cheat during this period will we know?
Pollack said we just don't know but the best way is to monitor the situation with on-site inspections & so forth.

Fabrication! Pollack's reply said nothing about on-site inspections:

POLLACK: We don't know, that's the problem. The Iranians have shown a remarkable capacity to hide their nuclear activities from us. You should remember that it wasn't until 2002 that we even found out about their Uranian enrichment program at Natanz, their Plutonium separation plant at Arak. We don't know how many more facilities are out there like that in Iran.
Hume didn't like being reminded that similar inspections had been working in Iraq & brought up the military option.

Another lie. Pollack's reply didn't mention inspections, and said nothing about Iraq. The discussion of inspections and Iraq came up much later, at the tail end of the interview, long after Hume had asked about military options. But nancy inserted it here so as to dishonestly concoct a reaction from Hume that never occurred. But wait, there's more:
Hume did his usual "Grapevine" segment: a Miami Herald recount says the vote in FL was correct; a poll about Roe v Wade was a "misleading survey" [comment: only because the results differed from what Fox would have you believe]...

Another counterfeit quote (Hume never used the phrase "misleading survey"; an on-screen banner read "misleading survey?" with a question mark, deleted by nancy), and of course she falsified the reasons why the poll is under question:

HUME: The AP questions appear to have distorted the Roe vs Wade ruling, telling participants it made abortion legal only in the first three months of pregnancy. The ruling actually allows no limits on abortion until nearly six months into pregnancy. What's more, an article accompanying the poll implied that overturning Roe would ban abortion, when a repeal of Roe vs Wade would merely remove constitutional protection and put the issue in the hands of individual states.
This was followed by Hunt's "report" [comment: I deliberately put "report" in quotes, because Hunt doesn't so much "report" as run around ranting with a mike [sic], talking in a breathless tabloid voice & trying desperately to look important]...

Needless to say this is imaginative fiction; no rants, no running around (though we admit he did have a mic). And apparently a British accent is enough to constitute a "tabloid voice" in nancy's xenophobic opinion. Just more slurs from the master smear merchants.
This time Hunt snagged an interview with Pascua (former French Interior Minister), whom he described as a "poster boy" for corruption...

An archetypical example of how the doggies tell lies with their selective quotes:

HUNT: Charles Pascua, dedicated public servant, or poster boy for French corruption?

Note how neatly nancy slices and dices Hunt's sentence. Using her technique, one could just as well say that Hunt described Pascua as a "dedicated public servant".
I'm sure Pascua was simply fed up with Hunt's inane repetition of inane questions.

Examples of the "inane" questions:

HUNT: Why is the name Charles Pascua on this list?
PASCUA: Ah, it's a good question.
HUNT: You are saying, in all your time in politics, you have never taken a bribe from anyone including Saddam Hussein?
HUNT: And you have never received any oil vouchers from him?
HUNT: Will you testify before the United States Congress if you are asked?
HUNT: Would you be willing to open your bank accounts for them to look at?

Since nancy finds these questions "inane", we wonder what penetrating queries she would have asked. What's your favorite color? Do you eat quiche? That's probably about as substantive as nancy would get, since she couldn't care less about the Oil for Food investigation:
it isn't a scandal, it's a bunch of allegations...

This broadcast of Special Report seems to have inspired quite a laundry list of falsehoods and distortions from the cur critics. But for the newspoodles, this isn't special at all; it's business as usual.

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