None Dare Call It Stupidity

Fox, the Los Angeles Times, the Associated Press, Reuters--they're all in it together. Just ask the Outfoxed gals.

We're continuing to keep an eye on Donna, the latest stray dog to join the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed cabal). We're weren't impressed by her fulminating over the recent story of possible troop reductions in Iraq:
This was a maybe/if story. Skinner claimed that everything could change and this scenerio [sic] might not happen, but they continued with this story (twice) to show people how great things are going in Iraq.... Update: Today it was reported that Donald Rumsfeld said their are 'no' plans to leave Iraq.....hmmmm.....where did yesterday's story from Fox come from?

Are the tail-waggers so hard up for scriveners that they really hired someone so ignorant she didn't even know about Monday's huge story in the New York Times? Hmmmm...where did this uninformed yorkie come from? Probie Donna didn't cover herself in glory today either:
Is it the UN Oil for Food Scandal, or is it simply the Iraq Oil for Food Scandal? Fox insists on referring to it as the 'UN Oil for Food Scandal.

Hello? Earth to Donna? Even if you don't read newspapers, are you too lazy to do a simple search of Yahoo News? If you had, you might have found the 296 references to "U.N. Oil for Food Scandal", from such sleazy, right-wing propaganda machines as ABC News, Newsday, the Houston Chronicle, USA Today, Reuters, The Guardian Unlimited, and the Associated Press. All of them "insist" on the same "wordage" as Fox. Searching for Donna's version ("Iraq Oil for Food Scandal") didn't quite produce 295 references, or 195, or 95. Try 20.

Then we have newspup chrish, whose problem of late seems to be one of blatant deception:
Subtle, constant partisanship on Special Report
It would be too time-consuming to document all the subtle and not-so-sublte [sic] jabs and digs at Democrats on Special Report 4/14/05...I'd have to transcribe the whole show.

We can't have that, can we? Shall we look a little more closely and see just what parts of the show chrish chose to report, and those she meticulously avoided?
Major Garrett...said Bush muted his criticism of the judiciary but turned it up on Senate Democrats (clip of Bush complaining over the nominees not approved

What part did chrish choose to omit? The clip of Diane Feinstein. And the clip of Charles Schumer that balanced off the clip of Bush. A double dose of invisible man chicanery.
Brit Hume told us poor Tom DeLay wants to push for an ethics process that protects members from runaway partisanship. From Delay's own mouth, "We do want to protect the integrity of the institution but as important as that is we also want to protect the rights of its members."

What did chrish omit here? How about the clip of Steny Hoyer that balanced the clip of DeLay? But after all, she couldn't transcribe the whole show.
...criticize Democrats and build support for Republicans, even the notorious Tom DeLay (the "everybody does it" defense was mounted regarding his campaign's paying his wife and daughter $500,000.00 for consulting services, with comparisons made to an AZ-R paying a son $20,000 as the sole employee of a PAC, and CA-D paying a son $130,000 over 4 years for his PAC work.)

What did chrish fail to tell us this time?

HUME: Separate reviews by the AP and the Los Angeles Times have shown how common the practice is. The two reports by the two news agencies found at least 39 lawmakers who have relatives on their payrolls...

So the "everybody does it defense" was mounted not by Fox, but by the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press? How can that be? But don't you get it? They must be in on it too. The AP and the Times are secretly plotting with Rupert Murdoch and the shape-shifters from Planet Zero to mount a stealth defense of Tom DeLay to help them in their diabolical plan to abduct gay whales from Earth and use them for evil alien experimentation.

Sometimes it's duplicity. Sometimes it's just stupidity. But it's all in a day's work for the anti-Fox terriers.

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