Hark! The Herald Angles Seen: on Fox

More rank disinformation from David Brock and the Media Matters crowd. With J$P Audio & Video! Updated! Attention Outfoxed gals: this is how it's done.

We have received emails from correspondents who ask us why we list Media Matters in our "disinformation" column. They are accurate, we have been assured; they back up everything they claim.

Yesterday brought us an article by the M&Mers that may help answer that question:
The media have largely ignored a March 26 Miami Herald report that representatives of "agencies answering directly to Gov. Jeb Bush" were headed to Terri Schiavo's hospice on March 24 "to take her to a hospital to resume her feeding."...On network and cable news broadcasts, only MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has mentioned the report...

Now it turns out that The O'Reilly Factor dealt with this story just last night; the entire first segment was dedicated to this report, including Mr Bill's extensive interview with Mark Caputo, one of the reporters involved. And it appears that there are serious problems with the accuracy of what the unnamed "sources" told Mr Caputo and his colleagues.

The Media Matters complaint hit the web just a few hours before the O'Reilly broadcast. But what of the claim that, other than Scarborough Country, no cable news broadcasts had previously mentioned this report? That's not quite accurate. In fact, one might even call it disinformation.

We checked our trusty tivo and found the first mention of the Miami Herald report on Fox News Channel just six minutes after they hit the air on the morning of March 26, the same day the report appeared in the paper [QuickTime video clip]:

JULIET HUDDY [FOX NEWS]: The Miami Herald is reporting that state agents and the local police down there almost had a showdown...

A few hours later, what do you know, the incident, which Media Matters claims was never mentioned, is reported yet again!

PHIL KEATING [FOX NEWS]: ...We are now hearing from the Miami Herald, quoting unnamed sources, that it actually came pretty close to that happening, but state police and local police realized there was going to be a clash...

Does the Media Matters "report" constitute "disinformation"? Considering that MM is run by admitted liar David Brock, we are being generous.

Update: Media Matters today amended their article to note Juliet Huddy's comments:
Correction: This item originally failed to note that the Herald story was mentioned on the March 26 edition of Fox & Friends. We regret the error. The story was also discussed on the March 29 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, which aired after the original item was posted online.

It's not a perfect correction--since it overlooks Phil Keating's report several hours later--but we do appreciate Jeremy Cluchey's responsiveness in this matter. We invite the anti-Fox terriers to study Mr Cluchey's technique; it's not difficult at all. Just admit a mistake and correct it. One or two dozen of the most recent newshound falsehoods would be a good start.

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