Hitting Below the Beltway

You won't believe the latest low blow from the Outfoxed gals. And in the process they put a few more notches in their belt of lies. Updated!

The newshounds on the latest edition of The Beltway Boys:
Poor Mort Kondracke, the liberal voice, looked all windblown...There was no real excitment coming from Kondaracke [sic] but maybe he was too uncomfortable by this time....I got no sense of excitement that usually comes with the start of a big event. Even though it's usually contrived, the commentators usually try to convey some anticipation about the event. The energy here was flat and rather morbid.

Well, could that possibly be because Mr Kondracke's wife just died? The houndette who wrote this entry admits she didn't tune in until eight minutes had passed (with eight "newshounds" and the vast resources of the Outfoxed machine behind them, they can't afford a VCR?). But the unfortunate death of Mr Kondracke's wife wasn't just reported at the top of this program--it was reported several days ago, and not just on Fox. Perhaps if one of the hounds loses a member of her family she'll whoop and holler and show a "sense of excitement". It's pretty cold to expect Mr Kondracke to do so.

But wait, there's more:
If I had not known about the Boston Convention, I would have had no idea why these guys were on a rooftop since they gave the viewer no clue, until the last 10 minutes.

Except for all the talk about it before you tuned in. Duh.
Barnes said that Berger is facing jail time and then he said that stealing documents is very serious since the commission revealed that Berger had four opportunities to get Bin Laden but refused. Barnes made it sound like the documents Berger took were related to this. Kondaracke [sic] weakly corrected him but the message was out there.

There's no excuse now since this was well after 6:08 pm. Doesn't it sound like Barnes had a long rant about Berger and Kondracke just got in a weak comeback at the tail end? Here's the part the hounds don't want you to know about. After running Berger's own statement, Kondracke was actually the first to speak:

KONDRACKE: It's very difficult for me, with a guy like Sandy Berger, who's basically an honest and hard-working public servant, to believe that he intentionally meant to hide or to destroy any kind of documents, let alone commit espionage--that is certainly out of the question.

Kind of puts a different light on it, no? Are you starting to understand just how the gang from Outfoxed works? If not, there's even more evidence:
Then finally on to the line up of speakers for the convention. Each person mentioned was ridiculed in some way and they made sure to say that the networks were barely covering it.

Wasn't it someone from the X-Files to who said the best way to tell a lie is to wrap it in a truth? The truth is that they did say the networks are barely covering it. But here are some of the descriptions of the convention speakers that the newshounds want you to think constitute "ridicule"--let's go to the videotape:

BARNES: The guy to watch is Barack Obama. He's not well known around the country, but he's black, he's smart, and he's going to be the next Senator from Illinois. He will be someone we're going to hear a lot from over the next few years.

KONDRACKE: I think that John Edwards is the sunshine of this ticket, and is always out there making positive speeches.

KONDRACKE: And on the final night of the convention, John Kerry makes his acceptance speech; he'll be introduced by his former colleague and VietNam war veteran Max Cleland. The night will also feature Kerry's children and the so-called "Band of Brothers".
BARNES: You know, this is the biggest audience Kerry will have had so far to hear him speak, so it's an important night for him. But it is overrated, the speech at the convention of the nominee. The most important thing of course, where the audience will be three or four times bigger, are the debates this fall, September and October, and he'll have three wish Bush. He's a tough debater, Kerry is.

Well let's see: Obama, Edwards, Kerry, his children, Cleland, the "Band of Brothers". They were all "ridiculed", according to the schnauzers. Yes, dear reader, this is the level of accuracy, decency, and honesty that can only be found at newshounds, another fine product from the producers of Outfoxed.

Update: the site has pulled the article and all the comments and criticisms posted there. They have issued an apology to Mr Kondracke, though they managed to spell his name wrong every one of the four times they referenced it.

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