What's Black and White and Wrong All Over?

If you don't know what you're talking about, apply to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. They'll make you a columnist.

We were tipped off by Inside Cable News to yet another newspaper column decrying the coverage of missing persons cases on cable news. Mike Seate, in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, writes:
If you're woman who fears getting lost this summer, here's a sure-fire [sic] hint that will help you get found again: Be white.... Although the disproportionate amount of media attention paid to the nation's missing pretty white girls would make most of us realize how little chance a black, Hispanic or even average-looking woman has of being found alive, this fact was apparently lost on Melvin Figueroa. The Philadelphia man has been hard at work lobbying TV news outlets to make at least a cursory mention of the disappearance of his daughter LaToyia, who was last seen July 18.... After being chastised for ignoring the story, executives in the newsroom at CNN did relent and give the story lip service on July 27. But without the suntanned sex appeal of a Laci Peterson, it was unlikely that much air time would be devoted to Ms. Figueroa's case.

It's nice to know that CNN did provide "lip service", but it seems odd that Mr Seate would focus on an also-ran news channel with declining viewership to prove his case. Perhaps the wording of his column is meant to suggest that CNN at least mentioned the story, unlike some reactionary racist news channels [read: FNC]. Why else would he point out a fleeting reference on CNN, but then ignore the coverage Fox News has given the case? Including:
  • Fox & Friends
  • Fox News Live
  • Dayside
  • The Big Story
  • On The Record
  • The Fox Report
  • At Large with Geraldo Rivera

"Not much air time" devoted to the case? Here is just a sampling of Fox News coverage in late July and August:

Apparently Mr Seate, who believes cable news begins and ends in Atlanta, is not a Fox watcher. Maybe he gets his notions about FNC from sources like the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed cabal). The curs are always ready to smear FNC, and on this topic they did not disappoint:
another missing white girl, the only kind that seems to get FOX News attention

One missing white person after another.

I dare you to find a case where FOX News has given similar attention to a missing black child - or any kind of human interest story involving African Americans other than those who are accused of wrongdoing.... Go ahead, prove me wrong.

No comment necessary.

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Al Bundy
Poor baby. One almost feels sorry for FNC and the bad press it receives. NOT!
August 16, 2005, 9:28:40 PM EDT – Like – Reply

This reply is becoming so predictable and trite. Methinks Al Bundy is one of many personalities...
August 17, 2005, 8:39:44 AM EDT – Like – Reply

What's Black and White and Wrong All Over?
Ummm, your blog? 
Did I get it right?!? What do I win?
August 26, 2005, 8:51:44 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
You win a genuine no-prize, as soon as you point out all the "wrong" things.
August 26, 2005, 10:19:09 PM EDT – Like – Reply