Meet The Liar's Club

They make it up, they distort, and they lie. With J$P Video!

The Fox-haters are desperate. The stunning coverage (ranked by the Washington Post as "by far the best reporting" on the hurricane) has led them to utter desperation. So a new tactic seems to have been launched: people run around the internet, and just make up things about Fox and send it out into the cyberworld. This Liar's Club apparently believes they can say anything and never get called on it.

Here's a prime example, culled from the forums of espn:
They were talking to Geraldo in a convention center in New Oleans [sic] and suddenly Geraldo looks at I assume was [sic] his producer and says "Stop" "Im just going to say it" Someone says somthing [sic] off camera like "no" and Geraldo starts crying and says the goverment [sic] is killing these people!!! The people have aparently [sic] been locked in the convention center for 6 days. Geraldo held up a dying baby, he was saying why, and WTF! He said Let them out about 20 times, he went on a [sic] anti Bush tirade, throws the mic down and walks away cursing. Shawn [sic] Hannity that had been singing the praises of Bush was flabbergasted- Then they cut to Sheepard [sic] Smith who is also in New Orleans and he flipped out on Bush very similar to Geraldo. They imeadiaty [sic] cut back to studio...

This incredible salvo is filled with nonsense and outright lies (and embarrassingly bad spelling and grammar). Shall we tick them off?
  • Geraldo never said "Stop. I'm just going to say it" or anything similar.
  • Nobody off camera said "No".
  • Geraldo never said "The government is killing these people" or anything similar.
  • The people were not locked in the convention center.
  • It was not a dying baby.
  • He did not say "Let them out" 20 times.
  • He did not go on an anti-Bush tirade; he never mentioned the President.
  • He did not throw the mic down.
  • He did not walk away cursing.
  • Sean Hannity had not been singing the praises of Bush.
  • Shep Smith did not flip out on Bush; he never mentioned the President.
  • They did not immediately cut back to the studio; they cut back to Geraldo.

Not a bad collection of falsehoods. And those wacky kennel-dwellers are always willing to add a few more to the pile:
Fox Mind Control Central deemed him off-message and shut his mike off in midsentence [sic]. Posted by: Gabby Hayes

Something else that never happened. Please, sir, may we have another?
I was just watching Fox (don’t ask why), which said "That now is not the time to point fingers, even if the federal government was late, even if the major is a democrat and the levees were his [sic] responsibility and a democratic governor which both need to work with a republican president. After 9-11 it was some weeks before finger pointing started.” Posted by: Nix

But the tivo tells a different story [QuickTime video file]:

More lies from the Club: Cavuto never mentioned the levees, and never said anything about whose responsibility they were. But one of the most prolific spokesmen for the Club is one Dr Matt. Nobody has his uncanny ability to make things up about Fox, such as:
Oh gawd, some [expletive deleted] [Fox] "reporter" on location in the BIg Easy just said, "when you prepare for terrorism, you prepare for natural disasters". Give me a [expletive deleted] break. *change channel*

But no Fox "reporter" said anything such thing. It was a spokesman for FEMA. Oops. Well, Dr Matt had an explanation: it was "my mistake". But then there was this:
[Fox] hasn't shown one second of video of people crying and begging for help.

Another "mistake"? We don't think so, particularly when minutes later, Dr Matt does it again:
How come [Fox] hasn't been to the convention center where 10s of thousands are trapped and living like animals and are begging for help?

Of course, this lie was posted well after Steve Harrigan's series of reports from that very location. But while these people are impressive prevaricators, they are still pikers. They may be members of the Liars Club, but the Officers of this disreputable gang are none other than the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed gang).

The curs have been amazingly silent. Not a word on Geraldo's reports. Not a word on Shep Smith's stunning coverage on Friday. Finally they broke their silence, and once again it's deborah who proves why the newsmutts will always claim the leadership roles in the Club:
Tonight's Fox Special, America's Challenge - After Katrina did it's best during the first hour ,8-9PM,to [sic] make us focus on the miraculous rescue of thousands today so maybe we could forget about how badly their President failed us....It's time to forget about exhausted, starving, sewage soaked people locked up in the Superdome and Convention Center in New Orleans waiting for the help that took five days to arrive. Please don't think about the babies without formula or the diabetics without insulin or the asthmatics without inhalers. Then there are those real pesky thoughts that might take longer to erase like the women getting raped by gangs inside the Superdome, or maybe the elderly people twitching as they died on the street alone....forget about those 5 horrific days.

Deborah shows why the kennel is truly the home of the whopper. In the first minutes of the program [QuickTime video file]:

So here is Geraldo, reporting on all the things Deb just claimed were being covered up. A pretty obvious lie on her part, but there is even more dishonesty:
Hemmer quickly told viewers that it was the wrong clip and continued his feel good review. Then the first hour was wrapped up with an interview of Bob Livingston by Sean Hannity.

Mr Hemmer's segment was at 8:35 pm. "Then" came an interview with Mr Livingston? That happened at 8:53 pm. What is it deborah is not telling you about that 18-minute gap? For one thing [QuickTime video file]:

And then there's this [QuickTime video file]:

Deborah is not just a liar; she's the freaking President of the Liar's Club. All her blather about Fox trying to make people forget about the conditions inside the Convention Center is blatant, lying propaganda. What about Geraldo's tour inside the center: grim, disturbing footage that will stay in the memory of anyone who saw it? Debbie could not have missed it--it ran in that one hour she covered. But it didn't fit her agenda, so she skipped over it and lied about Fox going from Hemmer to Livingston.

The Liar's Club. Amateurs may join, but the newspoodles, and deborah in particular, will always be top dogs.

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Question: Are you the registered "johnny dollar" on the hounds' off-topic forum?
There are so many imitations there it's hard to figure out.
September 4, 2005, 3:14:42 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Yes, I registered as "johnny dollar" so that my posts could be distinguished from the imposters. I'm the one who started the "Newshounds Dishonesty" thread--that's really me! Your guess is as good as mine how long I'll actually be allowed to post there, however.
September 4, 2005, 3:35:29 PM EDT – Like – Reply

OH now you are going to make me go over there and check it out, I haven't been to their site since good old Gabby Hayes made me his personal project on Friday. He definitely tows their party line very well.
September 4, 2005, 10:58:21 PM EDT – Like – Reply

It is funny how they rag on your site for not having enough viewers. I am sure if you were attached to a movie that was widely distrbuted and to the google news and it's alerts you would have a bigger audience. All that free publicity, can't beat it. IMO
September 5, 2005, 9:38:31 AM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
But don't mention Fox News ratings to them, or they'll tell you the number of viewers means nothing, because it's quality, not quantity.
September 5, 2005, 9:56:44 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Right, and then in the next breath talk about how FNC's numbers are "plummeting."
And if you try to mention over there (as I did) that a commenter on THEIR OWN Web site pointed you over to this wonderful Web site, your comment is deleted. But you're irrelevant to them, Johnny, they say it all that time. Guess once they start lying it's hard to stop...
September 5, 2005, 12:27:01 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Well that didn't last long. I started exactly one thread in the newshounds forum, and within, what, 48 hours not only was the thread removed, but I was banned from their so-called "unmoderated" forum. (Could that description be another newshounds lie?)
All I did in that thread was point out the things deborah left out in her "amnesia" article (documented in this "Liar's Club" entry of my own). Rather than answer the criticism, they purified the echo chamber once again.
What wussies! What hypocrites! What liars!
September 5, 2005, 10:04:59 PM EDT – Like – Reply

OMG are you kidding? Banned from an unmoderated forum??? Yet they are SO open to other viewpoints. That's laughable. They are such complete and total liars it's unbelievable.
September 6, 2005, 10:04:15 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Funny thing is that one poster wanted to talk to the NHs to get your ban lifted. 
Guess he knows the answer.
September 6, 2005, 2:32:54 PM EDT – Like – Reply