Why Do You Lie to Me?

Some people cry "Wolf". The Outfoxed gals cry "Liar", but now the tables have been turned. With J$P Video!

We didn't want to do another post this weekend about the fabrications of the Fox haters--we can only take so much drivel, even in the line of duty. But the Liars Club has been spouting balderdash so proficiently that we just can't afford to fall too far behind. And that means we turn to the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed gang). There is nobody who is more reliably unreliable than newsmutt nancy, and once again she delivers:
Cheerleading With A Lie
Today (9/15) on FNL, Bill Hemmer anchored the noon hour of the program, which was largely devoted to cheerleading for Bush's speech later tonight....Here's the cheerleading:
12:00pm (EDT) - Hemmer reading the top stories for the hour, announced first that "the Pres heading into prime time tonight
12:03pm - Greg Kelly previewed Bush's talk tonight; when Kelly finished, Hemmer repeated that Bush will be speaking in NOLA tonight
12:12pm - teasers included: Bush live later tonight...

And nancy's litany continues for her usual interminable length. According to English language dictionaries:
  • cheer-lead: To express or promote automatic or servile praise.

Where is the cheerleading here? To the newsliars, just announcing that a speech is coming up equals "praise"? Does that mean CNN, CBS, and the BBC were all cheerleading too? But wait, nancy goes even further out on her addle pated limb:
Here's the lie:
12:03pm - Greg Kelly previewed Bush's talk tonight, leading off with the lie that it's Bush's "4th trip to the region in less than 2 weeks."... If Fox keeps "miscounting" Bush's trips to the region, pretty soon we'll be hearing that he's made one a day for the past 5 years.

This is a newshound classic. Are using their own variety of New Math? (Perhaps it is in some way analogous to "doggie years".) Anyone who says it's Bush fourth trip is a liar. Shall we tell you what nancy doesn't want you to know?
  • Los Angeles Times: President Bush, fresh from his fourth visit to the Gulf Coast...
  • Baltimore Sun: Bush, who had just returned from his fourth visit to the Gulf Coast...
  • The Tennessean: President Bush, fresh from his fourth visit to the Gulf Coast...
  • Newsweek (Eleanor Clift): Returning to the Gulf Coast on Thursday for a fourth visit...
  • San Francisco Chronicle: It was Bush's fourth visit to New Orleans since the hurricane...
  • Chicago Sun-Time: This is Bush's fourth visit to the Gulf region in two weeks...
  • Boston Globe: After his fourth visit to the region since Katrina struck...
  • Agency France Presse: Bush paid his fourth visit to storm-ravaged areas...
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Bush is slated to make a fourth visit to the devastated area tomorrow...
  • Reuters: ...his fourth visit to the disaster zone since Katrina struck.

These are just the tip of the iceberg; a search of Yahoo News turned up over a hundred references to this being Bush's "fourth visit". Judge Nancy ruled this a lie, but didn't say what the correct number should be. Not that it matters, as we didn't find any news articles that called this anything other than Bush's "fourth visit". But they're all liars, according to the tail-waggers...or is it only a lie if someone says it on FNC?

If that's all the anti-Fox terriers think it takes to make someone a liar, we'll have to apply that standard to a few other gems from the kennel. Like this one:
Wall Street Journal OpinionJournal.com editor James Taranto, told Rich Lowry (subbing for Sean Hannity) that the "angry left's" attack on President Bush has backfired. "I think we've already seen the poll numbers start to bounce back."... The polls clearly indicate that the majority of Americans disapprove of Bush's leadership in general and his handling of the hurricane, in particular.

But that's not what Taranto said. He said polls were bouncing back, an idea ridiculed by ellen, who obviously didn't bother to check Rasmussen Reports, which shows Bush's approval ratings rising from 44% up to 47% since the hurricane hit. Aha! Another "lie" from ellen.

Melanie takes issue with Neal Cavuto for daring to ask Colombian President Uribe about the Pat Robertson assassination remarks:
Too bad, isn't it, that Robertson's suggestion hasn't been banished forever, never to be heard again? Leave it to Fox to keep its embers burning.

How odd. Previously the curs had complained that the remark was being swept under the rug:
Special Report has a segment at the bottom of the hour called the Grapevine... occassionally [sic] an important piece of news is technically "reported" but not given any weight. Today 8/29/05 the latter applied to a short piece on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez' reaction to radical Christian cleric Pat Robertson's call for assassination.... If a liberal or Democrat had stirred up an international incident like this...Fox would cover it ceaselessly. As it is a radical right-winger with the support of a million Bush-voters who threatened an independent leader not cowed by this administration, Fox will diminish it.

It's more "heads we win, tails you lose" flummery from the doggies. If they don't cover it enough to suit the rotweillers, then it's a cover-up. And when they do bring it up in an interview, all of a sudden it's a verboten topic, one that should not be covered at all, "never to be heard again". It's tempting to dismiss this as more hound logic, but these two opposing concepts cannot both be true. One of them is...another hound lie.

And when it comes to hound lies, it's Marie-Therese who gets this week's Croix de Johnny Dollar for Conspicuous Falsification. She is reporting on Forbes on Fox, and complains that one of the liberal panelists got short shrift:
Poor Quentin Hardy got exactly one opportunity to speak very early on in the show, then dropped off the radar screen.... [Hardy said] "you got a President here who couldn't account for $9 billion in Iraq, who signs off on a highway bill that has a $230 million bridge to nowhere and who appears to like to employ cronies in important, critical positions." At this point Mr. Hardy was interrupted by several voices - and (surprise, surprise!) - was never heard from again!

Izzat so? Pretty amazing, then, that Quentin Hardy was still talking right up to the end of the program at 11:29 am [QuickTime video clip]:

Why did you lie, M-T? You hounds cry "liar" based on your inability to count up to four, all the while spouting genuine, provable, brazen falsehoods. It doesn't matter any more, 'cause anyone can see, that you lie to me.

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