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The Outfoxed gals gaze into the future. They're no competition for Allison DuBois. With J$P Video!

As soon as we take a few days off to attend to personal obligations, the Fox haters take the opportunity to run amok. Needless to say, the most fatuously ignorant invective comes from the kook kennel, home of the newshounds (another fine product from the Outfoxed gang). Here are a few lowlights from a week of unsurpassed inanity.

If you want to know anything about current events, the person to ask is not janie. The probie was astonished and totally befuddled when Ann Coulter appeared to promote her book:
Fox had on a woman to promote a book that is obviously contemptuous of a particular group, when the book was published a year ago. Aren't book promotions supposed to promote books that have recently been released? Unless Fox is trying to get a message across, I see no reason to promote a book that far out from its release date.

Even if janie didn't pay close enough attention to catch this bit of information on air, maybe fifteen or twenty seconds of research would have revealed to her that Ms Coulter is on a book tour to promote the new paperback release, which is expanded with a brand-new chapter not in the previous edition. Does this sort of negate the probie's entire point? Yes. It does.

While the newsmutts railed loud and long about Fox hyping the lawlessness surrounding Katrina, now they have flip-flopped:
Brit Hume claimed tonight, 9/28/05, that all those rapes and murders in the Superdome and Convention Center didn't happen and in fact, things were not that bad in those nightmarish days of waiting in New Orleans.... So I guess all that talk about not being able to make delieveries [sic] because of the out of control looting and shooting was just a big lie. Maybe Fox should consider which lie serves them better. Either way, everyone knows they are spinning and distorting except the most hardcore Foxatrons.

So which is it, debbie? Fox is hyping the crime. Fox is covering up the crime. The newspooches don't tell you, of course, that it wasn't Brit Hume who made this "claim". It was the LA Times and especially the New Orleans Times-Picayune who exposed the inaccuracy of all the rumors and allegations. Does this discredit deborah's claim that this is just more Fox spinning? Yes. It does.

Nefarious nancy states Fox News Live Miers appointment coverage consisted of:
...interviews that shed no real light on Miers but included plenty of praise for both Bush & Miers.

The truth is somewhat different. But what more can you expect from the nefarious one, who claims:
[Brigitte] Quinn is in 7th heaven, going all misty-eyed every time she says the name "Bush"

The news poodles pump out this sort of infantile drivel, assuming that their sycophantic readers have the collective I.Q. of a radish and will swallow anything they write. But their own words trip them up. Marie Therese, writing on September 24, polishes up her crystal ball and takes a long look at the future:
On last night's Factor, Bill O'Reilly, the the ever-contentious host, chided FOX News Military Analyst Gen. Wesley Clark... Clark had the guts to go against the orders from Fox corporate to "Get Cindy Sheehan." My prediction? We won't be seeing the General on FOX News anytime soon.

Undeterred by the stupidity of the first prediction, M-T revisits it a few days later:
I predicted that we wouldn't see Gen. Clark any time soon and I was right. It will be interesting to see if Gen. Clark is EVER again invited to appear on FOX News, now that he has made it clear that he is not willing to tow the FOX party line.

We just love those newspup predictions. This one is especially delightful, given that M-T and her friends in the kennel are apparently oblivious to the fact that Gen Clark works for Fox News! Good call, M-T. And as for the General disappearing from Fox, what about this?

Of course, neither M-T nor any of her fellow kennel-dwellers bothered to note this appearance. Can't have the spin diluted with truth, after all. So does this discredit the anti-Fox terriers once again? Yes. It does. Oh, and by the way, there's also this promo for tonight's O'Reilly Factor [QuickTime video clip]:

This is another embarrassment for the mongrels, but we mustn't forget about one of Melanie's brainless forecasts, posted back in July:
I predict the "War on Terror" banner will disappear from Fox um, oh, Thursday at the latest.

Airing today on FNC:

Melanie's insightful analysis has really held up well, hasn't it? Maybe she was talking about Thursday, 2009, A.D. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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