Caught on Tape

Hypocrisy and distortions are all part of the Outfoxed gals' bag of tricks. So is lying, and once again they've been caught. With J$P Video!

What does it take to be a Fox hater? You have to twist the facts to fit a good smear, possess a deep reservoir of hypocrisy, and be willing to lie. Mr Dollar, surely you exaggerate? Not at all. By the end of this article you will have seen proof that the haters will not hesitate to lie, just to bash Fox. Once again, our poster pups are those irrepressible newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed cabal).

You want hypocrisy? Let's look at the avian flu. According to the newsmutts, reporting on this possible pandemic is just a scare tactic:
If Fox News can just scare us a little more, why, we'll be begging for the military to be brought in. The war on terror hasn't done it, phony terror alerts haven't done it, illegal immigration hasn't done it. Let's try bird flu.

H5N1 Avian Flu fears on FOX Special Report aired a segment yesterday 10/04/05 on the Avian flu which is currently affecting SouthEast Asia. There are no reported cases elsewhere...

As long as you don't count Romania and Turkey.
Avian Flu Scare Gearing Up On Fox... The reports on Fox are defintely [sic] framed to instill fear in the viewers.

How odd. The curs complain that covering the bird flu is a scare tactic. But they fail to mention how, previously, they were ridiculing FNC because (during a one-hour slice of broadcasting) they did not cover the important "developing, ongoing" story of...bird flu! Hypocrisy? Check.

Twisting facts? All in a day's work. Even when posting the results of an Opinion Dynamics poll:
Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll. The question asked whether or not George Bush understands the needs of average Americans. However, the results of this poll were very interesting, 45% of respondents said yes, but 51% said no.

Facts, to be sure, but why not make them juicier? So probie newspooch janie goes the extra mile, claiming that the Fox News/Opinion Dynamics polls are surveys of FNC viewers only. See, that makes the poll results even more devastating. And the kennel-dwellers swallow it whole:
  • Well if the tide is turning even among Fox viewers...

Unfortunately, janie just made that up. Opinion Dynamics polls have never (as in not ever) been surveys of FNC viewers. Just ten seconds to look at their methodology shows that to be the case, but the newspups assumed that nobody would bother to fact-check. Somebody did, and they were forced to send janie's "report" to rewrite. Twisting the facts? Check.

There's more fact-twisting from the probie in her latest smear, and we catch her in a big, honking lie to boot:
Racial Bias on Dayside?
Yesterday (10/10) Dayside hosts Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick discussed the case of Robert Davis, the gentleman from Louisiana that was recently beaten by local police officers.... What Huddy neglects to mention is that Davis is a retired elementary school teacher, that says he wasn't drunk at the time, and hasn't had a drink in 25 years.... These claims don't make it onto Dayside, as it appears they don't fit Fox's agenda.

Here's twisting that would make Chubby Checker proud. These claims didn't make it on Dayside, because they hadn't happened yet! Dayside airs at one in the afternoon; the reports of Mr Davis's side of the story first came out hours after Dayside ended. How does the probie explain the fact that since then, "these claims" have not only been reported on Fox, but they've interviewed Mr Davis himself?

Of course these facts don't make it into janie's "report", as it appears they don't fit janie's agenda.

But when you care enough to smear the very best, twisting facts is small potatoes. Lying about what aired can be so much more effective:
Dayside refused to air the entire tape of the beating.... Dayside didn't air the beginning of the tape, where you can see the police officers punching Davis' head into a wall, and brutally beating him.... Fox purports to be "fair and balanced", but refused to air the story of the alleged criminal, and...neglected to show the portion of the video where things actually "got out of control."

Now, the truth [QuickTime video clip]:

So what the mongrels claimed Dayside refused to air is precisely what they showed, right up on the screen, before a worldwide audience. But the newsliars don't care. Truth is expendable when it comes to bashing Fox News. The haters and the gullible will swallow their drivel, and the anti-Fox terriers will continue to twist, distort, and lie.

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Bravo Johnny! Another job well done of unraveling their lies. It could not be spelled out more clearly than you've done here. PLEASE keep up the great work, it's the truth that needs to get out, not the lies and hatred of the newsmutts...
October 13, 2005, 10:11:46 AM EDT – Like – Reply