Do Six Wrongs Make a Right?

The latest howlings from the Outfoxed gals are badly accuracy-challenged.

As everyone has heard, two wrongs do not make a right. But the validity of this truism is being challenged by the premier Fox haters, the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed gang). They are testing the old proverb to its limits: if not two wrongs, how about three? Or four? Or six?

We begin with the anti-Fox terriers and their obsession with Bill O'Reilly. Marie Therese wants her readers to think he's been caught, in something or other:
Bill O'Reilly promised to post the names of all the despicable, cowardly, unpatriotic sites that supported the city of San Francisco and dared to call for him to be fired.... How hard can it be to compile such a list, especially when you frequently gloat that you know exactly who they are? Yet, as of a few minutes ago, there was no such list posted on As usual, O'Reilly talks better than he walks.

[In John McLaughlin's Voice]: Wrong! The list is there and has been for some time. And Mr Bill has promised there will be additional entries. Minutes later, M-T does it again, citing another O'Reilly hater's preposterous nonsense:
Just to email the idiot you have to pay $4.95 a month or $49.95 a year.

Wrong #2! The very page she cites has a free email link to Bill.

They don't call her M-T for nothing. Meanwhile, Melanie is on the Cavuto beat. First she claims:
Fox Says Al Qaeda is "Certainly" Going to Try and Strike this Weekend

Wrong #3! "Fox" said nothing of the sort. There were two guests on Cavuto's show. The one who said this was a fellow from the Heritage Foundation. Cavuto himself took no position, and the other guest said something rather different:

WAYNE SIMMONS: I'd be a little more concerned about the carnage on the highways than I would be with the terrorists.

So despite Melanie's HeadLie, "Fox" did not say what her bold type screamed. But wait, there's more:
[Wesley] Clark has made regular but infrequent appearances on Fox (when compared to say, Oliver North, another "Fox News military analyst"). The most recent appearance by Clark that I've seen was yesterday on Your World w/Neil Cavuto, during which Clark and Cavuto "discussed" issues pertaining to the Iraq war.

Predictably, Melanie never wrote up that discussion. Her summary for that day's show somehow neglected to mention the interview with Gen Clark.
"liberal" Wesley Clark must fight to be heard while someone like Oliver North is shown deference and respect and his hawkish point of view comes through loud and clear.

Wrong #4! Melanie neglects to mention that Col North got barely four minutes of air time, but Gen Clark's interview ran twice as long. (Now we know why she never wrote it up in the first place.) Another embarrassing fact: Gen Clark was on with two more interviews (Fox & Friends and Fox News Live) after the Cavuto appearance--both on the same day that Melanie posted about how "infrequently" he was on. These, of course, were never reported by the anti-Fox terriers. Facts that don't fit the newsmutt propaganda line are simply ignored.

But the "war on Christmas" issue is what really sets the pooches baying at the moon. And their accuracy rate, to use the term loosely, is no better here. Ellen takes her best shot:
Accusing liberals of trying to steal Christmas has become a holiday tradition for the FOX News pundits.... Today, on, there is the following headline on a FOX News (not wire service) report: Holiday Trees Arrive at Capitol, White House... is it simply a case of "do as we say, not as we do" from the folks at FOX News?

Wrong #5! Reading the article makes it clear that there were two trees involved:

The Capitol Holiday Tree, which originated from New Mexico's Santa Fe National Forest, was cut earlier this month... First lady Laura Bush received the White House Christmas Tree...

Fox used the term "Capitol Holiday Tree" (and capitalized it) because that was the official title of the tree. It would have been false reporting to change the headline to "Christmas Trees Arrive". But maybe ellen thinks Fox should rewrite the name just for her. Then perhaps they could do a report on that well-known chain of motels, Christmas Inn. Needless to say, when the truth is made clear, ellen and the newspoodles ignore it, since it contradicts their spin. But leave it to deceitful deborah to put the icing on the Christmas cake:
Clinton Blamed For White House Holiday Tree
According to the Fox Friends this morning, the White House Christmas Tree was changed to Holiday Tree some time in the 90's. Anxious that viewers knew that this Administration had nothing to do with the renaming, it was reported that Dennis Hasert [sic] took the time yesterday to change the name back to Christmas Tree.

Wrong #6! Not only was Clinton never brought up, the deceitful one isn't even reporting correctly about what was discussed. There was no mention whatsoever of the White House Christmas Tree. None! If anyone at the kennel had half a brain, it might occur to them that Mr Hastert can't change the name of the White House tree, but he can if it's the Capitol Hill tree. And since this tree has nothing to do with the White House, it also has nothing to do with Clinton, making deborah's entire article a smear and a lie.

So there we have it. Six wrongs. Do they make even one right? Not if you're one of the Fox haters who care more about character assassination and slander than telling the truth.

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