Naughty, not Nice

We know the Outfoxed gals will lie about Fox News. But slandering Santa is going too far! With J$P Video!

Hard to believe, but there actually are people who are immune to the Christmas spirit. Never mind all that "peace on earth, good will to men" stuff--for the haters 'tis always the season to attack Fox News. And, besides Keith Olbermann, who best exemplifies the slime and smear technique of falsehoods and lies? None other than the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed cabal). A couple of recent examples demonstrate their utter dishonesty.

Little Donna writes about Studio B:
Fox Correspondent Declares '100% Voter Satisfaction'
Greg Palkot, the correspondent that Studio B with Shepard Smith uses frequently, covered a segment on the vote in Iraq today.... He was covering the vote in Iraq today and I wondered what he would come up with. He never fails.... But he really got us with the fact based statement that there was 100% voter satisfaction today. Comment: Palkot is hard to take serious [sic].... Serious journalism (though I hate to use that term for Fox News) doesn't seem to be his strong point. 100% voter satisfaction? C'mon.

The credulous kennel dwellers rush to swallow Donna's drivel as if it were holy writ:
  • What a laugh 100% satisfaction and no results yet ? This really is a bit overdone.
  • Well it's sooo typical of their exaggerated reporting.... Hopefully this will eventually make it obvious to their viewers, some of them anyway how ridiculous [Fox] News is.
  • 100% voter satisfaction,.....uh, huh, tell the sunnis that....
  • What was this guy trying to prove with a statement like that?

But was little Donna telling the truth? Did Mr Palkot really say that 100% of the voters were satisfied? Let's go to the tivo [QuickTime video clip]:

"The people that we were talking to." Oops. Caught again. And you may also have noted that Palkot taked about "satisfaction in voting"--not "voter satisfaction". Why do the haters repeatedly resort to lies? Could it be because they can't justify their jihad if they restrict themselves to the truth? That must be the case with Melanie, who kicks it up a notch by launching a salvo at old St Nick himself:
Neil Cavuto was full of holiday (whoops, I mean Christmas) cheer today.... Capping off the show was a visit by Santa himself. He spread the joy and the "Christmas spirit" by telling Cavuto who was not on his list this year (you'll never guess): the ACLU, Howard Dean, and John Kerry. Ho, ho, ho.

Yet again, the gullible fall for Mel's spiel hook, line, and sinker:
  • Isn't that sad ? that america thinks this is a real news station? my god.. and now santa doesn't like howard or kerry.. sounds like the right is trying to raise a bunch of haters.. like umm nazi's ??
  • This "news" organization is the most petty, biased in the MSM.
  • the Santa Clause act was a seemingly typical tight-assed Republican attempt at humor. Snide, awkward, and corny.
  • Hey, what if Jesus came onto Air America and said that [Bush], Rummey, Cheney and Rice were not on their list? There'd be such an uproar, it would be heard everywhere.

Are the newspooches telling the truth? Once again, tivo holds the answer [QuickTime video clip]:

So what happened to the part where Santa said Michael Brown and "Tommy" DeLay were also not on his gift list? Mel left that out. And what about the business of John Kerry not being on the list? Mel made that up!

It's one thing to lie about Fox News. But to lie about Santa Claus, in the midst of the Christmas season, demonstrates unconscionable desperation. Melanie the Grinch has been naughty, not nice. Don't bother hanging that stocking with care, Mel. All you will get is a lump of coal. Ho, ho, ho.

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