Still We See Them Lie

The Outfoxed gals are playing Grinch again, despoiling the Christmas season with foolish fabrications. With J$P Video!

Deck the halls with fraud and folly, it's Christmas with the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed cabal). From sheer ignorance to outright fabrication, when you're a Fox hater, smears and lies are the reason for the season. We begin with little Donna, who offers this unique grammatical exegesis:
Fox referred to the secret process of President Bush spying on American citizens as 'The Program.' Does that sound better than 'President caught Spying on American citizens?'... Shepard Smith: For the second day in a row, President Bush explaining exactly what happened and why it is that for 30 times, as the president put it, he's allowed agencies to spy on Americans who were making phone calls from the United States overseas.... Greg Kelly: A spirited defense from the President of the United States of this program,(my emphasis) that, just a week ago, was a secret.... I think Fox knows exactly what it is doing by referring to the spying on American citizens as 'the program.' It softens it, it makes it sound, hey, not so bad. But let's call it what it is -- spying on our own American citizens at the direction of the President of the United States.

OK, let's see who else used the evil word "program":

We would document the remaining 1,973 citations that turned up, but you get the idea. The most hilarious of all is the New York Times itself. In their story, they refer to the "program" over 30 times! Yes, the tricky Fox language that Donna so cleverly discovered comes straight out of the New York Times.

But she's not the only newspup who is in over her snout. Marie-Therese comes up with this gem of analysis, based on a reference to Ronald Reagan on Fox & Friends:'s possible that the newly reconstituted "in your face" George Bush may try to give his Wall Street campaign donors some quid pro quo by repeating Reagan's union-busting in the New York City transit strike.

Err, come again? Let us break this down for you, M-T. Mr Bush is President of the United States. He is not the mayor of New York. That's a guy called Bloomberg. You may have heard of him. He does the hiring and firing there.

But the newsmutts are more than just ignorant and unqualified. They are also duplicitous and dishonest. Beyond folly, there is fraud. And this Christmas season has not put a stop to their fabrications. Deceitful deborah says of an O'Reilly discussion of press coverage for the movie Brokeback Mountain:
Throughout the segment, O'Reilly repeated that he did not object to the movie and hoped it did well. However, he let Medved bash it...

MEDVED: The movie is better than the agenda. Because the movie's a complex film, and it's extremely well-acted and extremely well-done.

Then we have Melanie, who talks about the seaplane crash:
John Gibson raised the specter of terrorism seven minutes into his program....

To "raise the spectre" is to "make people worry that something unpleasant will happen". Mel did not tell the truth [QuickTime video clip]:

Telling lies must be contagious among newspoodles. Here comes nancy to complete the hat-trick of hogwash with a fascinating "review" of Fox's special on religion in America. Rather than engage in specifics, nancy boasts that she disregarded the actual content:
to be honest, I was trying NOT to think about most of the garbage Hume was shoveling.

So instead we get an analysis of the real meat of the program: the background music and the commercials! No, we're not making this up. But with nancy, it's never enough to stick to the truth. She has to go that bridge too far:
There was even an ad *from* FOX:that said "Season's Greetings." Not a "Merry Christmas" in the bunch...

[QuickTime video clip]:

Those little hounds of Outfoxed land. How still, we see them lie.

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