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It's a tough decision, but even though it's only Thursday, the Outfoxed gals are clearly this week's most barefaced liars. With J$P Video!

Law enforcement officials tell us that the Christmas season is no vacation for lawbreakers. Statistics show there is often a rise in the crime rate around the holidays. So it should not be surprising that the Fox haters continue their crimes against truth even during this season of peace and brotherhood. The newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob) demonstrate again that they will stop at nothing, including bald-faced lies, to smear FNC.

Little Donna got it into her head that Fox was stuck on using the word "eavesdropping" to describe the NSA's domestic surveillance program:
[Rick Folbaum] stuck with the easier on the ear, 'eavesdropping' word.... So, you see guys, it's ok, the president was only eavesdropping on his fellow Americans.

We wonder if these newspoodles ever get out of the kennel. The term "eavesdropping" has been used by:

We won't bore you with the other 1,131 references turned up by Yahoo News, other than to note that the New York Times, which broke the story, called it "eavesdropping" a half-dozen times in one article. But back to Donna's distortions:
Fox seemed to go with the theme that Colin Powell agreed with the president while CNN said that Powell agreed with the program on the condition that the president request warrants.... Folbaum continued his nonchalant coverage that Powell agreed with the president...

What Folbaum actually said [QuickTime video clip]:

Now that we know Fox reported Powell's concern about warrants exactly as CNN did, we've caught Donna seriously distorting FNC's coverage. (By the way, that CNN report that Donna praised so highly? In the course of just a few minutes they referenced "eavesdrop" or "eavesdropping" three times! Funny how she neglected to mention that.) Now let's catch Donna in a lie or two:
In two segments, the first with correspondent, Major Garrett, and the second with Washington Times columnist, Harlan Ullman, Folbaum stuck with the eavesdropping word.

Just refer back to the video clip above, introducing Major Garrett. The one where Donna claims Folbaum "stuck with the eavesdropping word". Listen closely for the use of "eavesdropping". It isn't there. Another lie from the newsliars. And then there's the interview with Mr Ullman. Remember, according to Donna, Mr Folbaum refused to call it "spying" [QuickTime video clip]:

The newspoodles caught again. But when you think Donna just couldn't squeeze another lie into her "report", there's this:
[Folbaum] appropriately toed the line on Fox and never used the words 'Domestic Spying'

Once more we turn to tivo for the truth, because you'll never get it from the newsliars [QuickTime video clip]:

That's quite a few lies for one article. But we expect no less from the anti-Fox terriers, who have never been reluctant to make things up. In that department, there are few newshaters who are more brazen in their deceit than deborah. And she has brought us what may well be, in its sheer shamelessness, the Lie of the Week:
[Greg] Kelly reported that Bush will be visiting Brooke Army Medical Center later in the week.... Kelly's report suggested that Bush had visited BAMC in San Antonio in the past which is not the case according to a local newspaperl [sic] comment: Chances are most people outside of the area will never find out that Bush has never visited the hospital. However, for those who do discover the truth it will be just another reason to distrust this Administration and FOX News.

As usual, the gullible are easily duped:
  • That’s what happens when I news organization can admit that they lie and no one can do anything about it.
  • Sad. Sad. Sad. The lengths these "journalists" must go to trying to paint this president in a good light. They literally have to LIE to make him acceptable.
  • FOX is lying to everyone and it tells it's broadcasters to lie. You no longer have a case for your support of FNC as a source for anything except lies.

Only it's the newshounds who are the liars, with deceitful deborah the prima donna of prevarication. Because the entire thrust of her "report" is another hound lie [QuickTime video clip]:

We should be used to it by now, but the capacity of the newshaters to tell big, honking lies about Fox, lies that are easily disproved by anyone with a tivo or a VCR, never ceases to astonish. They get caught lying over and over, yet they keep doing it, and the credulous cretins swallow their bilge with relish. For Conspicuous Impetuosity in Reckless Fabrication, deborah is the much-deserved winner of this week's Croix de Johnny Dollar.

posted: Thu - December 29, 2005 at 01:57 PM       j$p  send 

I found your site about an hour ago and there is much of interest here. You might be interested to know that I have been engaged in a long discussion at news hounds about the Greg Kelly BMAC report. I insisted he said it was Bush's first visit, which is the opposite of what deborah claimed. And everybody jumped on me and said she was right, even though they hadn't seen the report. And here you have the video clip and there's the proof. No wonder deborah never gave a transcript of her claim.
Going through your site I am amazed at how many times your transcripts and videos directly contradict what the news hounds have said. When I first started over there I wasn't treated badly; one of the news hounds even did an article correction and credited me for the info. But that hasn't been the case with deborah, and other examples you cite, if correct, establish a pattern.
I'm up way too late but wanted to thank you for having that video clip. It should resolve that argument once and for all.
December 30, 2005, 4:22:01 AM EST – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Tadeusz, it's great to see your comment. Actually it was your comments over at the newshounds that alerted me to the con job over the Greg Kelly report. (For that matter, some of the things you said about Studio B also sent me to my tivo, where I verified your statements and found even more lies!)
I hope that the video does indeed settle the argument, but don't count on it. The two most reckless newshaters are nancy and deborah, and getting a correction or retraction out of deb is like pulling teeth. For a typical example see our article "Ends, Means, and a Shameful Lie" and the follow-up "Desperate Housewife". You'll find debbie's modus operandi when caught in a whopper is to try to lie her way out of it.
Anyhow, you're welcome here any time, and thanks for your comment!
December 30, 2005, 9:32:49 AM EST – Like – Reply