Something Stupid

The inanities of the Outfoxed gals reach new heights of ignorance. With J$P Video!

It isn't easy being a Fox hater. The pressure is on: find something to smear Fox! But sometimes the compulsion to bash the country's most-watched news channel is overwhelming. And when that happens...well, the haters just say something stupid. See for yourself in these examples from the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob).

Take, for one, Nancy. When Jim Angle reported a story about Jimmy Carter, she erupted in frenzied outrage:
Carping About Jimmy Carter...Angle did, however, take the opportunity to slam former President & Nobel laureate Jimmy Carter...
Funny how the reactionaries get hysterical...It gets really boring to listen to Fox be an echo chamber for Israeli propaganda as well as Bush administration propaganda. Oh, wait! I forgot -- they're essentially one & the same.

Now you may well wonder what it was Angle said that got nancy so rabid. Here in its entirety is the report where he slammed Carter hysterically:
Former President Jimmy Carter says he's encouraged by the participation of Hamas in next week's Palestinian elections because the terrorist organization has political integrity. Carter told CNN that Hamas may consist of "so-called terrorists," but added "there have been no complaints of corruption against [their] elected officials." Carter conceded that some in Hamas "deny Israel's right to exist," but defended the group's legitimacy as a political party.

Don't bother looking for the Israeli propaganda, or the hysterical slamming of Carter. They aren't there. But this isn't the first time nancy said something stupid. Why, just one day earlier, she came up with this gem:
Cybercast News Service (CNS). For those not familiar with CNS, let's just say it's one of Fox's favorite sources...

It is? One of the kennel-dwellers wasn't so sure:
  • When has CNS ever been one of their favorite sources? It is easy to just say it. How about pointing out how it has been one of their favorite sources...

Nancy's embarrassment was so total that she simply ignored the inquiry. We searched the hundreds of articles on the newshaters' own web site, spanning more than a year. How many did that search turn up that reported Fox using CNS as a source? Class? The answer One! No wonder she was afraid to answer the question. But another anti-Fox terrier is looking to match Nancy's penchant for paw-in-mouth. Their probie claims:
New al-Zawahiri Tape - MSM Silent...The main stream media, including Fox News, has been oddly silent on the release of this tape...there was so much coverage given to the Bin Laden tape, and not a peep about this one.... Posted by: Janie at January 20, 2006 04:13 PM

From Fox News, nearly an hour before Janie said there was "not a peep" about the tape [QuickTime video clip]:

And then there's Marie-Therese. In her never-ending defense of child rapists, this newspooch came up with a unique angle on judicial immunity:
According to Samuel Alito, Judges Have Immunity to Protect Them From the "Threat of ... Political Reprisals." Hannity & O'Reilly Haven't Gotten the Memo Yet...Judicial immunity is in place to protect our judges from people just like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and other loud-mouthed boors who latch onto one mistake in a lifetime career of public service and then threaten judges with impeachment, massive emailing and calling campaigns, personal threats by messianic couch potatoes and daily ridicule on the FOX News Channel.

Yes, you read that right. Alito gives testimony about why judges are immune from civil lawsuits, and M-T thinks that means they can't be impeached, sanctioned, or even criticized. Talk about saying some thing stupid! The first comment posted asked this simple question:
  • Huh? Please tell me that this post is supposed to be humor. Or do you really think immunity from civil lawsuits means you cannot be impeached, recalled, or removed from office?

Such an ignorant gaffe must have really been a humiliating embarrassment to the curs. Within minutes after that question was posed to M-T, the entire post vanished from the site, like it was never there. But on the internet, it's not so easy to bury your blunders. It's still out there, ready to embarrass the doggies anew, for anyone who knows the secret URL.

And then there's Melanie, the newspoodle who recently called Judge Andrew Napolitano a "pimp". (You won't find this either unless you know the secret URL). She has this theory. Ya see, Neil Cavuto wants to hide bad market numbers from his viewers, so when the market goes down, he doesn't use a Fox News Alert and buries the story. And when it goes up...well, Mel can explain it so much better:
On Your World w/Neil Cavuto, the markets aren't even mentioned when the news isn't good.

Could it ever be more obvious that bad news for Bush is just plain withheld from Fox viewers?

As I've said before, when the economic news is good, Fox yells it from the rooftop. When it's bad, Fox hides it in the scroll at the bottom of the screen, Neil Cavuto mumbles something during an interview or nothing is said at all.

When the news is good, Cavuto dives right into it and hammers it home. When it's bad, he minimizes it.

When it comes to the reign of George W. Bush, the only news that's fit to "print" on Fox News is the good news. When the news is bad, leave it out.

Where's the Fox News Alert?... It's an understatement to say that Fox minimizes bad economic news.

It's one thing to say something boneheaded once, or even twice. But Mel repeats it over, and over, and over. How demented is her "theory"? The opening of Your World, Friday Jan 20 [QuickTime video clip]:

Ahem. Somehow Mel didn't see fit to mention any of that. Maybe she realizes that with her credibility into negative numbers, now is not the time to go and spoil it all by saying something stupid. Then again, tomorrow is another day.

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