Lying, by the Numb3rs

The Outfoxed gals whip out the race card again. But is that enough to constitute the Lie of the Week? With J$P Audio!

Just to change things up a bit, we thought we'd try something different in our latest collection of pickings from the Fox Haters' Grapevine. We'll name the Lie of the Week by applying rigorous, mathematical standards to our analysis. Who will win? Let's check out the nominees--by an astonishing coincidence all three are from the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed gang).

Newspup Judy is up in arms about that far-right mastermind Steve Doocy, and ABC's 9/11 miniseries:
Doocy again claimed, falsely, that only Democrats had complained.

"Only Democrats" complained? Let's do a reality check:

DOOCY: Before the movie ran last night, there were a number of Democrats, a number of Clinton administration officials, who said, wait a minute, this is not accurate, ABC’s going to have to pull the film.

By the Numb3rs: 1 point for lying about what he said. 1 point for slipping in "again", when he hadn't said it previously either. 1 point credited since Judy did quote Doocy accurately, despite her other lies. MendacityMeter reading: 1.

When Hannity & Colmes did a live broadcast from Dallas, that was just too much for Ellen. The bowser bellowed:
The crowd was shown repeatedly clapping with enthusiasm at nearly every Republican talking point. And there were lots of Republican talking points. But I saw no black faces in the crowd... I guess everyone else is just chopped liver.

That set the denizens of the kennel a-howling:
  • Black America only appears in mainstream political discourse when it can be exploited by whitey or otherwise, what else is new?
  • why does hannity hate america and minorities?
  • The first thing I thought of is Why the blacks are smarter then whites and don't buy into the fox News crap! Of course then reality set in amd [sic] I'm sure that it was not just that you had to be republican to get into this rally.
  • a predomitely [sic] white, rich university in Texas
  • Were blacks turned away at the door?

Now Ellen has made this exact same charge before, but this time we decided to fact-check her claim. Just moments into the very first segment of the program, our tivo turned up:

And within minutes we found lots of other examples, including:

By the Numb3rs: 1 point for basing an entire article on a false premise. 1 point for reprising a newspoodle golden oldie. 1 point for duping the denizens of the dog house. Bonus: 1 censorship point for deleting our comment. MendacityMeter reading: 4.

Our third and final nominee is another gem from Ellen. When Hugo Chavez appeared in New York, the newsmutts were all atwitter. And they were mad at Neil Cavuto:
Neil Cavuto Says Poor Americans Who Accept Heating Oil From Hugo Chavez are Committing Treason
Neil Cavuto was livid and about to burst a blood vessel today... Cavuto, wearing an American flag on his lapel, instead targeted his fellow citizens and insinuated that they are committing treason for accepting Chavez's offer... he got his point across during the Barron segment...

And of course, the kennel-dwellers were taken in:
  • Is Cavuto a nut?
  • What is it with these cancervative mental patient idiots, like Cavuto, their moronic theatrics, and laugh out loud funny over the top accusations of "treason"!!!
  • Was Cavuto Separated at Birth from Skippy, Alex P. Keaton's goofy neighbor on 1980's sitcom Family Ties?
  • Cavuto demonstrates that Bush and his mouthpiece can be high jacked [sic] in their own game, and easily made to look like the impotent idiots they so truly be.

Once more, we did a reality check. It will surprise no one that Neil Cavuto never said "poor Americans", or anyone else, were "committing treason". But don't take our word for it. Hear for yourself everything he said on the subject in this montage.

By the Numb3rs: 1 point for lying. 1 point for doing it in a bold-type headline. 1 point for the bogus affirmation that Mr Cavuto was "livid". 1 point for deluding the denizens of the dog pound. Bonus: 1 point for refusing to answer our posted comment asking for a direct quote from Cavuto. 1 censorship point for deleting the comment. MendacityMeter reading: 6.

Congratulations to Ellen. Of all the fraudulent flea bags, she contributed the top two fabrications. But it is her scurvy smear of Neil Cavuto that is The Lie of the Week.

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