Hiatus Interruptus

Who's been using our hiatus to spread more lies about Fox? The Outfoxed gals, of course. With J$P Video!

Just take some time off and the Fox haters run amuck! Apparently they take it as a green light to launch more lies and slanders at FNC. So we have to suspend our respite to deal with some of the drool from the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob).

The geniuses at the pound came up with another of their patented scoops: the eeevil Bill O'Reilly has devised a scheme to steal hits away from Michael Moore! You see, Mr Bill is "parasitically siphoning" readers from the new movie "Sicko" because URLs like sickofilm.com or sickomovie.com redeploy directly to billoreilly.com. And that, according to the newspoodles, is "exploitation". The credulous denizens of the dog pound bought it:
  • Actually, it's kind of sad if that's the only way Bill [O'Reilly] can get people to visit his website.
  • Billo doesn't have the capability of rational thought. Perhaps he had one of hit toadies figure it out for him.
  • what a sicko Billo is. Cannot find his own audience any more? Sad pathetic man.

Needless to say, none of the anti-Fox terriers bothered to check the domain registrations, which came back not to Bill O'Reilly but to Michael Readman, a New Zealand man who scarfs up domain names and uses these sort of redirect tricks to encourage people (in this case Michael Moore) to buy the names from him at a handsome profit. We posted the facts:

Of course our comment was summarily erased within minutes. (Much later, after the article had been pushed lower down the front page, the piece was amended with most of our information added--but not crediting us for the facts. No, it came from an anonymous "reader". Classy.)

The big stink in the GOP debate on Fox turned out to be the unscientific text message survey, which the mutts growl that FNC was "hiding" because Ron Paul came in second. They insisted that foxnews.com "thoroughly buried" the results, using the simple expedient of time. The results were a headline on the Politics page the night of the debate, as well as the next day. So the curs waited until two days after the debate, then complained they couldn't find the story! Of course by then it was old news and no longer one of the day's top headlines. Note that the poll results article was one of the most read articles on the website. Pretty neat trick for an article that was "thoroughly buried"!

And then there's "guest blogger" Priscilla, who has it all figured out. Julie Banderas did a segment on immigration where both guests supported a pro-immigration position. This means Fox "spins its treatment of immigration to those who don’t like immigrants". Don't try to make sense out of that. It's hound logic. And then, using her skills as a journalism analyst, Priscilla tells us the two things FNC is hiding from its viewers:
This bill was crafted in a bi-partisan [sic] manner but Fox doesn’t really want you to know that.... That Bush supports this type of immigration reform must be difficult for Fox to spin, so any mention of Bush, in this context, is kept to a minimum.

Judge for yourself how Fox refuses to tell its viewers about either the bipartisanship or Bush's support [QuickTime video]:

The newshounds. Serving up lies about Fox 24/7.

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