Business as Usual

The Outfoxed gals try to tell us narrow equals broad, and short equals long. What's next, a square circle?

Nancy, one of our favorite newshounds (another fine product from the Outfoxed mob), just can't resist embellishing and fabricating. That is, when she is not just misquoting and distorting:
And when [Brit] Hume observed that despite these alleged small numbers we're constantly hearing about their activities, [Gen] Myers smiled & said that's because the media only reports [sic] bad news.

MYERS: That's because we always report the bad news.

Just change a few words and presto! Nancy can give his response a whole new meaning.
...adding that Zarqawi gets "outside help" from Al Qaeda. Hume asked specifically where that help was coming from & Myers said "various" places.

Uh-oh. "Various" is in quotes. That's a bad sign coming from the doggies, as they often put their most flagrant inventions between quotation marks:

HUME: And where is that outside help in your estimation most coming from?
MYERS: Well it comes from Al Qaeda, and it can come from different means. I mean it can come from a couple different directions. It can come from some of the strongholds...

You guessed it. He didn't even use the word "various". But nancy has yet another shell game up her sleeve:
[David] Asman interrupted "Lemme just stop you there" because "some people" [comment: classic Fox euphemism] would say "he's gotta be tough". [Sen George] Mitchell said Bush doesn't have to be "tough"

ASMAN: Let me just stop you there. Calling attention seems to be a very polite notion. Some people are saying he's got to be tough.
MITCHELL: Well I think he'll probably do it in a tough way.

Only the opposite of what tail-wagger nancy claims he said! But she soon escalates from prevarication to outright fantasy:
When the interview ended at 11:16am, Mitchell was asked to "stick around" but he was not involved in the subsequent interviews [comment: he must have been too "nuanced" for Fox].

That exchange, "reported" by nancy, is, to put it in as charitably as possible, imaginary.

MITCHELL: Not so much use by Russians, but getting into someone else's hands.
ASMAN: Sen George Mitchell, good to have you on, sir.
MITCHELL: Thank you, David.
ASMAN: Thanks for coming in. Well, what we're looking at now is where we are going to be seeing Vladimir Putin and President Bush shortly, as they deliver their remarks after having met behind closed doors...

Nancy's fiction was a bold artifice, invented solely to justify a smart-alecky "comment".
Asman called it a "fascinating" press conf...putting on his best gee-whiz voice to say that the "first Russian journalist attacked Bush!"

Doctored quote.

ASMAN: He went and attacked Bush and attacked democracy in America. Could that have been a coordinated effort?
[Fred] Barnes ignored that, attacked the Russian journalists (: [sic] they seemed more defensive")

Not only did Barnes not ignore the question, he specifically responded to it:

BARNES: Well, I don't know--he certainly seemed defensive about any criticism of Russia. The two Russian journalists seemed more defensive than Putin was, that's for sure.

Finally, our favorite tail-wagger explains it all:
Comment: As usual, the narrow focus allowed FNL to avoid mention of stories they ignore...

But wait, just a few weeks ago nancy was singing a different tune:
FNL was the usual mishmash of blurbs for the short-attention-span crowd.

Let's recap. Fox News Live "usually" has a narrow focus. But Fox News Live "usually" is a mishmash. FNL "usually" doesn't cover enough stories. But FNL is "usually" a bunch of short-attention-span blurbs.

How short must one's attention span be to forget what one wrote a few weeks before, completely contradicting it without batting an eye? When one doesn't tell the truth, it gets increasingly difficult to keep track of all the fabrications and lies. Business as usual for the newspoodles.

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