A Persistent Meritricious State

A life is on the line, but the Outfoxed gals spout cheap shots and lies. Have they no shame? With J$P Audio & Video!

Sometimes the falsifications, the distortions, and the lies should just stop. But the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob) just have no shame. Even in emotional matters of life and death, cheap political shots take precedence over respect for the truth, or human life.

So it's no surprise that newspoodle nancy frames today's "report" (centering on coverage of the Schiavo controversy) with a flat-out lie:
FNL staff dropping all pretense of "real journalism" in favor of cheerleading.

Keep that in mind. The sheer chutzpah of beginning an article with such a brazen falsehood will make itself clear as we examine nancy's "evidence":
[Alphonse] D'Amato said it [Congressional subpoenas] was an "ingenious" move

Quote one word out of a sentence--the hound way to misrepresent the speaker:

D'AMATO: It's a pretty desperate attempt, I say, ingenious at the same time...

Nancy likes nothing better than to make snide comments about inane or stupid questions. But what to do when no such question is asked? Make one up:
Quinn noted that the House Govt Reform Committee issued subpoenas to members of Schiavo's family...Quinn asked if Schiavo would actually be coming to hearings & Frost [comment: to his great credit] ignored the stupidity of that...

But that's not what Quinn asked. She said members of the Schiavo family had been subpoened, and her actual question was:

QUINN: Do you see this actually coming to hearings, that the people who have been subpoenaed today might actually be called before Congress?

So it's another doctored quote from nancy and the newspups, for the sole purpose of making a snide remark. And when shamelessly stringing together counterfeit quotes isn't enough, they can always invent nonexistent reactions:
[Brigitte] Quinn seemed taken aback that anyone would deviate from the approved line, & turned to D'Amato...

Note the term "approved line", even though nancy has given no evidence whatsoever of any "line" being pushed. Be that as it may, here is what Quinn said that showed she was "taken aback":

QUINN: Senator, do you think they should be involved?

That's it? That's being taken aback? It is if you're nancy, and have to invent bias where none exists. She pulls the same trick here:
At 12:53pm there was an ALERT so Folbaum could enthusiastically repeat that efforts to keep TSchiavo alive "have succeeded".

Enthusiasm reality check.

So what of nancy's claim that this was all biased, one-sided coverage?
  • Item: Martin Frost said Congress should "butt out" of this controversy.
  • Item: Alphonse D'Amato said he agreed with Frost and thought the Congress might be violating the separation of powers.
  • Item: both of these commentators are Fox News employees.
  • Item: these are the only Fox News employees who expressed any position at all during this time.
  • Item: John Breaux also expressed opposition to the subpoenas.
  • Item: Bob Walker was the only guest who favored the subpoenas.

So where exactly is the evidence of Fox "cheerleading" for the "approved line", nancy? Nowhere. You made it up.

Postscript: Nancy must feel that she can lie with impunity about how FNC reporters react, because she pulls the same trick again:
Mike Emanuel reported on Rumsfeld's & Gen Pete Pace's "town hall meeting" with civilian & military employees at the Pentagon. He was very amused by a clip of Rumsfeld snidely referring to Spain's withdrawal of troops from Iraq...

All that is necessary is to watch this clip that includes every word Mike Emanuel spoke during that report:

Was he "very amused" as nancy claimed? No. Did he laugh at it? Did he chuckle? No, and no. It's just another shameless lie.

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For the record, I don't think that Al D'Amato is still officially a "Fox News Contributor." Even so, as an ex-politician and an analyst, he is free to give any opinion he wants and it should neither cast positive or negative dispersions over Fox News Channel.
March 19, 2005, 12:54:55 PM EST – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
You may be right as they didn't intro him as a contributor, as they did Frost. But AdA is listed as a contributor on foxnews.com and in any case the hound mendacity remains unchanged, however. Whenever Gingrich or some other GOP FNC contributor is on, they claim he is speaking for Fox News, and whatever he says is what Fox is pushing. But when Frost comes on not only do they not make that claim, they reverse course 180 degrees and claim Fox's position is the OPPOSITE of what Frost says.
Thanks, Ira!
March 19, 2005, 1:04:56 PM EST – Like – Reply