Knives and Forbes

The Outfoxed gals don't like Steve Forbes. They really don't like Steve Forbes.

It's just, you know, a website that just watches for bias at Fox. That's what the newshounds (another fine product from the Outfoxed syndicate) would have you believe. But maybe, just maybe, there is a little bias creeping into their own "reporting".

Consider, for example, how exorcised they get whenever Forbes on Fox appears. Steve Forbes, and host David Asman, are favorite targets. "What a bunch of morons!", says "eleanor", oblivious to even the most cursory understanding of what Mr Forbes has accomplished. After all, whatever Forbes has achieved, it can't compare with these middle-aged women who shill for their little video by falsifying what appears on Fox! "Can you believe that Forbes ran for president a few years ago!!", she goes on (unaware that a question is supposed to end with a question mark). That outburst rates about a 9 on the hysteria scale. And then there's her summary of the August 7 program, presented here in its entirety:
Steve Forbes had quite a few things to say. Examples: The terror threat won't go away until we deal with Iran. The stock market is worried about high taxes under Kerry. If Kerry wins, the republicans will have control of Congress, but Kerry and Edwards will try to raise taxes. Kerry and Edwards will have a bad effect. Kerry makes us less competitive. Jim Michaels said they are a "tribe of pirates with hands in your pockets ..trial lawyers with a hidden tax." Steve, again, with we must cut tax rates to get the economy growing. (Forbes inserted these comments into the conversation even when they weren't related, and I'm sure he got in everything he wanted to say. This was a 30 minute republican gab fest.)

Let's take a closer look. She mentions Forbes and Michaels, but was this a show with only two commentators? Well, not quite. The people that the hounds don't want you know about include Elizabeth McDonald, Mike Ozanian, Elizabeth Corcoran, Lea Goldman, and Jordan Netburn. What, there were seven people there (eight, including host Asman)? Just a slight oversight from the anti-Fox terriers. And from their obsession with Mr Forbes, one would never guess that he wasn't even there for the second half of the program!

What does it matter who was there? It was a "30-minute republican gab fest". The Outfoxed gang said so--it must be true! But here are some of the comments made in just one segment, concerning whether the election results will affect the markets (a prime opportunity for a "republican gab fest"). The panelists were Forbes, Michaels, Goldman, and MacDonald:

GOLDMAN: The biggest factor sabotaging the markets right now is high oil prices...The little-known truth is that the markets have performed better under Democratic presidents, by and large.
MacDONALD: I can't get lost in the moral transports of indignation about a Kerry victor wrecking the markets...I'm just really bullish on the market and I don't think a Kerry victory will hurt it either way.
GOLDMAN: I'm of the mindset that corporations that can't rely on these corporate tax cuts have to work harder on their profits. In the long run, it means for leaner, stronger companies with better, more solid profits. What we're looking at over another Bush Presidency is a prolonged war overseas. How do you think those wars are going to get paid for?
ASMAN: Some folks say if Bush wins we're just going to have more of the same, and a lot of folks out there just don't like "the same".

Following this segment, the "republican gab fest" went on to discuss stock picks with a representative of Axiom Capital Management, and best buys in tech stocks. The curs forgot to mention any of this, presumably because that "moron" Steve Forbes didn't participate.

Name calling. Selective quoting. Dishonest rhetoric. The Outfoxed doggies obviously have the long knives out for Steve Forbes. I don't think he'll lose any sleep over it.

posted: Sat - August 7, 2004 at 04:15 PM       j$p  send