Nattering Nabobs of Negroponte Negativism

It's non-stop. No it's not. It's too much. No, it's not enough. The President's latest nomination has the Outfoxed gals chasing their tails.

When news breaks, the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed syndicate) break out the rabid hyperbole. That's the nice phrase for it:
This morning (2/17), FNL was all Negroponte, all the time.
A pretty neat trick, considering that Fox News Live began at 9:00 am, and the first news of Negroponte's appointment came at 9:39 am. But when you absolutely, positively have to use the hoariest of cliches, why bother with accuracy?
All the guests were enthusiastic in praising him...If your only information about Negroponte came from FNL, you'd think he was the best thing since sliced bread.
WALTER PINCUS [WASHINGTON POST]: What he doesn't have, which is interesting, is expertise in intelligence...he's never served in any of the intelligence agencies.

TIM ROEMER [D-IN; CENTER FOR NATIONAL POLICY]: The administration took two months to do this; that's rather cavalier...what about the management experience?...This is a very important point: there are three components to intelligence. Analysis, consumer, and producer of this. And while Ambassador Negroponte has been a consumer, the other two areas are going to be something he needs to get up to speed on very quickly.
No one mentioned that there had been widespread opposition to his previous appointments by GWBush...
Confirmed by a 95-3 vote: that gives new meaning to the term "widespread".
When I tuned in at 11:00am (all times ET), Brigitte Quinn was in the midst of interviewing Sen Jay Rockfeller [sic] (D-WV).
Hold the phone! After all this about how one-sided the coverage was on Fox News Live, nancy lets slip that she didn't even watch the first two hours? (Then again, it's not like reviewing something they never saw is anything new for the anti-Fox terriers.)
This was followed at 11:06am by a report from Wendell Goler, ostensibly about Negroponte's nomination, although Goler showed a clip of Bush announcing the nomination & threw in a lot of extraneous info about what Bush said in the Q&A session that followed the announcement.
Um, we thought the point of nancy's critique was that there was too much Negroponte coverage. So now her complaint is that there wasn't enough? Whatever.

Instead of writing up the rest of David Asman's shift of Fox News Live, nancy ends her report at 11:44 am--which comes to a whopping 45 minutes. All the better to avoid mentioning the later appearance of Don Riegle, who, like Walter Pincus and Tom Roemer, fell victim to the "invisible man" technique.
For a more balanced look at Negroponte, see the entry for him at Wikipedia...
Guffaw! Don't listen to experts from the Washington Post, or US News and World Report, or lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. Instead rely on an error-ridden web site that is little more than a moderated bulletin board.
Here's a curious coincidence to ponder: the initials for the Nicaraguan secret police during Negroponte's involvement there: DNI. The post for which he has just been nominated is Director of National Intelligence: DNI.
As Commissioner Gordon often said to Batman: the mind reels.

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