Disappearing Act

Why are the Outfoxed gals dissing Wesley Clark and David Corn? Because they have to.

It has been said there is nothing new under the sun. Similarly, there is rarely anything new in the kennel that houses the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob). For example, how about misquoting and imputation? A golden oldie once again revived by newsmutt ellen:
[Sean] Hannity jumped...claiming that "She [Valerie Plame] made no bones about the fact that she was an agency employee. Her neighbors and friends knew." Sorry, Sean, but you're wrong.

But Hannity didn't "claim" anything, so how could he have been "wrong"? Hannity was quoting Plame's former CIA supervisor, whom he and Alan Colmes were interviewing:

HANNITY: You said in the Washington Times today, she made no bones about the fact that she was an agency employee, her husband was a diplomat. "Her friends knew this; they told them." In other words, this was not a secret of anybody they knew?
RUSTMANN: Well, I don't know that everybody knew...

Then ellen slices and dices an exchange between Colmes and Rustmann, shameless rearranging sentences to falsify the discussion:
Rustmann later told Alan Colmes (who got at least a full minute less time in the segment than Hannity) that the outing "wasn't a big deal" to national security nor did it expose other people working for the same front company as Plame.

Ellen tells us the answer Rustmann gave, but not the question Colmes asked. Could this be because Colmes wasn't asking about Plame, but rather about a front company?

COLMES: Brewster Jennings and Associates, this made-up company, and wasn't that exposed as a result of all this, and can't this damage intelligence operations and our security?
RUSTMANN: Well actually, no. Because it isn't a big deal--it was a light, nonofficial cover, there was a phone, there was very little backstopping to that company.

When they care enough to smear Fox News in every way possible, the anti-Fox terriers reach back to a favorite technique taught them by their Outfoxed masters. We call it the "invisible man" tactic--don't just misquote someone, or doctor his words. Just erase him! Pretend like he was never there; the gullible will never know. A great example:
Sean Hannity as Expert Economic Advisor
Subtitle: One of the top ten most propagandistic segments I've seen on Fox News in the year and a half I've monitored it. Neil Cavuto's first guest today was none other than Sean Hannity! Apparently Cavuto couldn't find anyone else to come on to lay as thick a layer of bulls*it as Hannity did....Folks, this pure, unadulterated propaganda....When history is written about these times, Fox News will be compared to the Pravda of the l950's and 60's. As they say, the Communists had Pravda, the Republicans have Fox.

Sounds pretty damning. But did Melanie leave something out? Was Sean Hannity the only guest on the show? Err, not exactly. After a few minutes with Hannity, who showed up just seconds later offering an opposing point of view?

Now after all that talk about "propaganda" from Mr Hannity, why was Nancy's Skinner's segment not even mentioned, let alone reported on? Why did Melanie see fit to hide her participation from her readers? One might ask a similar question of ellen, who sanctimoniously declared :
President Bush More Inclusive Of Democrats In Supreme Court Discussions Than Hannity & Colmes
Ever since Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor gave notice of her retirement, Hannity & Colmes has had nightly discussions about the Court, the vacancy, the nominating process, etc. with conservatives only....If President Bush can invite the Democrats to the White House to talk about the nominating process, why can't FOX News invite them on H&C?

Ellen is a newspooch, and as such is an enthusiastic advocate of the "invisible man" stratagem. So it will come as no surprise that she blithely omits any mention of appearances on this topic by the likes of Ron Daniels, Patricia Ireland, and David Boies. Naturally, she had previously posted "summaries" of the programs where all three of these Democrats appeared, and--surprise!--those summaries didn't mention any of them. It's getting pretty bad when the curs erase people from their "reports", then a few days later actually start believing their own propaganda!

Meanwhile, the missing persons continue to mount up. Wesley Clark was also a guest on Hannity and Colmes this week:

Once again, by some amazing, coincidental oversight, ellen--who wrote two articles on the broadcast in question--somehow never got around to mentioning Gen Clark's appearance. Recall that a month ago the credulous newspup toadies were claiming:
Wes Clark will not be Fox News for long.

as he gets a few good punches in ,he won't be on any more.

How long do you think they will allow Clark to speak with Hannity?

So is ellen is now swallowing their paranoid delusions as truth? Clearly, wiping any mention of Gen Clark from her report is one way to make it so.

But our favorite example of a desperate use of the "invisible man" technique was one we saw coming as soon as the segments aired. After all, according to nefarious nancy, Fox News Live is "doing damage control for RoveGate". So as we watched FNL on Friday, we wondered just how nancy would handle the interview with David Corn:

Then the one with Melissa Mahle, a longtime friend of Valerie Plame:

And, wonder of wonders, David Corn again:

We should have known. Instead of one of her long, meticulous rundowns, the nefarious one reports on the program by mentioning just one interview, about North Carolina! Even though she was covering the same hour during which all three interviews aired, there is zero mention of Mr Corn or Ms Mahle. Gone. Vanished. Without a Trace.

What choice does she have? Unless they tell the truth, the hounds have to eradicate these people from their postings. Their predetermined spin is much more important to them than honesty or integrity. That, dear reader, is the archetypical exemplar of "damage control" and "propaganda".

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Gee, in light of this, I wonder why nancy always ends her posts with:
NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Folbaum's interview with Livingstone; "hotbeds of terrorist activity" & keep it relatively clean, please  ). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.
I never thought about it before but now it makes sense. She doesn't want anyone to bring in what else happened during the hour. Those comments are deleted.
July 17, 2005, 8:37:26 PM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
I have a funny feeling if somebody tried to bring up the interviews that nancy is trying to hide, that's exactly what would happen. That would be "off topic", don't you know?!
July 17, 2005, 9:02:24 PM EDT – Like – Reply

Rod Staley
NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Folbaum's interview with Livingstone; "hotbeds of terrorist activity" & keep it relatively clean, please ). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.
Comment by: Nancy
I feel your being a little harsh on Nancy! I don't think that's Nancy's intent is to censure any other parts of a program. She 'appears' to be one of the Hounds who writes a report and honestly wants to keep it on topic (specific to her report), unlike some of her other cohorts who appear to delight in having anarchy run wild on their threads. 
I think her 'disclaimer' is to just to keep the thread on topic and avoid personal attacks.
I noticed they started a new off topic disscusion, where anyone can start a new thread. If I feel that something was sorely missing in her report (in regards to another story on a program) I'd start a thread there. IMO.
July 18, 2005, 10:22:08 AM EDT – Like – Reply

Rod Staley
Sorry scratch my last comment, Ellen is of one the 'cohorts' I was referring to as a prime example of censuring any comments by ANYONE who appears to disagree with her. She is the the worst in the bias, heavy handed category. My bad. I don't know how I assumed you were talking about Hound Nancy. Sorry to all. After getting some 'press' and going to conferences she really thinks she is Joan of Arc of the blogosphere. As a journalist she leaves her reports open to 'tons' of interpretation that can cause total confusion when read by posters. 
BTW: I still believe my comment about Hound Nancy.
July 18, 2005, 10:34:12 AM EDT – Like – Reply

johnny dollar
Thanks for your comments Rod. I get your point that you don't think there is a deliberate intent to censure what appeared in the program. However, this trick was used in the Outfoxed video, and since it's been used over, and over, and over by the hounds. Just do a search for the phrase "invisible man" on J$P and you'll fine about a dozen different articles about many uses of this trick.
If it happened once, honest mistake. Twice? Suspicious. Twenty times? Somebody's up to something.
July 18, 2005, 10:49:30 AM EDT – Like – Reply