Cottontail Calumnies

The gals from Outfoxed have at best a tangential association with truth. But lying about the poor Easter Bunny?!? With J$P Video!

With Terri Schiavo having no legal avenues of appeal remaining, the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mafia) have brought their drooling for death under control. An excellent opportunity to find something different to lie about, and who better than newspup nancy to show us how it's done?
At 10:59am (all times ET) Brigitte Quinn said that Zarqawi is "close to capture"...[Mike Tobin] showed a clip of Interior Minister Falah Al-Nakib saying they're working hard to capture Zarqawi -- "hopefully very soon". Comment: Note how the claim decreases in each successive statement.

Comment: Note how nefarious nancy doctors what was actually said:

QUINN: Zarqawi, the terrorist behind the most brutal attacks and kidnappings in Iraq, might be close to capture. Iraq's Interior Minister saying that the country's security forces have Zarqawi surrounded.

Might be close to capture? Not the same as is close to capture. But that seemingly trivial distortion is necessary to justify the dishonest comment about how the claim "decreases". Al-Nakib's actual statement:

AL-NAKIB: We have good intelligence, good forces, and good leadership. And this is why we'll be able, I think we'll be able to crack down the insurgents and the terrorists in this country, hopefully very soon.

Well, well, what a surprise. Al-Nakib's comment was not about capturing Zarqawi, but rather about a general roundup of terrorists. Now why did nancy lie about that? You might as well ask why an ant likes sugar.

Nancy's description of the following is so contorted and falsified, it's doubtful that the participants themselves would recognize it:
At 12:24pm [Rick] Folbaum interviewed Jerry Dantone (Long Island Secular Humanists ) & Robert Knight (director, Cutlture [sic] & Family Inst). Knight immediately started ranting about a "cultural lobotomy"...

How exactly Mr Knight could have started ranting "immediately" is difficult to explain, given that it was Mr Dantone who spoke first:

FOLBAUM: Jerry, you first. What's wrong with the Easter Bunny?
DANTONE: Well nothing's terribly wrong with the Easter Bunny for Christians...

Newspoodle nancy really hits her stride with an exposition so disingenuous that it scales new heights of hokum (even for her):
When Dantone pointed out that the "Easter bunny" was originally a pagan symbol co-opted by Christians, Knight lost it, & started yelling about how Christ came as a gift to us...

The truth: Knight never "lost it", and was certainly not "yelling". Don't believe us? See for yourself:

There was some more yelling from Knight...

Just as fictional as the first instance of "yelling". But nancy saves her piece de resistance of prevarication for this outright lie:
Folbaum never gave any real background on this story, & when Dantone tried to do so, both Folbaum & Knight talked over him. The Garden Mall (in The Gardens of the Palm Beaches, FL) this year used "Garden Bunny" instead of "Easter Bunny" for their Easter egg hunt.

Listen to Mr Dantone as he "tried" to give background on the story:

Did Folbaum talk over him? No. A lie. Did Knight talk over him? No. A lie. None of this unexpected from nancy, who has yet to issue retractions for the myriad falsehoods and lies we have documented just in recent weeks. How many more doctored quotes? How many more falsehoods? Isn't lying to the American people supposed to be grounds for resignation?

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