New Rules for Hannity & Colmes?

The Outfoxed shills are upset at Lynn Swann, of all people, so they want to change the rules.

The newshounds (another fine product from the Outfoxed mafia) have a bone to pick with Lynn Swann (whose name they laughably spell "Swan" through the entire entry). He visited Hannity & Colmes and the pugs didn't like it one bit:
Swan [sic] joined Alan Colmes and Monica Crowley tonight to campaign for Bush. There was no representative for the opposing side of this issue unless you count Alan Colmes who asked one very weak question....Where were the African American's for Kerry and what about a piece of Kerry's speech to the NAACP?

But wait...doesn't H&C frequently have guests on solo, often liberals or Democrats, without an opposing guest? Don't even suggest it at the website, or you will be told "to see a liberal on without a republican sheriff is unusual. All republican viewpoint with no liberals is standard fare."

Barring a severe onset of short-term memory loss, what is the explanation for such fatuous analysis, given that just the day before, H&C had on Mr Anonymous and there was no guest opposing him? (The hounds even wrote up that segment; have they forgotten it already?) Or a few days earlier, Joe Trippi? Or Leslie Marshall? Or political cartoonist Ted Rall? Did we forget to mention P.J. Crowley (Sandy Berger spokesman)? Or Ali Abunimah? Rep. Luis Gutierrez? Harry Thomason? John Kerry? Janet Reno? Gary Hart? Howard Dean? Judge Robert Farmer? And hilariously (since it was on the same show that the hounds were complaining about) George McGovern?

We could have gone on for pages about this (hint to the newshounds: the foxnews site has a search box--use it). You can scour the ranting retrievers' website high and low for their condemnations of Fox for allowing all these liberal viewpoints to be presented without an opposing guest. Oddly enough, there aren't any.

It is a policy at Hannity & Colmes to have only one or two segments with dueling guests (two guests plus two hosts can get to be a bit much over a full hour's time). The other interviews are always solo appearances. But the newshounds want to make New Rules for this show: all guests must appear in pairs. Sorry, it's Hannity & Colmes, not Noah's Ark.

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