The McCain Mendacity

Doctored quotes, missing men, deceptive descriptions, and a host of sleazy slurs. It appears they let deb out of the Outfoxed kennel again. With J$P Video!

"No rest for the wicked"? That must be true, since even in the middle of a three-day weekend, we are still getting falsehoods from the master prevaricators, the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob).

And who is working overtime to lie about Fox News? None other than deceitful deborah, virtuoso of creative fiction and doctored quotes. She got a head-start on the weekend a few days early, crafting one of her patented virulent smears:
When he interviewed John McCain on H&C...Hannity's tone. greeting McCain, reminded me of my Mother when she was really annoyed and ready to lay on the guilt. " Now you're a movie star, " Hannity groaned sarcastically.

Does debbie even know what a sarcastic groan is?
"This is not the best week for you and Conservatives"

Counterfeit quote alert! Deborah once again lies about what people say and puts it in quotation marks to fool the gullible:

HANNITY: We'll get into that in a second, because this is not the best week for you with conservatives and you know that. But the story is about your book...

See the "groan"! Hear the "sarcasm"! [QuickTime video clip]:

Then just to make Senator [sic] feel extra bad, Hannity made two jokes about the actor playing McCain being too good looking for the role.

Of course deb doesn't mention that this has been a running joke with McCain and his friends, as in this snippet where Chris Matthews interviews one of the POWs incarcerated with McCain:

MATTHEWS: Do you think this guy is going to—do you think this guy is going to be able to capture John McCain?
SWINDLE: Well, if he‘s good looking, he‘ll fail.

No doubt Mr Swindle said that "just to make the Senator feel extra bad". Because after all, anyone could see how insulted Sen McCain was by Mr Hannity's remark [QuickTime video clip]:

When deb gets her blue pencil out and starts rewriting what people say, nobody is safe. Not even a supermodel who is promoting healthful eating:
At one point, Alexis tried to hold up a bottle of her special fiber but even Hannity wouldn't cross that far over the line.

What line is that? The line that debbie just made up? Not that it matters, because deborah's lie about Alexis trying to hold up the bottle is just that: a lie.

Alexis also mentioned that "liberal" was a dirty word and claimed that the other super models she worked with in the past were "libs." Although she never lost her smile. [sic] when she said "libs" her upturned nose squinched up.

Another of deb's doctored quotes. See this evil, mean-spirited exchange for yourself [QuickTime video clip]:

Which brings us to deborah's latest deception:
Mort Kondaracke and Tony Snow chatted about Senator Clinton appearing with Christina Aguilera and Lindsay Lohan. It was suggested by that [sic] Clinton tell these women to put on some more clothes and make a statement that abortion should be legal but rare.

Umm, no. Mort said that such an abortion statement would be something to watch for as a sign of moving to the middle. That's just a little bit different from Mort suggesting that she should say it. Oh, don't bother deb with such details!
John Kasich discussed the recent Gallup Poll which gave Hillary a 53% approval rating...At another point he said that he didn't think Clinton has been a very good Senator. Martha Zoller, R. spokesman, agreed that Clinton was popular but didn't think that people would vote for her in the end. Zoller reasoned that voters would not see her as a credible leader of the military adding that it had nothing to do with her gender.

It's apparently part of the newspoodle by-laws that Fox must be made to look one-sided, by any means necessary. Here, deb again engages in her trademark specialty, the doctored quote. Compare her version of reality with what Kasich actually said:

KASICH: Martha, you know, look, I appreciate what you said about her being a really good Senator...

What was that? How come that didn't make it into debbie's distorted diatribe?

KASICH:...I don't think she's been a really good Senator. I think she just surprised people....Doug, my feeling is, look--when I say she isn't a great Senator, I think what she's done, she's surprised people right? She's been more moderate than anybody thought she was going to be. She's connected with the right people, formed the right alliances, that's been the key to this, I think.

Of course, debbie's version, that "she's not a very good Senator" [i.e. she's fair to poor] is quite different from "she's not a really good Senator" or "she isn't a great Senator" [i.e. she's good, just not exceptional]. But changing just one little word, and then eliminating everything else he said, is just the ticket to convince the credulous:
Interesting Senator Clinton has a 53% approval rating yet it seems FOX's commentary was 100% negative.

Of course, it helps if you use the invisible man technique--a favorite tactic of the anti-Fox terriers. Was there an "invisible man" in this debbie report? The fact that Kasich addressed one of his comments to "Doug" might just be a clue:

How easy it is to make commentary appear to be "100% negative" when you just don't tell anyone that the segment included not just Martha Zoller but also Doug Schoen! Shhh! Quiet! Got to keep that on the down-low. We can't have the gullible knowing the truth!

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