quinn for a day

One article. Two guests. Six misrepresentations corrected for one deserving Outfoxed gal.

The newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed syndicate). Need we say more?
[Wendell] Goler said that Dems say deep cuts in domestic spending are needed only because of Bush's tax cuts, but that Bush wants to eliminate "duplicate or ineffective" programs.

Mr Goler expressing an opinion? Of course not; it's the trick of imputation:

GOLER: The White House says the programs the President wants to eliminate are either duplicative or ineffective.
[Brigitte] Quinn interviewed strategists Matthew Dowd (GOP) & Anna Greenberg (Dem)....Quinn's questions were softballs for Dowd

QUINN: Matthew, to you first, you hear "trillions", you say, oh my goodness! This is what we're going to have to borrow to enact a controversial proposition to begin with, social security? How tough a sell might that be?
She asked Dowd if we might "be seeing a new era" for peace in the Middle East. She was referring to Rice's visit to Israel but Dowd dragged in elections in Afghanistan & Iraq

Oddly enough, Quinn said nothing at all about Israel:

QUINN: Obviously Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is on her first overseas tour as Secretary of State and is meeting with various leaders over there and in particular today focusing on the Middle East. My question, Matthew, is might we really be seeing a new era, there, for Middle East peace, with some people now being invited to Washington?

And sorry, nancy, but Iraq was on Rice's agenda.
Quinn asked Dowd "Did they disengage?" [comment: her tone & body language said "no way"]...

QUINN: Do you feel they've disengaged, Matthew?

Tone-and-body-language reality check:

Quinn noted that "we're expecting tape momentarily from the White House" but that she'd keep talking with these guests...If the Bush comments were on tape, what was so urgent about showing it just then? For that matter, since it was simply a photo op & PR effort, why show it at all? Since when does "tape from the White House" equal "news"?

We can think of several answers:
1. Because that's when the tape was fed out by the White House.
B. Because the reporters who asked questions want the answers to be reported.
III. Because it was the first cabinet meeting of the second term.
4. Why not ask CNN and MSNBC, or doesn't it matter if they covered it too?

Odds are that nancy, who refers to "Bush comments" and a "photo op", didn't bother to watch the tape--or she would have known about the Q&A with reporters. But then writing about something they didn't bother to watch is nothing new for the newspoodles.

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