Sympathy for the Devil

What's more important to the Outfoxed gals than defending a lying thief? How about rallying behind a violent rapist?

It's not hard to get the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mob) in a rabid lather. Not too long ago they were apoplectic about all that nasty coverage of Sandy Berger, claiming that he had been completely exonerated and that Fox should apologize for even reporting the story!

But there's apparently a category of criminal who engenders even more sympathy from the tail-waggers than one who merely steals top secret documents, shreds them, and lies about it. That would be a child murderer, or even better, a vicious rapist. How else to explain ellen's over-the-top frothing?
[Bill] O'Reilly was discussing the case of missing Sarah Lunde (since found dead). O'Reilly opined, without offering any facts to support his opinion, that suspect David Onstott served less than six years in prison for a "violent sexual assault on a woman,"...

A person's criminal record is just an opinion? Has ellen never heard of court records?
...less than six years in prison for a "violent sexual assault on a woman," "not nearly enough time if you ask me." The exact nature of Onstott's crime for which he was convicted remains unclear.

It does? Again, does ellen believe that nobody keeps track of this stuff? That it's all murky and unknowable, and just a matter of "opinion"? A few facts:

Onstott was convicted in 1995 of sexual battery on a Hillsborough acquaintance. She testified that he knocked on her door, asked to use the bathroom, then threw her to the floor and raped her. Onstott served six years in prison and was ordered to serve two years of probation.

That doesn't amount to a violent sexual assault on a woman? But then, that could just be the St Petersburg Times "opining", right ellen?
The previous week, O'Reilly demanded that Florida prosecute three people who MAY have lied to police by saying they did not know Couey's whereabouts

They may have lied to the police? You mean, like when the police were looking for Couey and came to the trailer, and Couey was hiding in the trailer? That means they may have lied? Ellen has graduated from dishonesty to dementia.
I find it appalling and frightening that a network news host - on prime time, no less - would repeatedly call for the arrest of people who have not violated a criminal statute.

Now who's "opining", ellen? Where did you get your law degree? Are you an attorney, or do you just play one on the internet?

Ellen's sudden concern for the letter of the law is heartwarming. No doubt her next article will be one decrying all the "interference" with Tom DeLay because he has not violated a criminal statute. But unfortunately, ellen's analysis of the Florida case is skewed by her appalling ignorance of the state's laws.

What about Title 46, Chapter 843.6, which makes it a crime to refuse to aid in a police investigation? Guess what? That's a "criminal statute". Did you miss that in your extensive research, ellen? This comment by the Florida Attorney General addresses charging under 843.6:

O'REILLY: So why not charge these three, take them through the process? If you lose, you lose. Send the message.
CRIST: Well, your point is well taken. Believe me, I would probably err on the side of prosecuting.

But what does he know? He's only the state's Attorney General. He doesn't have that extensive background in Florida Law that ellen has. If ellen says 843.6 doesn't exist, then it doesn't exist.
O'Reilly launched yet another attack on an out of state District Attorney...

Yes, because under Ellen's Law, one may not criticize a District Attorney unless you live in the state. We wonder if that applies to news analysts as well. Do you live in New York, ellen? And how venomous was the attack mean old Mr Bill launched at the poor widdle DA?

O'REILLY: ...he has a sterling reputation as a prosecutor.
O'REILLY: If there are extenuating circumstances, if the guy says I don't have any chance, let him get up there and take questions from the press.
O'REILLY: I looked at his record. He looks like a good prosecutor to me.

That's what's got ellen's snout out of joint?
Apparently, O'Reilly's all we need to know.

One thing about O'Reilly's say-so, ellen: it's a lot more reliable than yours.

Postscript: It's not just criminal statutes that ellen claims, against all reality, are nonexistent. Consider this gem from her "coverage" of another O'Reilly segment:
Guests were John Avlon, from the New York Sun and "Democratic Strategist" Dan Gerstein (unidentified as a former senior advisor to Senator Joe Lieberman)...

Right. Don't believe what's on the screen before your very eyes. Ellen says it didn't happen. And don't believe what's in the statutes of the state of Florida. Believe ellen. Because she has proven herself to be so trustworthy.

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anybody here???
I'm going back to news hounds
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johnny dollar
Enjoy yourself. Even the "reality-based" like a good wallow in muddy fiction from time to time.
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"All of us have a duty to call the right on each and every lie, smear and down right Un-American trick they try to jam down the throats of an under educated public." -, realitybasedbob at April 15, 2005.
How does he encourage us to do this?
"Just by looking shit up on the web."
Really intelligent, educated research recommendation.
-Mike (one of the "under educated public" that watches Fox: Master's degree in Electrical Engineering; Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel; member of Mensa.)
"all the evil ghosts from the GOP closets are rising up to take dominion of the earth." - realitybasedbob at April 13, 2005.
PS: Stay at newshounds. You fit in perfectly.
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