The Final Frontier

Space travel, Camp Cupcake, and egging. All of these and more get the Outfoxed treament. How did the gals do this time? Updated!

The newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed syndicate) wasted no time in rushing to post a critique of Fox News programming that aired just hours earlier. But fast doesn’t always equal accurate:
This morning (10/4), FNL was all about Spaceshipone...When I tuned in at 10:18am (EDT), FNL was on an ad break. I flipped to CNN, which was showing live coverage of a Kerry speech about stem cell research. Hmm, so was MSNBC. So was my regional all-news cable network.

That’s odd. Our Tivo shows that at 10:18 am (7:18 PDT), FNC was showing John Kerry, speaking "LIVE" about stem-cell research.

Captain, I think it may be a warp in the space-time continuum.
At 10:23am (EDT), Quinn interviewed Juan Williams (of NPR & a regular on many different Fox programs) about whether the debate last week was an "introduction to John Kerry". Williams is treated by Fox as though he were "liberal". which he isn't.

The newspups had a different view of Mr Williams here, here, here, and here .
Williams for 4 minutes all to himself to deliver this analysis: take poll results with a grain of salt; don't look at polls, look at substance; there are few undecided voters & there's been no shift there [comment: I thought we were supposed to take poll results with a grain of salt].

Is that all he said in four minutes?

JUAN WILLIAMS [NPR]: The consensus seems to be that he [Kerry] won the debate, put on a better performance than President Bush--at times, looked as if he was tired or just off his game that night....Given that we have a very close race, look at the kind of content, the substance in there. Look at the fact that you have President Bush talking about how Kerry can describe the war as the wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time...then all of a sudden have to go back and say that he’s going to bring more allies in. Well how do you do that if you call it a grand diversion?...These are things that are going to end up in advertisements run by the Bush/Cheney campaign and they may have impact down the road. For Sen Kerry, clearly, what he has Pres Bush saying I know that Saddam Hussein didn’t attack us on 9/11, when he gets the President somewhat stumbling, and saying you know what, it’s not a matter of flip-flopping, it’s a matter of thinking about choices that have to be made...these are things that he’s going to pick up on and try to advance them in his advertising and to the next debate....
At 10:34am (EDT) Steve Brown reported from the Kerry campaign in NH...Brown summarized by saying that Bush limited research on stem cells on moral grounds, there are issues like "when life begins" & abortion...

STEVE BROWN: The President of the United States at that particular time made a decision about stem-cell research, that he would limit it to about 60 different lines of stem-cells that would be available for research.

Actually, the President did not limit such research; he only limited how federal funding would be spent. Mr Brown got this wrong, even though Fox News itself recognizes the difference between funding restrictions and a ban on research. Bring back Campaign Carl!
Kerry says that as President he would reverse Bush's policy. Oh, & Michael Fox is on stage with Kerry. [comment: the report was more about Bush's position than Kerry's]

Sure it was, if you actually believe that’s all that was said!

BROWN: So today, Sen Kerry is talking about how he, as President, would be trying to reverse that particular stance. As President, he would open up this research. And of course you can see with him on stage, sitting to his left, camera right, is Michael J Keaton--excuse me, Michael J Fox who played Alex Keaton on Family Ties. Michael J Fox is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, and he has been an outspoken advocate for expanding that particular research, as well as other prominent figures, Nancy Reagan to name just one. So in essence, what the Senator is doing today is keeping conversations going about domestic issues where he is perceived by the national polls to be the stronger candidate in advance of the advance of the upcoming Town Hall debate that we’re going to be seeing in St Louis on Friday.
At 10:36am (EDT) Wendell Goler reported from the White House about the Bush campaign.... [comment: not a word about Kerry in Goler's report about Bush, unlike Brown's report about Kerry...]

WENDELL GOLER: The tax cut bill that the President is signing today is supported by John Kerry as well...

We don't know how that was overlooked. Scotty, check the photon tubes.
At 10:38am (EDT), Quinn interviewed former Sen Don Riegle (D-MI) & former Rep Rick Lazio (R-NY) about the upcoming VP debate....Lazio got in a nice slam at Edwards, noting that he's a "worthy adversary" & adding that he's a trial lawyer used to arguing to juries for fees of $30-40,000.

RICK LAZIO: This is a gentleman who has spent 20 years as a personal injury attorney, has had fees of thirty to fourty million dollars, will come in equipped with one liners...

Oh well, it’s just a few zeroes.
Lazio also claimed that 2/3 of Al Qaeda is "gone" [comment: does this mean we won't have to hear more reports about the latest AQ "lieutenant" being killed or captured?]

LAZIO: The fact that the Taliban is gone, that we’ve won in Afghanistan, that 2/3 of Al Qaeda has been eliminated or arrested, that Saddam Hussein is gone, is arrested--
LAZIO: --that we’re building a Democracy in Iraq. And that’s the record that they need to point to; it’s a record of success.
Enough with politics. Back to Spaceshipone at 10:43am (EDT)....Quinn & La Jeunesse's questions & comments were generally inane...

Of course, no examples are given, but we think we know why:

WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE: Are you familiar with the ballast in this particular flight?. What kind of stuff is it? I heard that they had some toys for kids that they were going to auction off....What do we believe occurred in that last flight when it went into a spinning motion?...The motor only goes for about 70 to 80 seconds, and then it shuts off. And the craft, because the momentum is so great, will continue to go up. In fact, half the flight is basically coasting all the way up until its highest apogee...
BRIDGETTE QUINN: How long does it take to come back down?...
LA JEUNESSE: I believe the record by the X-15 was 357,000 feet. We’re not sure yet whether he got that far or not, but I can tell you, when he lit that engine, we could see in the blue sky here, you’re normally used to seeing a contrail from a jet airplane going horizontally across the sky. Well in this particular case, it was straight up. It was a great shot...
Following an ad break & headlines with Patti Ann Browne, at 11:32am (EDT) Quinn introduced a segment about Martha Stewart...Rick Leventhal filed a report from near the prison, which he said is called "Camp Cupcake". His report was very dismissive of the realities of any prison [comment: I'd like to see how he'd react to having to spend time at a men's version of "Camp Cupcake"].

RICK LEVENTHAL: Inmates sleep in bunk beds, in nine large dormitory-style rooms, holding between 26 and 90 women each. There are no individual cells here. They get up at 6:00 am and light-out at 8:45 on weekdays, later on weekends. ...[Martha Stewart] will work most of the day, earning 12 to 40 cents an hour, doing ground maintenance, sanitation, or food service...Alderson, by the way, was not Martha’s first or second choice...this was not even on Martha’s list. But she will be welcomed here in Alderson. You can see someone has put a sign on that large shed back there, “We Love You Martha”.
At 11:37am (EDT), Asman briefly previewed 2 new political ads...He then interviewed Leslie Marshall (radio talk show host) & Chris Horner (GOP atty). Marshall started off being pleasant & attempting to be even-handed, but Horner was an attack dog. Asman made no attempt to control the interactions...

ASMAN: Hold on Chris, let me give Leslie a chance to get in here. Go ahead, Leslie.
[and later]
ASMAN: Very quick, Leslie, go ahead. fact egging Horner on.

DAVID ASMAN: Let’s talk about this one ad in particular, the Bush ad, suggesting that Kerry wouldn’t go to war unless there was a global test, the UN gave us permission to go in. He did say “global test” after he said he would never defer American security to a third party.
CHRIS HORNER: No he didn’t actually, David. He said he’d never defer American security to another nation. And then he referred to a global test. Where does that lead us? It leads us to New York and the United Nations.
ASMAN: Hold on...wait a minute! You actually think that John Kerry, if the nation’s security was at risk, would defer to the United Nations?

Mr Asman directed a grand total of two questions to Mr Horner. Which was the one where Asman was “in fact egging Horner on”? Captain, I think interference has caused a distortion in the reality field.

Update: On Special Report with Brit Hume this date, Carl Cameron reported on the stem-call issue:

CAMERON: Early in his administration, the President issued a controversial executive order prohibiting federal funds for research on embryonic stem cell lines created after August 9th of 2001. Privately funded research does continue.

It's good to have Campaign Carl back!

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