Transcripts? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Transcripts!

A secret source claiming to be from Fox claims their anchors toss softballs at Republican guests and always challenge Democrats. We put that to the test.

At CableNewser's must-read website, a "relatively senior person" allegedly at Fox News writes in to claim "Democrats are consistently challenged" in interviews with daytime hosts (when FNC is mostly straight news rather than opinion/analysis/discussion), while "Republicans are almost always given a pass in the form of a softball interview. Is that fair?"

One might raise another question: Secret Squirrel is making sweeping generalizations (glitter! glitter!, as my high school English teacher would exclaim) without providing transcripts as evidence. Since he claims this happens all the time, how hard could it be for a Fox "insider" to supply links to one or two dozen?

We realize that the concept of challenging any Democrat is like a foreign language to some reporters, but Mr X's assessment doesn't square with our recollections. So we thought we'd dig up a few transcripts with Linda Vester and David Asman (cited by the anonymous source) to see what we could find. It proved to be a difficult task for one who is not an "insider", since the wacky redesign of the Fox News website makes finding things into a game of Where's Waldo? But thanks to Google, we did get a couple of hits. These are the two transcripts with political figures that we found...

David Asman interviews Dennis Kucinich (D):

Congressman, what is the best way to get ready for a debate?...
Do you relax before a debate? Do you spend those last minutes going through the details? What physically do you do right before a debate?...
Now you said that you want the U.S. out of Iraq. You've said that before. Do you want the U.S. out of Iraq immediately, today, tomorrow, when and how do you do it? How do you pull out the troops?...[lengthy, uninterrupted, multi-paragraph response follows]
All right. We have to leave it at that. Dennis Kucinich, thanks very much. Great to see you.

Linda Vester interviews Rev Jerry Falwell Rev Pat Robertson:

Reverend, I've got to ask you about the statements of a friend and colleague of yours, the reverend Jerry Falwell, on The 700 Club. He said today that he blames the attacks on pagans, abortionists, feminists, homosexuals, and the American Civil Liberties Union. I mean, if the God that you worship and that he worships is a God of tolerance, where is that coming from?...
Reverend, you said today in your four-page statement -- and you didn't put a question mark at the end of it. You said, "God almighty is lifting his protection from us." There are a lot of people in fear tonight. Why would you say that...
How do you know?...

And just while we were typing up this entry, David Asman was interviewing conservative J.D. Hayworth (R) and Harold Ford (D) about the same-sex marriage amendment. Pay close attention to his questions, squint if you have to, to find any evidence of the Republican guest getting a "softball" interview while the Democrat is hit over the head with verbal anvils:

Congressman [Hayworth], you know, a lot of conservatives are very protective about the constitution, for good reason. Do you really want to add sexuality to our precious document?...
[interrupting Hayworth] But I really want you to be specific on this issue. How would gay marriage threaten traditional marriage?...
Congressman Ford, you've been very patient, is this a slippery slope that we're going down here, allowing gay marriage that would eventually lead to the legalization of polygamy and other things like incest?...

We were going to insert a snarky closing comment here, but the transcripts say it all.

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Would you PLEASE correct the so-called transcript? How many months does it take for you to correct your blatant mistakes???

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Charles, you were warned, and more than once. Sorry, pal.

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