The Man Without the Plan

According to the Outfoxed gals, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, and Steny Hoyer are all liars. Why? They dared to agree with Fox News.

There's a reason why our category of "slanders & lies" is dominated by the newshounds (another fine product of the Outfoxed mafia). There is no single source that offers more misinformation and outright falsehoods in an attempt to smear Fox News.

Take, for example, chrish, who seeks to paint Fox News as--get this!--unpatriotic:
Of course the talking heads at Fox News couldn't literally wrap themselves in the flag for Memorial Day, so they did the next best thing: they had a guest on, General Richard Myers, to exemplify the over-the -top-style show of patriotism that is Fox.

The mendacious mastiff then goes on to cite Myers's flag-design jacket and cites what she claims are violations of flag etiquette, because as we all know, she is more of an expert on the use of the flag than the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. A pretty thin bowl of soup, but as usual, it's enough to convince the credulous:
such disregard for the flag, why does Murdoch hate America ?

Unfortunately, the entire point of her "report" is based on a lie. Gen Myers was not a guest on Fox. The network was covering a live event: Myers speaking on Sunday (not Memorial Day--another stupid hound trick) on the DC Mall to a crowd of veterans.

Just how does this prove that Murdoch "hates America"? And what does it say about all the other channels' news coverage, including simultaneous live coverage on CNN? Oops.

When it's not enough to phony up quotes, when they care enough to distort the truth in every way possible, the newspoodles play their most brazen card: the HeadLie. Even if there's no substance in the "report", a lying headline is just the sort of sleazy innuendo to save the day:
Pity the Poor Persecuted Christians
According to Fox News, there's freedom of religion in this country, but no freedom from religion. You're gonna get religion -- the Christian one, that is -- whether you like it or not because Christians are free to cram it down your throat, even at the U.S. Air Force Academy. The scandal of evangelical Christians forcing their religious views onto other cadets at the Air Force Academy is, of course, being spun by Fox News into "persecution" of Christians. The latest attempt was by John Gibson on "The Big Story" on Wednesday (June 1).

Let's tick off the lies:
  • Item: The headline is false; nobody alleged persecution.
  • Item: The single-word quote is a lie--the word "persecution" was never even used.
  • Item: The first sentences are lies; no such opinions from Fox News appear in the segment.
  • Item: John Gibson had representatives of both sides of the issue. Calling balanced debate an attempt to "spin" is yet another falsehood.

But don't take our word for it. Read the transcript for yourself. And look hard--real hard--for even one use of the phony-quoted word "persecution".
Instead, he lets Sekulow have the last word...

The transcript proves that to be a lie as well.

And then there's nefarious nancy, who comes up with a HeadLie that is the ultimate in chutzpah:
The Big Lie
At 6:42pm [Brit] Hume showed a clip of HDean at a "conference of the American left" (the real name of the conference is "Take Back America") in DC.

No kidding. Thanks for telling us. Of course, nancy simply omitted this:

HUME: By the way, the name of this conference was "Take Back America".
[Jeff] Birnbaum chose a different angle, pointing out that the organizer of this event, the Campaign for America's Furutre [sic], is a "rival" to the Dem Party, raising as much money as the DNC. He also repeated The Big Lie about Dems having no "positions" on issues.

Really nice bit of imputation, given that Birnbaum (of the Washington Post, though nancy doesn't tell you that) was simply reporting what Howard Dean said:

BIRNBAUM: What Dean said today, importantly I think, is that it's not enough for the Democrats and liberals merely to criticize Bush. They have to come out with their own positions on several issues. But he failed to on one of the central issues, which is Social Security, and that I think will be the big test about whether Dean really means the Democrats have to be an alternative and not just a critic.
FRED BARNES: Whether he means it or not, he can't make Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi do anything....They won't say, and I don't think Howard Dean can make them say.
They never get tired of repeating The Big Lie about Dems having "no plan." On May 2 (another Special Report installment of The Big Lie) I posted about how there are at least 4 alternative plans to Bush's SocSecScam.

In addition to lying about what Birnbaum said, the dishonest newspooch claims there is not just one Dem proposal on Social Security--there are four! And anyone who doesn't agree with her is "ill-informed", or "lying":
So I repeat: if the "All-Stars" aren't lying about this, but are simply unaware of the existence of any alternate proposals, then they're the most ill-informed group of talking heads on the air.

Like, for example, Bill Clinton:

Bill Clinton offered his fellow Democrats some presumably unwelcome tactical advice on Social Security reform. Challenging the “just say no” strategy that Democrats have followed thus far, Clinton said: “I think the Democrats should say what they are for on Social Security in the next couple weeks.”

Nancy has deemed Nancy Pelosi to be a liar:

Wexler's bill does not have the backing of party leadership. "There are a lot of individual Democratic members who have ideas. That's not the Democratic plan," said Jennifer Crider, a spokeswoman for House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, of California.

Let's not forget Harry Reid:

"He's a party of one on this," said Jim Manley, spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

And according to the newspups, House Minority Whip Stenny Hoyer is lying too:

In his remarks, Hoyer appeared to distinguish between an official Democratic plan and one member’s proposal. He said he has long maintained that Democrats will need to advance a solution to a problem he says needs to be solved, adding, “I think we are going to offer alternatives. I don’t think that time has come.” He added, “We don’t have a Democratic plan at this time. Mr. Wexler didn’t offer it as a Democratic plan.” Democratic leadership aides were roundly critical of Wexler’s timing, saying it clashed with Pelosi’s strategy of waiting until “we see the whites of their eyes” before offering a Democratic alternative, according to numerous aides.

How ironic. As nancy continues to push her phony argument that there is a Dem proposal for Social Security--and Fox is either stupid or lying to claim otherwise--the leaders of the Dems (as recently as June 3, today!) are agreeing with Fox and insisting there is no Dem proposal. So they're all liars, too. After all, anything to smear FNC.

Nancy titled her article "The Big Lie". Come to think of it, that may not be another hound HeadLie at all. Perhaps for once nancy is being truthful about the veracity of her own "report".

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